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  1. Something revolving around Mike maybe?
  2. Well that did not disappoint! I love that the name of that episode was "face off" as well
  3. And I eat my words, woke up this morning to the Froyo update waiting on me.
  4. Epics Froyo update pulled again I reserved this phone and had it the day it released, was told the Froyo update would be out "within weeks" and 4G would cover the Detroit area by Thanksgiving, I still have neither. My contracts up in January, not sure what I'll do then beyond the fact that I won't be with Sprint and wherever I wind up I will not have a Samsung phone.
  5. Ran by toys r us today to pick up a bioshock big daddy elite bouncer, they had em on clearance for something like $12 and they had Bulletstorm figures already. Only had Grayson Hunt though, I wasn't interested for $20. Tons of Crysis 2 figures.
  6. The Froyo update for the Epic was pulled a few days ago, guess I'm just an Eclair man. Anyone try PewPew? It's basically Geometry Wars for Android but it won't work more than once before it completely locks up my phone.
  7. I was on Amazon ordering the Dead Space 2 Issac and necromorph when my niece wandered by and saw the necromorph, she freaked! Started bawling and crying, wanting to go home, apparently according to her I'm not allowed to have it and if I do get it she's not coming over anymore. I'm now considering getting 2, one to display with the rest of my stuff and another expendable one just to mess with her with.
  8. Froyo's supposed to start rolling out at midnight for the Epic, way to constantly be a version behind Samsung.
  9. Anyone try the new Android Market website? Works great, tested it out tonight with the new Honeycomb live wallpaper, pushed it to my phone almost immediately. Much easier to browse on my PC, now if they would just get carrier billing with Sprint I'd be all set.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I love my Epic, I can get through an entire day on a charge pretty easily, occasionally I'll install some crazy live wallpaper that'll kill the battery in a few hours but I've learned what to look for to avoid those. I'm not even sure there's anything in 2.2 that I need that badly or would use that much, but Samsung/Sprint promised it before the end of the year and I want it. I just sometimes wonder if the Evo or some other brick style phone wouldn't have been a better choice as I don't seem to use the keyboard all that much on the Epic with Swype being on there. On a s
  11. Not much a reset and/or battery pull won't fix with an Android phone, most common problem I have is no 3G or no e-mail, quick reset always solves the problem. 2011 and STILL no froyo on US Galaxy S phones, I knew I should've just gone with the Evo.
  12. Epic 4g supposed to be getting froyo at the end of the month, just as the Nexus One will be getting gingerbread Freaking Samsung...
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