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  1. Am I the only one that has no interest in talking to my tv? They've attempted to get computer users to talk to their computers and failed miserably, so why does anyone think that "XBOX Watch TV" is something I want coming out of my mouth? Typically the TV is on and the wife and kids are in bed, so I don't want to talk over the tv to give commands to my xbox. I'm also scratching my head on the gestures, the presenter was always standing up, I wouldn't be so concerned except the current kinect pretty much requires you to stand up to control the device; no I don't want to stand up to tell my tv
  2. I lost my motivation to do work about a year ago. :x But at the end of the day, my job pays fairly well, and I work from my couch on mon, wed, and friday so I really can't complain. 8) When I get some more cash, I hope to open up a franchise of some sort, but that's many years away.
  3. I just started shogun this past week. Great book so far, but 1100+ pages. :shock: I'm a very slow reader so I might not finish this one up til christmas. :oops:
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