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  1. Supes I played a fucking lot of the new Spacey Hulk game where the Smurfs are probably the best chapter. (Haven't played much of the Iron Fist DLC.)
  2. My personal life went further down the toilet and I stopped watching football. Wish there was more to it but that's all it really was. Thanks for the welcome backs everyone.
  3. Tinder, shit didn't work though so I'm gonna delete it and just use my main. (And unfriend a bunch of people after I get it up.) Been busy as fuck lately and haven't dealt with that fool's errand.
  4. Rayo Last night I was trying to teach a drunk at a bar how to say Tottenham without sounding like an idiot. It didn't go very well. <insert cheap had joke>
  5. My relationships do not end... well. It is too late. And even if that weren't the case, through much contemplation I have begrudgingly come to accept the idea that once a betrayer, always a betrayer, which is far more insurmountable. If I'd accepted that years ago I would have saved myself a lot of grief. I'm legit happy for you though. Despite the questionable circumstances of your sitch, you get to experience a happier time in your life again and that's not something everyone gets the chance to do. Enjoy it for however long it lasts.
  6. Thanks y'all. I was getting the last of my effects out of storage this weekend and am too wiped atm to play around with my dummy faceyb that I have to legitimize because of a fucking hookup app.
  7. Thanks breh. Legit caremad I even have to do this BTW. My joke account that I used to reg for Spotify hit 50 friends without me even doing anything IIRC. Now I'm having to comb through postings from South Asia desperate for friend requests.
  8. Do people here add each other on Facebook? I need to fill out a dummy account for Tinder start a fresh account for a fresh take on life and want to hedge my bets on more than the members of a friend request group I found and plowed through the ranks of rapidly.
  9. FIFA's executive committee has voted to ban third-party ownership (TPO) of players. FIFA president Sepp Blatter said a working group will now draft rules to be phased in. "We took a firm decision that TPO should be banned but it cannot be banned immediately - there will be a transitional period," he said. "Furthermore, there is little doubt that third-party investors do influence the transfer policies of clubs even though FIFA rules expressly forbid this. These are actually the findings of FIFA's own -- detailed -- research into this subject. So, it's now time to act, and if FIFA does not address the problem, then UEFA will." jamessinclair post if you're OK.
  10. In reality I'm going old school Karakand but it closely resembles Full Izzy enough for our purposes.
  11. If not doing things that you wouldn't want done to you is what makes you happy then whatever. If it's because you think there's karma--no one is held accountable for shit, lol, and you're going to get punked in life regardless of either reason proffered. Chasing your own happiness is the only more in force. (I exclude breaking the law for obvious reasons, though it's not like all law breakers are held accountable, lol.) Going full Izzy.
  12. I bought a TV for the first time in a lifetime the other week and literally scratched the screen within 15 minutes of opening it. @Jess: If you can break a relationship it wasn't much of one in the first place.
  13. It doesn't sound like a Blue Flu excuse, but the caveat is that you're running the risk of someone saying, "Oh no big deal Jess, you can bring it to us some other time instead," and you're left with nothing to fall back on but a mysteriously convenient flu to get out of work after you were denied it the first time. Your lie has to be... undeniable if you want to avoid the possibility of not being able to no-show on Friday. This is the real reason why illness is so often used, one cannot deny someone the right to recuperate--well not in a place with the pretense of civilization that is. I wish I could be more helpful but I know little of your situation and do not wish to craft a unique lie that is unsuitable for your conditions.
  14. Wait you're telling me had can give me a lethal disease? Why the fuck did I lay off the Gooner trolling?
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