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  1. Right about level 30, I noticed right around Thanksgiving that the game was getting easier, I figured I'd gotten over some invisible hump in the game and was just a badass. Today I fought 2 dragons, a blood and a frost and took them both out with only a handful of arrows, never needed to heal, take any potions, nothing. Then the light goes off in my head, I check the system options and sure enough, set to easy. We had family over for Thanksgiving and apparently someone fired up the 360, Skyrim was still in the tray so they started playing and decided it was too hard and changed the setting to easy and never set it back. Can't wait for Christmas to go their houses and fuck up their shit.
  2. As another who never read any of the comics, when Sophia shambled out of the barn the first thing I thought was that this was Ricks opportunity to step up and assert leadership of the group by putting a slug in the kids head, was happy to see it happen as well. Makes me happy to live in the States so I didn't have to watch Rick spill Sophias brians on the grass with a pussy cricket bat :american
  3. When you first walk into that dungeon the obvious place to go is straight ahead on the same level as you, there's nothing there though besides baddies to kill, where you need to go is to the right and up from where the water is flowing, there's another door up there, I missed it the first time as well and only found it using the clairvoyance spell. Up there you'll find
  4. Does anyone know what the hell I do with Azura's star? Went through hell getting it and now it just sits there, "empty", in my inventory. NPC's will comment on it but if I can't fling it into bad guys faces like that dude from that movie "Krull" I don't think I need it.
  5. Anyone see the archery cheat? There's a character in the game that can teach you archery but can also be recruited, recruit him and pay him to teach you archery, then simply go into his inventory and take the gold back, rinse and repeat.
  6. I've had a few different people offer to go questing with me but I turn em all down, don't want to babysit any companions getting stuck on rocks or clipping into trees. Had a quest for the God(dess?) Azura that required me going into multiple "locations" to complete it, the final spot was a huge pain in the ass, as more of a melee type character I couldn't even get near the 3 baddies flinging firebolts at me in there. Finally got through it by loading up on a metric shit ton of healing potions and wailing away with a magic sapping longsword. The payoff is pretty good if it does what I think it does though, haven't tried using it yet. I've been putting more and more perks into archery, it's just damn fun to use when you start upgrading.
  7. I've upped that shout to it's second level and still find it useless, even with heavy armor and multiple weapons I can run right through most traps with no ill effects. I seem to be having trouble with the auto saves, tonight I decided to try one of my misc. quests in finding the shrine of Azura. On the way there I encountered quite a bit of random baddies and animals and by the time I found it and got a quest out of it I had ranked up half a level, along the way I saw the game auto save at least twice and I know it saves when you get a new quest. Anyway, I died and it put me back a good hour and half a level down from where I was to the point where I last fast traveled. Frustrating.
  8. Hit the B button, move left to magic, scroll down to shouts and then select it from there. Favorite it with the Y button so you can switch around by pushing up on the D pad.
  9. Hit level 21 tonight and have upgraded to full steel plate heavy armor, completed a long dungeon crawler quest for some chick God (Godess?) and got an enchanted sword called "Dawnbreaker" for my trouble. It's just a onehander but does pretty major damage to undead. Was going to sell it but I may hang onto it for those Drauger zombie things. I've had 2 dragon encounters where the dragon just flies in circles and flies off, he never lands and I pegged arrows and firebolts at him but they just wouldn't engage.
  10. Found/learned a new shout, well not really new, the 2nd part of one I already had. Even came across a dragon so I could get a soul to power it, too bad it proceeded to hand my ass to me. It was a "blood" dragon and shot frost, bastard wouldn't land so I was forced to try and peg him with arrows, not a good strategy for a character that's pretty much all heavy armor and 2-handed weapons.
  11. Random guy runs up to me, hands me leather armor of major health, and tells me not to ask any questions, he'll be back later for it and runs off. 2 minutes later another random guy runs up and asks me if I've seen this guy and proceeds to describe the first guy, I give him his armor back and off he go's. Couple mintes later first guy blows right past me screaming for mercy with second guy in hot pursuit whizzing arrows into first guys ass. I love this game
  12. Regarding the Werewolves, I'll spoiler it, there's really no story spoilers just what they can do and how to become one but I'll spoiler it just in case. If you want to try it
  13. I got one from a note a courier gives you and checked out what it suggested, the other was part of the quests for joining the Companions, another was in a random dungeon, I'll check and see if I can find which one. I was wolfed out in broad daylight, not sure if that was maybe a glitch but the sun was shining and I was a hairy bastard. Haven't learned how to control it yet but from what I understand it's a metered power that you choose when and where to unleash and I've seen fellow werewolves do that very thing, there's even a group that use silver weapons dedicated to hunting us down. I don't know if there are random werewolves that can attack and infect you like the vampires but for me I was given a choice and there was even a ceremony.
  14. Beyond the first I got one more via main quest, 2 via side quest, and one in a random dungeon I delved into. Maybe that random will turn into something that was supposed to be a side quest later though. If you haven't gone up to the greybeards yet I'd suggest it, even if you are trying to hold off on the main quest stuff. They give you something I found pretty damn useful in my travels thus far.
  15. I'm right around level 15, redguard, been putting most of my "perks" into heavy armor and 2 handed, although lately I've been putting more into archery. I'm rocking the full suit of Dwarven heavy armor, Dwarven greatsword, Dwarven warhammer, and Dwarven bow, all the weapons enchanted. I've got 5 "shouts" although only 4 are active, and I've fought 3 dragons although only 1 of those was a random. And oh yeah, I'm a werewolf
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