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  1. I'd love nothing more than to be wrong about that statement. Believe me. We'll see....
  2. “Its every year isn’t it, Justin?” lol
  3. I don't see either of these two consoles costing less, frankly. $499 is the new $399. PS5 for launch and a Series X a few months later right now for me. Unless Microsoft gives me a compounding reason to jump early.
  4. Also, I should mention that re-branding attempt not withstanding - we're basically talking about cross buy here. Which has been around for ages and its something that both Microsoft and Sony have done for quite some time (MS with their first party PC/Xbox titles and Sony on the PS3/Vita, etc.). It's good to see it continue into the next generation with cross generational titles which, granted is a new wrinkle to the services we've seen offered but I think consumers have become accustomed to seeing this kind of thing happen with, at the very minimum first party titles as platform holders try to get folks into their ecosystems..
  5. New trailer! New character, online coop and 4 player local coop! DAT Music! HYPE!
  6. I don't know about EA or Activision but CDPR is onboard... Interpret "upgrade" as you see fit. Though I'm sure the internet will spin itself into a frenzy about possible X series patches when they could simply mean, Cyberpunk Xbox One version will work when installed on the X and benefit from the performance boost.
  7. A long time ago the original Xbox started its path to becoming the Dreamcast 2.0 thanks to the now third party Sega gracing Microsoft’s console with some of its best output ever. Amazing games (JSRF, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Gunvalkyrie, Otogi 1 & 2, Outrun 2, House or the Dead III, Shenmue II, etc.) that didn’t sell well but have maintained a solid core audience years later. One of the first of those titles was the classic Jet Set Radio future and it released 18 years ago today! I loved this game. I loved it then and I love it now for its fantastic gameplay, killer cel shaded visuals and a soundtrack thats as memorable (and divisive) as it was when it released. So happy 18th birthday, JSRF! They don’t make ‘em like you anymore.
  8. I also picked up this beauty today. I’ve been wanting a silver PS2 Slim for awhile. I already found a nearly flawless black slim but the silver has eluded me as they are always beat up to shit. Well take a look at this glorious thing (I didn’t even have to clean it): Now I just need a white one, preferably a Japanese model and my Slim collection will be complete.
  9. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (boards and electronics) 50% IPA (labels, markers, etc.) A good set of Phillips screwdrivers A good set of gamebit drivers (Nintendo) Pledge (brings out the shine for the plastics) Goo Gone for adhesives. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (for light to medium scratches) Soap and water. Nothing better than a good bath once everything is taken apart. Along with a good toothbrush to scrub with. A lot of time and patience.;)
  10. After a nice deep cleaning and restoration (I had an drive from black unit with no digital out that I pulled and put in here for now):
  11. Wanted to get a new Gamecube since I ordered the GCLoader PNP version. I didn’t care if the disc drive worked or not but one of the game stores I frequent had a bunch sitting in a pile that were discards. This one was filthy, had RE4 stickers all over it and had a drive that worked ....sometimes. Perfect and free. Here’s some before shots:
  12. This weeks episode was damned great. Loved Freecloud, good humor and some plot movement. Seven and the Icheb plot was a nice tie-in as well from Voyager. Kind if saw Also...
  13. Number 9 done. Darksiders Genesis done after 25 or so hours later. I was pretty thorough, too. I have a few odds and ends to complete but overall a fantastic game!
  14. Siege will be a PS5 and Series X launch title with cross play.... https://www.windowscentral.com/rainbow-six-siege-coming-playstation-5-and-xbox-series-x-cross-play-works
  15. 10 levels in on the X and absolutely loving it. The series is 4/4 for me. I remember being super worried about 3 but the 4/10‘s that game got was laughable. It had it’s issues but I ended up enjoying it immensely. This is a totally different animal but it’s an excellent action RPG with a really satisfying gameplay loop. You’re always finding some new secret or completing a quest that gives you rewards. The minute to minute combat is also a blast and keeps feeling fresh with all of the new attacks and gadgets Strife and War get. I really like that you can switch between them, too. For some reason I thought I’d be locked into a character in the beginning but I was pleasantly surprised to find otherwise when I started the game up. The Decay level (8 I believe) has been my favorite of the game. The music is fantastic!
  16. Behind the Art with sone new footage....
  17. They do tremendous work. If you haven’t checked it out, their documentary on M2 is also excellent....(this was packaged in as a Blu-Ray with the Battle Garegga Limited Run release a while back)
  18. Keeping the theme going with number 8, Metal Slug XX completed on the PS4....
  19. The My Life in Gaming guys released part 1 of a 5 part series on retro gaming and the guys keeping it alive with new technology, etc. It’s fantastic.
  20. This had been released as a Stadia exclusive awhile back and finally releases on the PS4, Xbox One and Switch today. It's another gameplay shift for the series and functions as a prequel to the mainline games. It's presented in a 3/4th isometric view ala Diablo with ARPG mechanics. You can play as both Strife and War: The game did review well when it released on Stadia: I picked it up on the X today. I just have to support the series.
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