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  1. Am I the only one that has no interest in talking to my tv? They've attempted to get computer users to talk to their computers and failed miserably, so why does anyone think that "XBOX Watch TV" is something I want coming out of my mouth? Typically the TV is on and the wife and kids are in bed, so I don't want to talk over the tv to give commands to my xbox. I'm also scratching my head on the gestures, the presenter was always standing up, I wouldn't be so concerned except the current kinect pretty much requires you to stand up to control the device; no I don't want to stand up to tell my tv to change channels!?!?!? One thing I haven't seen asked is how is the Xbox one going to tap into cable/satellite channels? The cable card pretty much died, and I'd be really surprised if comcast and dish network were going to allow MS into their domain, but maybe I'm wrong? Lastly, am I the only one that thinks the xbox smart glass is a tremendously stupid invention? I literally have an 84" screen in front of me, and someone thinks I'll find it cool to stop looking at that screen to look at a 3" screen to navigate? No I'd prefer to keep my eyes on the big screen and navigate with those hard buttons on my remote for the time being, thank you very much! Sorry to be so cynical. just in a disappointed mood and needed to vent a little.
  2. Take a look at geothermal, to me it has all of the rewards of solar and nearly none of the drawbacks. It won't "produce" energy which is probably why you don't hear about it too often, but it'll save you a lot of money on your heating a cooling costs.
  3. Very similiar to the quote that I received some time ago. Here's why I ran from it... 1. The 1st three columns are based on "Estimates". Ask for a similiar home with actuals before even considering it. 2. They are guessing the spot market price of a consumable. Do some research on the spot market price for energy over the past 10 years and make your own judgement about whether it's reasonable to estimate this value. 3. They don't take into account lost opportunity. $15,000 invested even in a CD will gather up $15-$20/mo, in a CD it's guaranteed money. If you don't have $15k in the bank then you'll need to take out a loan and the interest will quickly tip the scales away from your favor. 4. The upside just wasn't big enough for me. $50 savings per month based on what I felt was wild speculation. I might as well throw money into penny stocks. 5. Cost of maintenance is not factored in at all. Something is going to break in a 20 year time frame and it's going to cost you something. 6. Effect on the value of my house was unknown. The solar panels needed to be on the front of our house, and a detriment in the curb appeal to my home could easily out way $50/mo 7. It's all predicated on government kick backs and regulations. In a largely unregulated supply and demand market these panels would be worthless. Given the ebs and flows of the politics in America I'd rather avoid putting any eggs in the hands of our politicians. 8. The timeframe was too long. Most Americans stay in there homes for roughly 7 years, I hope I'm still in my house in another 7 years but life often gets in the way and I may need to move. Just my .02. If you find some positives let me know. Other than being environmentally friendly I couldn't really find any.
  4. foogledricks mentioned cost/sales of SRECs specifically; from my research our state made no differentiation in type of renewable energy, so something is definitely different. If someone was offering to put the panels on our house for no charge, I'd be seriously considering them, this is the first I've heard of any such offer. You obviously get the system. The equation that doesn't work out in my mind is the 7x. What happens when they start paying you 1x? Or 1/2x? In a free market no one would ever pay you more then 1x what any goods are worth, but current regulations are demanding 7x the true value. Huh?
  5. I looked into putting these on my house in NJ and chose not to have them installed. It's been about a year since I looked into it, so some of my information might be a bit outdated. The power companies had to pump a percentage of REC's (renewable energy credits) into the grid. These credits could come from solar, wind, tidal, whatever, it just had to be renewable. The credits were essentially bought and sold on the free market, so as more became available it was my interpretation that the price of these credits would obviously decrease (simple supply and demand). At the time I felt they were fairly close to installing a wind farm in the Delaware bay which would have flooded the local market with RECs and plummeted the price. That still hasn't happened, and I honestly haven't watched the market for REC's at all since I never got into it. The whole solar sales pitch turned me off in the end. Buy these solar panels for roughly $30k, the govt will give you back roughly $5k, you're electric bill will drop to nothing, and you'll actually start getting checks from the electric company for the difference. Okay, well that's what the solar sales guy was telling us. My myopic mind interpreted the entire deal this way... If it was such a great deal then some enterprising company or individual would've been out there buying and installing the solar panels on homes for no charge to home owners. They could reap this surplus of money that solar energy was going to provide without even asking consumers for a dime. The govt is lending cash at like 1%, a large company interested in solar could have gotten the cash even cheaper, so the long term positive only needed to be 1.5% to make the investment profitable. The reality (again in my mind) is that the demand for REC's is not real. The cost is grossly inflated via government regulations requiring electric companies to purchase them. If the govt stopped this requirement the cost of an REC would likely drop to virtually nothing. The counter argument to that claim would be that at least your electric bills would drop to nothing in this event, right? Well actually the solar panels on homes are not supplying the actual home with power. They obviously only produce energy during the day, so if the electric company bought RECs from you at $0.50 and sold you electricity for $1.00 you'd quickly drop into the negative. The only way to truly get the electric company out of the loop is to pump the electric into your own battery station and pull from it during off day light hours. The cost of this type of system REALLY starts tipping the scales, and that's even assuming no damage or repairs over a 30 year time frame, not likely! That's my myopic pessimist view of the situation. On the positive end of it, the US hasn't built a nuclear plant since the late 70's and isn't likely to build one anytime soon. The demand for energy is obviously going up with a growing population and ipad's flying off the shelves like candy. More power has to come from some where, and with demand going up the value of those REC's should start going up without govt intervention.
  6. I considered this, but the only upgrade that really made sense was to get backlit posters. The cost of those things is outrageous!!! I was hoping someone on the forum had some insight and could give me an answer to that exact question. Reality is, I don't know. From reading around and the lack of responses I've gotten I suspect the answer is no. Given the age of my system (roughly 5 years) now's the time when I can find extra speakers at reasonable costs that will match the output of my primaries. If I wait too much longer I won't find any for sale. I guess I'll just let that itch keep scratching for now.
  7. Actually my current setup blows anything away that I've ever seen in a home. 84" screen and dual 12" sub-woofers are luxuries that most don't get to enjoy. :-) I really think I'm just interested in updating the space. Furnishings seem right so I thought maybe a little technology upgrade might satisfy my itch, but again I'm not going to scratch if it's not going to provide a gain.
  8. I have the itch to upgrade my home theater, but I'm trying to make sure I'm not going to be pissing my money away. My current setup is Energy mid level speakers (6), with a denon mid level receiver driving the show, I have dual 12" subs (everything is about 5 yrs old). I'm currently using an rca splitter to get the sound to the subs, so my 1st question is does getting a 5.2, 7.2, or 9.2 system buy me anything? As I understand it most media is encoded in 5.1, so adding a .2 isn't going to change anything, is that right? I'm a little baffled by the hertz cutoff on my receiver. My speakers are ported, so I've set it as high as it goes pushing as much sound to the subs as possible, but given media is encoded with that extra .1 lfe, I'm a bit confused as to what the hertz cutoff does. Does it do what I'd expect and send the low frequencies to the subs, and if so what do I need the extra .1 encoding in the media? Lastly I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts on height speakers, 9.2? I've read really mixed reviews on adding them and I'm not sure it's worth it. The typical use for me is games or tv, movies are about once a month in my home theater. I can pick up matching bookshelf speakers for about $150 and a 9.2 sub for around $500, so they are in the ballpark, but again I'm not interested in pissing money away.
  9. I thought the same thing, and decided this week to get one for the kids. Sold out everywhere locally unless you buy the 360 w/ it. Amazon.com has them in stock right now, got it with free 2 day shipping.
  10. I thought the same thing. I usually play tdm or ffa. In order to try the new maps I had to play capture the flag, headquarters and sabatoge. :wtf After about 30 minutes I got tired of playing game modes that I wasn't interested in and switched back to ffa. I hope I didn't just piss $15 down the toilet, but right now it looks like I did.
  11. The head of the fcc came out a couple of months back and called cable cards a complete failure. The original though was to have devices like the 360 or ps3 have cable card implementations, but it never caught on. The fcc are the guys that pushed the technology onto the cable industry, so if they are now calling it a failure, I would think companies like dell and hp are running from the technology. The cable companies HATE the idea, and if the fcc wasn't pushing the technology on them they would dump it in a heartbeat. I do have an htpc, but I use hdhomerun to pick up clear qam channels, and I have two other recievers for standard def tv. I use two 360's as extenders and pretty regularly put my kids in front of the pc to watch a show or two. I love having a single dvr solution that I'm not paying a monthly fee for. The place for windows media center is http://www.thegreenbutton.com It's a great forum that is very active and has a lot of knowledgable folks.
  12. The ps3 doesn't have a nice family setting to block out all of the garbage that's being spewed via headsets over games. I'd like to have my son play online without any possible interaction via voice. I thought I had the answer. I had a bluetooth headset that I connected, and was just going to leave it charging. The mic level is at zero, and the headset isn't in anyone's ear, so that seemed to work. The problem is if I restart the ps3 I need to restart the headset to get them to connect. Is there any other options, or a way to have the ps3 immediately find my headset while it's already on?
  13. Don't really intermingle with celebrities much. My brother-in-law is a sportscaster on comcast sportsnet, Gregg Murphy, not sure that counts? He introduced me to Lou Tilly, another sportcaster here in the north east. Went to Vegas for NYE a few years back and Snoop Dogg rubbed shoulders with us during the show. The only other one I can think of is Denzel Washington did a scene from one of his movies at my college campus. Didn't actually interact w/ him, but saw him in the flesh at work.
  14. Thanks for the advice guys. I've made a couple of realizations since I started this thread. The first one is that he's not going to be allowed to play any M games on the "kids" tv. I've got 4 kids, and I don't want the little one's subjected to that, even if they're too young to understand. The other thing I've realized is about half of his friends aren't going to be allowed to play online, so getting him a ps3 to play online w/ friends is a moot point. For the time being the kids are getting an HD-DVD player. :-p I haven't turned that thing on in months, and it'll played DVD's so most of the family will be happy.
  15. I'm not looking to start a flame war here, just want some honest opinions on which one would be right for my kids. We got the kids a new 32" tv for christmas and currently there's just a wii that'll be hooked up to it. Let me give you some details on my setup and family. I currently have 2 360's that use media center (I don't use any cable boxes). I really like this setup, and if I put another one in the kids play room then they'll be able to watch tv and any recordings that we've made for them. This aspect has me really leaning toward an xbox. My oldest is going to be 11 in a few days. Most of his friends seem to be on ps3, not the 360. He hasn't asked for a ps3, but I know he'd love to play his friends online. Besides my oldest, I have a 5 year daughter that would probably like a few games. We're getting her a ds for christmas, so she does have some interest in video games. I have two more, but they're too young to at this point. So any thoughts? I know very little about the ps3, other then it'll play blue ray. This isn't all that appealing to me, as if I'm going to watch a movie it won't be on this tv. One unrelated question for the parents out there. What age do you plan on letting your kids play m games? My son is dieing to get his hands on mw2. My wife and I let him play at friends houses so he's not excluded, but we won't let him play in our house. Is 11 old enough for some good blood and violence?
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