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  1. I'm still using my Radeon 9500 Pro 128MB and I'm very happy!
  2. Rainmayker. What city/planet are you are on?
  3. I just wanted to make sure everyone one still playing. If can you tell me what city planet/city you are playing in I would be very happy. I'd like to play somewhere where there is good group of people. I don't suppose there is a way to transfer a character over to another server is there???
  4. I'm thinking the price is way to much for this kind of device. Even if it has the best games (which it does not yet) price can make or break or break it. I'm not ready to spend $300 on it. The whole phone issue with putting up against your face does not attract me either. I have a hard enough time keeping my cell phone clean, nevermind a cell phone/gaming device.
  5. I do a little gaming on my p3 750mgz without any problems. Nothing high-end obvisouly, but it works for me...
  6. I use Winamp 3 but am currently trying out the software that comes with creative sound cards. Seems pretty good so far. I've used Windows Media Player for a while but's just too bulky for me...
  7. Camp, Do either of these programs allow you to control your PC?
  8. No sun for me thanks. I guess I will stay away from this one. VERY innovative though, gotta respect that...
  9. I'm still playing when I can...not enough time in the day...
  10. Camp, I use an Audiovox Maestro. I've had it for a while and recently switched back to the Palm side anyway with a Clie SJ22.
  11. As much as I want to fully enjoy this title. I don't think I will be buying the subscription any time soon. I subscribe to one game a month and that is my budget. Unless they give the game away or charge like $10 for it, I can't afford it.
  12. I was so close to buying a copy yesterday, but the bid escaped me. I'm looking for an older RPG for my work laptop. I guess I should have payed more attention to my bid...
  13. I'm look for some software to make my SJ22 into a PC remote control? I can't seem to find any yet. If you know of some please post it!
  14. I was never able to get the demo working...
  15. My favorites so far have been Metroid and WarioWare! Lot's of fun and worth the price of admission...
  16. It depends on the game. I would say to get it. I usually play mine in bed right before I go to sleep. To me that is more than worth it. It's got some really great exculsive games. Cheap price and good games....what's not to love!
  17. I have to get this one and soon!
  18. Romier, Off subject, sorry. I notice you have Otogi in your sig. I played the demo of this and it was awesome! What do you think of the rest of the game?
  19. I have one stinkin' rebel disk, oh well. As far as containers are concerned I never have anything good in them. I hunt around for a slicer/smuggler to open them for hours and I usually just get junk. On another topic. I know I play on a different server than most of you (I'm on Flurry) but I'm curious to see how are you are all playing. For example I'm currently a marksmen, medic, scout and artisan. Here are the reasons: Marksmen - (almost done with pistol) I want to be a Bounty Hunter and I like using ranged weapons Scout - Bounty Hunter Medic - just getiting enough to heal myself and make entertainers happy Artisan - making good money on making clothes (30K in about 3 days) I know I wil have to specialize more down the road but right now I like to the variety. If anyone out there is playing on Flurry send me a tell. My name is daasa. If we hook I'll make you a sweet pair of boots for free or maybe even a fishing pole.
  20. Thanks! That was the exact place I was talking about!
  21. Wow, Camp stikes again. Thanks for all the recommendations. I can't believe how much I like this SJ22. It was cheap and it's been so handy. This again coming from a die hard PPC user.
  22. I'm just looking for a place that sells good DVD covers. I seem to remember a palce that even sold green covers (like the Xbox).However, I can't seem to find it anymore...
  23. Is there any must have applications out there for the PALM that I should really look at? I'm interested in a launcher, some office app (to edit word and excel files) and a game or two. Price is one of the big factors for me...
  24. Camp, The reason I said about the site is because I right reviews etc, for the PPC side of the site. With that being said, gaming has a long way to go on PDAs! What's funny is that have a PPC and just bought the SJ22 and LOVE it!
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