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  1. Waking up at 4am to watch a draw against a shit bottom half team, the Liverpool classic.
  2. Wow I guess Brendan was srs about that dropping Migs indefinitely thing. I don't know if the power of Strayyaaa will be good enough today
  3. Brendan surely has to be at least in danger right? I haven't even got an impression that he might get the sack from the club.
  4. Oh my gosh this lineup. Sterling striker and Mignolet dropped. Brad Jones let's go strayyaaaaa
  5. Is it bad if I don't really feel bad about this at all. I'm more like "meh I knew this would happen".
  6. What a dreadful week for me in the predictor league thing. Went from 4th to 9th already.
  7. Weep and struggle to watch all the remaining games with said coach. Defend the coach in case the team suddenly starts performing well. Then when he's on the brink of getting sacked you finally call for his head.
  8. Not a fan of this lineup. Was hoping for another Kolo Lucas park the bus team. I'll just hope this goes well
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