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  1. This is a great thread. Here's my boy Nathan, 2 1/2 celebrating 2010 opening day!
  2. I've had the Driod for about a week now and absolutely love it. I bought the multimedia station for it as well. That along with Pandora makes a great little radio for my desk at work. The Verizon Where App is pretty slick as well. Local gas prices, traffic, news, movies, all in one little place.
  3. I was doing the same thing....look at the little girl..everyone totally left her out to dry.
  4. My buddy lives in Pennsacola, hit many times over the last year. He left each time. Actually he had to let his wife leave with the family as he had to fly his plane away from the naval base. He didn't regret leaving each time. Its the safest course of action. Trees aren't always the real big issue. He said many of the houses last year lost their roofs due to the pressure build up and the wind. Watch yourself man, These are the most powerful naturally occuring events. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm trying to scare ya, but I am, this is a pretty damn big storm.
  5. I'd have to agree. That's a pretty big powerful storm. Think of this. What's the worse that could happen if you leave, as opposed to what's the worse that could happen if you stay. Items are replaceable.
  6. I finished Harry Potter and the Soucerer's Stone last night. Very good, I'm starting the chamber of secrets this weekend. It was very good. I enjoyed it thouroughly. I'm trying to finish all of them so I can catch up to the times, and read the new one when that hits the shelves in a couple weeks.
  7. That's why the NFL is more to blame. I can't beleive the NFL would do something like that and the Players association wouldn't say anything about it. Aren't they taking promotional money out of the players pockets???
  8. Unless my job is sitting around playing video games or driving some exotic sports car to the golf course as a result of winning a 100 million dollar lotery I don't think I'll ever "LOVE" my job. But right now I pretty much really like what I do.
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