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  1. Heres the reply I sent Brian, now that the NDA is lifted: That exact same post was on the beta forums a few weeks ago and a good bit of what he said was totally on the mark. So let me share some comments as someone who has tested the game for many hours over the past three weeks and has sent over 45-50+ bug reports. Quote: 99% of the world is, simply put, a randomly generated mess that lacks any feeling. This was a very true statement 2-3 weeks ago when the random generation was all kinds of FUBAR and mobs would literally pop right in front of you or even AROUND you if you were standing still. This however is no longer as true as it used to be. Yes, mobs are randomly generated in various locations. However, there are bases, there are scouts guarding those outposts and bases and more powerful "leaders" that defend those bases (which again are randomly generated but but are placed in a decently intelligent fashion so as to appear as though they belong there) So I in a way agree and disagree with that statement. The part I do agree with is that the game needs far more static content to give the world a "lived in" feel. A combination of the random generation rule and static "boss" creatures would help in solidifying the game world IMO. Quote: There's a feeling you get in a game world when you explore and find new things around every turn... new structures, creatures, places with a purpose. Places designed by a human for interaction with humans. This is a statement I cant quite wrap my head around because if anything Star Wars Galaxies got right it is the player interaction. Cantina are BUSTLING with player interaction. A place created where humans can interact with other humans. As for exploration, in the 3 weeks I've played I've discovered Jabba's Palace, C3PO and R2's crashed escape pod, Ben Kenobi's Hut, The Pod Race stadium at Boonta Eve, The Krayt Dragon graveyard. There is more to see as well and these are all static locations (the game however still needs more!). Exploration and finding new areas to take in is not a problem, the lack of interesting encounters is. There is however an issue that does tie into that.... The big problem I see right now is the lack of vehicles in game. Finding these areas is rather difficult and requires a good bit of on-foot "huffing it" so to speak which does get rather old rather quickly since your character moves at the speed of a Hutt:). Devs have commented that player cities will be #1 on the for implementation after launch but I do so wish vehicles would have been a higher priority or even better not been taken out of the game which seriously sapped a big part our what makes Star Wars, Star Wars. Quote: it said "everything must have a point and a story" Agree completely with that statement and that is one of the ugliest issues with the game currently. The world lacks a strong story element. Its pretty much a standard MMO in that regard. You select your race, profession and "Level up". Even though the game is skill based its still pretty much a treadmill. Just a different type of treadmill is all. I'm still waiting for that bucks this trend and creates an experience that does not require the player to "grind" his way to the top. Does every MMO have to be a time sink?? Quote: SWG needs more premanent features. Definitely agree with him there. Though I think he is being a tad exaggerative in claiming SWG has none of this type of content. The ability to put together a 20 man party and hunt huge Krayt Dragons and Rancors etc...etc..etc.. really helps in the "Damn I was there and I did that..." feeling he was talking about. Again I agree with some of his statements but at the same time hes really ignoring some of the key features in the game. Quote: You can't jump in SWG, or swim Half true. Jump is just an emote but sure as hell can swim! In fact it has been a major source of frustration for the player community in beta as swimming take so damn long. With this recent patch they thankfully upped the speed at which your character swims. Quote: Every town is surrounded with these low walls with only a few openings in them to get out. These walls are only knee high for even a short player. They're very, very annoying, especially because you cannot jump over them. Agreed! it seems silly as hell that you cant simply jump over something like that and it does pull you out of the world. Quote: You should be able to attack NPCs, even if they're so powerful they'll kill you in one hit. Why? Because that makes the world more real. It gives you the sense that every little thing you do is meaningful. That friendly trainer will kick your ass if you attack him. It makes everything more alive. UGH! Cant disagree with that enough. All that breeds is a bunch of childish idiots in game that eventually "power-game" themselves to a point where they can kill the NPC's without fear or reprieve. All you see then is a bunch of people running around killing NPC's for the sake of boredom. I've seen it in countless MMO's and I dont think that will help player immersiveness at all. Quote: To decrease the immersion, there's a limited number of missions and they're repeated. The solution? It's obvious, guys. If you had a history and story for each planet, the solution would be there already. Missions would be a way to delve deeper into that history and participate in it. You could add progressive missions, where you complete one and get another, more difficult mission, that gives you more story and involves you more deeply in the planet's politics, story, whatever. (Yes, I know there's one progressive mission in Jabba's palace. Big deal. You can't have something like that in just one, or two, or 5 places inthe game, fellas. It has to be all over.) Give players a chance to feel part of their world Again, I COMPLETELY agree! Missions are really half-assed right now and are nothing more than a source of income that become a seriously TEDIOUS bore. There could be one hell of a story behind these things. Multi-legged missions that would really involve the player. So far the implementation of missions is absolutely horrid and the tweaks necessary to make it interesting are not being looked at. I thought I'd never say this but Sony Online would do well to look at Anarchy Online's mission structure and incorporate deeper story elements above even that. Then they would have a seriously interesting mission game that could even provide some nice "end game" content. Quote: You should be able to sit while under attack (that's right, if something has aggro on you, you can't sit or log out). Utter nonsense here. That whats called an exploit. BOO fucking HOO, I got attacked and now I cant cheat my way out of it by logging out and coming back in unscathed. Quote: It's almost impossible for a group to have a working healer. Besides having an impossible time trying to target people, the healer has to run back and forth trying to locate the person he's trying to heal so that he's close enough for it to work? Apparently he has never looked at the keymap section of the game. Here you can set a hotkey for every member of your party. Selecting them is as simple as hitting that hotkey. Some of these comments are now bordering on absolutely silly. With the last patch Doctors are even more needed. Just read the comments in the post above mine to know why. The penalty for death and not "binding" or as they call it in the game "cloning" properly is right now..RIDICULOUS Requiring HOURS of healing time to recover your wounds. Its nonsense and thankfully being tweaked. Though this exemplifies the really rushed launch this game is seeing. Quote: So there's no point to combat. There's no goal. Nothing to drive the player on to accomplish some great kill except for gathering bones and hides.... ...and leveling. This I agree with. Another day another treadmill. Let me reiterate, One fine day a developer will release an MMO that does not require the player to ride the mill to advance. *sigh* Quote: The very basic machine that's supposed to allow players to sell goods, the bazaar, doesn't work. Why? Good question. It still (as of yesterday) doesn't work and we're 8 days away from launch. Absolutely ridiculous. Quote: The rate of advancement is so fast that mastering your class is hardly part of the game. The rate of advancement has been completely changed as of last patch. Creatures give far less XP and working your way up the skill tree takes quite a bit longer as encounters are far more difficult. It helps that the consider system is now working semi-properly(though again its still buggy) as well . I do agree to an extent, you can theoretically move up quickly but this is one area thats greatly improved. Quote: Battlefields? Is shooting people across a battlefield supposed to hold my attention for years? Battlefields are horribly buggy right now and the hope that they will be fixed for launch is slim:(. The faction system is still fubar and honestly good luck with the dull PVP off the bat. This will take months to tweak to become even remotely enjoyable. Quote: Well, there's a difference. EQ was the pioneer in the 3D MMORPG industry. It was also a buggy mess that *required* you to be a power-gamer to enjoy it. You had to pour your life into the game to get to the highest levels and those dragon encounters he talked about. The death penalty in EQ was also ridiculous as you had to do insane corpse runs just to recover your hard earned items. (thankfully this has changed) Galaxies is not EQ in space. The goal of the game was to appeal to the casual *and* hardcore power-gamer. As of now its falling more toward 70% casual 30% hardcore. Hopefully over time they hit the midpoint. Again that time should be beta not launch. Quote: One of you must know how to set up a database so it doesn't crash the server every 3 hours. Thats why its called a Beta. Last time I checked we were not selected to participate in the beta to play for free. it was to test the game and report bugs. Servers crashed and downtime is expected here. Now let me say that with only 7-8 days to go the server up time has improved greatly but I, in the bottom of my soul, do not see this being a smooth launch. I get the distinct feeling Sony Online has not prepared for the massive influx of players who will be logging in. Yes people say alot of shit but many will still purchase the game. So in case you didn't notice. This game should not be launched in its current state. Its not ready. The content isnt there, the stability is getting there, and the fundamental game systems are still broken ( I wont even get into the joke of an economy). I will say I'm going to be buying the collectors edition because I want to have the box and extra artbook and what not before they disappear but I *will not* be activating my account until at least 3-4 months from now. I will not pay 15 dollars a month to play Beta 4, no thanks. I do however see a good bit of potential here is the game is improved to where it needs to be. I'll be happy to give it my all then.
  2. Downloaded this tonight from Gamespot. Just freaking incredible and I'm dying from anticipation. No other game is being looked forward too than Silent hill 3. Enjoy: http://www.lcvg.com/video/sh3.mov (If link not working give it time, its being uploaded)
  3. Have it. Bought it today after work. Should be on tonight.
  4. lol, buck you rule! Sorry I couldnt make it last night. Good news is I will have Midtown Madness 3 Friday:).
  5. Nice Andre. Like I said, Ill probably be around Friday or Saturday night. I've got some more website work to do but later in the evening (roun 11 or so) I can jump on a play. Ill probably bring in my fixer since I have a ton of items you can use that I have. I can also give you some monetary help as I have about 4.5 million creds on me at the moment.. We can meet up in a neutral zone where we wont be seen together ( I wont be a traitor! :evil: ). Seriously though, just let me know about what level you are about that time and Ill make a newbie and work my way up. (Yopud be suprised how fast you can move up in level when you get in a good group).
  6. Not complete overhauls or anything like that. For the most part its all subtle enhancements. Difficult to describe but the easiest thing to do is show you. Here are some screenies of Phantasy Star: Generation 1 (IE Phantasy Star ): http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/rpg/phantasyst...ens.html?page=4 http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/rpg/phantasyst...ens.html?page=3 http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/rpg/phantasyst...ens.html?page=1
  7. Whatever works:). Honestly you may want to reinstall the driver nonethless. If you cant select Transform and lighting and stay stable it sounds like a driver issue to me. However good to see you got in. Ill probably start up my account on Friday or Saturday and jump on then. Well finalizze closer to the weekend and what not... ..or maybe not! EEEEEEK! Dirty Clanner! All of my characters are Omni tech. Not a big deal, I can start a new clanner and join you, though I'll feel all dirty and traitorous :wink: .
  8. The latest isnt always the greatest unfortunately. By latest I take it you are using the Catalyst 3.4's? Haven't had a problem personally with those drivers and AO on my rig but thats not to say you wouldn't be. My first line of troubleshooting would be to go back a driver or two. Id try installing the 3.2's and see how they work. If still having trouble go straight to the 3.1's. I have a feeling rolling back the driver may fix the issue. ITs all too common. Also make sure to select the proper card for running the game. You'll see two options, one with Hardware Transform and Lighting (the one you want) and one without. Make sure you pick the HT&L one. You wont be able to select the W-buffer setting as newerATI cards do not support this. Also go into the options and select the "Use Texture compression" option. It will help the game take some load off of what it needs to display texture wise but it comes at a cost of slower load times (with your comp you wont notice it). Simple stuff of course but covering all bases. One thing to make sure of with AO is to keep all background processes to a minimum. AO is a serious memory hog that still to this day has several memory laaks so you want to be sure to clear everything out of the background. If your running XP you may want to ALT-TAB out of the game and run the title in a higher priority mode (which will allott more RAM to the game). That is a last ditch effort though. Also for resolution and what not start conservative. Boot the game up in 1024X768 with no Anti-Aliasing or Anistropic filtering. AO has had a known issues with AA and Radeon cards until this last driver release (though they had the same issue with Nvidia 2 drivers ago, go figure.) so that may still be a concern. Also final thought, make sure you dont have any goofy A3D stuff set with that Turle Beach card. I've seen issues like that arise in the past with that particular sound card so you may want to make sure your not seeing any wierd setup on that end. Also it may be a long shot but you may want to move your sound hardware acceleration slider down one notch and see if that helps. Could very well be a sound problem causing the issue. Hope that helps some Andre. EDIT: Its a good class that had some major balancing 2-3 patches ago. Now they are quite viable and fun to play though they do require some skill to get correct. Be prepared to gimp your first character until you get a feel for how to play. For now lets get you in game first :wink:
  9. What exactly were the errors recieved or were they just crashes to the desktop? Either way Andre it seems you wont be waiting for Star Wars long. Official release date is now set for June 26th.
  10. Gentleman just heads up to my teamates and for thoe we are competing against I cannot make it to tonights game:(. I will unfortunately be having a family gathering at around 8:30 tonight that I cannot get out of and will not be home until later. So basically Men with Hats will need a sub. Sorry guys! :cry:
  11. Games separetly on each disc. Price is 19.99 per game. They are graphically updated version of Sega classics.
  12. You have little to worry about graphically with the game Chris. Its gorgeus but requires a monster of a PC to run. It is for the most part equal to, and at times surpasses Asherons Call 2 (which is a great compliment as AC2 is currrently the best looking MMO on the market). As for whether you'll like the game or not ..again wait until the NDA is lifted. Should be within the next day or two. I'll be glad to expolund on my observations during my Beta testing.
  13. No comment. (At least not until NDA is lifted)
  14. New site finally went up for the soon to be released Sega Ages titles on the PS2. I think its pretty much a "DUH!" statement to say I'll be buying these . Also on the site they state they will be releasing the following titles as well: Bare Knuckle (Streets of Rage) Gain Ground Bonanza Brothers Alex Kidd in Miracle World VR Virtual Challenge Tantoaru Last Bronx and two other Phantasy Star titles Heres the site: http://www.3d-ages.co.jp/ EDIT: The cover art for the boxes is right on the front page of the site. Anyone else getting that Sega CD feeling from blue strip art style on the boxes :wink: I like it.
  15. As far as I can tell yes. However there is an option now in the quick menus that allows you to turn that "easy spin" option off and play it like good old CHALLENGING Tetris :wink:
  16. I decided to try out Anarchy Online Ah nice choice! You may make me start my account up again:) The new Shadowlands expansion comes out in a short month too Andre. If you dont mind me asking what race and class did you start as? If you need any help let me know and Ill be happy to help you with the fundamentals of the game. The user interface can be quite daunting at first and the insane amount of options available to you at the start give the game a bit of a learning curve. That will be your biggest roadblock in enjoying AO is getting past the complicated UI. Let me know if you need anything or want to hook up in game. I'll pull my close to newbie fixer out of retirement (I have a level 83 Soldier, which I dont enjoy playing much anymore and a level 26 fixer which is an extremely fun class to play). I wouldnt mind giving AO another go. I planned on reupping when the expansion hit so the time is right. My main issue previously was the lack of folks I knew playing the game so at times it was difficult for me to hook up with personality less strangers.... :wink:
  17. Gentleman, Yes I realize there seems to be a mountain of new Live titles coming. With Midnight Club 2 out, Midtown Madness 3 on the way as well as the always superb MotoGP 2 taking up most peoples time I can see how it would be easy to overlook this wittle release :wink: Seriously though I picked up the game last night and what can I say, its Tetris! There is something surreal about playing Tetris to Marilyn Manson and VNVNation but hey it sure helps my block moving skills. Looking to give the Live component a try soon so I'm calling out my Tetris homies! Anyone who happens to pick this one up let me know and we can play a few rounds online. Should be a hoot.
  18. Again Andre I can't say much about the beta being under the NDA but judging by the current state of the game I am personally hoping that the June 25th date being thrown around is *NOT* true. There is alot of work left to be done is all I can say at the moment, and Im just giving you this info as a heads up to not expect the game until at least the end of Summer. Concerning the other titles you mentioned. Earth and Beyond I beta tested and played at launch. It is an interesting diversion at first but turns into a complete and utter borefest rather quickly. There simply is not enough to hold interest. Eve The Second Genesis is another one that I beta tested and played at launch and I feel it was released *VERY* prematurely. Gamespot has a wonderfully accurate review of the game in fact if you want to head over and read it. In Eve..you mine. When your done mining, you mine some more. When you are done with that, you mine some more. Hopefully that is a clear enough description of the tediousness that is Eve. Honestly if you want a quality MMO (and as much as I dont enjoy the game anymore) Dark Age of Camelot and its expansion is a wonderful place to start. One of the few MMO's that has kept me playing for an extended amount of time. Asherons Call 2 is again a recommendation as it caters nicely to "independent" casual player as well as the group minded "power gamer". It has a myriad of problems and lacks content but I personally enjoy it very much and it improves with every patch. I am afraid that the game may have the rug pulled out from under it soon however. Turbine is working on the Middle Earth Online MMO as well as Dungeons and Dragons Online and I just cannot see the company stretching itself that much to support what is currently a failing product. Also one I would keep in mind is Anarchy Online. It amazes me the improvements that Funcom has made to this game . It was an utter disaster at launch and for the first 6 months it seemed the patients were running the madhouse over at Funcom but these days AO is rock stable, flowing with content and has one hell of a unique world to explore and group in. Hope that helps some Andre.
  19. I agree completely Mark. One of my favorites for the Dreamcast, though the random battles were a source of frustration at times. Sill the story is wonderful and the battle system is very streamlines and easy to use, not to mention fun!. I still have not bought the rerelease on the GC as other games have taken up much of my time but I'll more than likey do so soon for the extra character and such.
  20. The game is in beta and even in that state that statement is very untrue Andre. I've been in beta for almost 2 weeks now and though the servers do go down often for maintenance and patches I've played for hours at a time. Can't say much more than that since its still under NDA. As for whats good out there right now. I played DAOC for almost 1 year and rather enjoyed it but got totally burned out on it so Im not one to comment on that one at this moment:). I'm currently playing Asherons Call 2 which I'm liking quite a bit and gets better and better each patch, though unfortunately the community is not very big.
  21. Oh lord. At least Dean is usually funny. I'd hate to hear the ear splitting nonsense you come up with Joey.
  22. I pretty much can guarentee that having Kelley on that map wouldn't have mattered. I told you how how MWH felt about our skill level on Sub two days ago on AIM. You guys won, more power to you and I congratulate you on the victory (yes I can be even handed even through all the trash talk ). However that wasn't the point of my post though I thought I made that fairly clear.
  23. Nothing about that deserved the headbang smiley. Being the originator of that there lil guy I hearby revoke your ability to use it:). In fact your J-kli stylings were much more witty Dean. That was struggling to be funny. Being totally serious though I wasn't really happy with Kelley's job situation and how that was handled. Real life should come before any game period and we ended up losing a man near the start of the second map because of it. It was kind of a shitty because we were pretty much out of luck in terms of finding a sub beforehand and we could not well stop the game to go and find one. This is not a complaint mind you because honestly Wolf is just a game and even losing we always have a blast playing. Honestly I could care less about losing since Ive been handed my ass many times before in many games (and I'm still uber!) and there are no sore losers in the MWH's. I just hope future tourney's are a bit more flexible to last minute changes in schedules.
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