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  1. On the Marauder... Oh and on Doom Hunters, ignore the tool tip. Don’t waste time with the plasma rifle taking shields down. Lock on rockets, regular rockets and ballista shots to the sled will make quick work of him.
  2. This is a great video: Ballista/SSG amd Ballista/Rocket Launcher we’re go to combos for me. Using RB to quick switch is boss as hell. Keep in mind that you can modify the weapon wheel to only show weapons you want instead of the full load out, too.
  3. Makes sense. Still, if you develop breathing symptoms don’t hesitate.
  4. The impetus for the Doom guy taking on the demon horde in the original Doom was because they killed his pet rabbit Daisy. That’s not an exaggeration. This game doesn’t try to provide any pretense that it’s anything other than a pure videogame and it permeates throughout the experience. I could see that being off putting to some in comparison to 2016. However, It’s exactly what I loved about it. Especially for a game in 2020. Visually, I couldn’t disagree more. I think the game looks stunning from start to finish with a huge focus on color and variety of locations. It also has the best HDR implementation I’ve seen in a game to date. (After some configuration changes)
  5. Ordered that Shadowgate Classic Edition along with the Panzer Dragoon release this morning. Hopefully they don't take too long to ship.
  6. Doom Eternal is number 12. Done.
  7. Done. Holy shit the last two levels and boss fights were hard as fuck. Legit one of the hardest games I’ve beaten in the last 4-5 years on Ultra-Violence. However, the sense of accomplishment is AMAZING! The game gives you the option to turn on an extra layer of armor when you die at a boss a bunch of times but I’m proud to say I didn’t turn that shit on. Came at me game! RIP and TEAR! Absolutely adored every single moment of this (if it wasn’t already apparent by my gushing). I cannot imagine what they’ll come up with for the next game but good lord I’m there. One last thing, the story in the game will seem utterly incomprehensible for the first 4-5 levels but stick with it. The way they tie this and 2016 to the original Doom, Doom II and Doom 64 is bad ass even if they retconned some stuff from 2016.:)
  8. I have plenty of critiques about the season as a whole and that episode but I love that Data got some real closure. That last scene got me.
  9. Indeed. Can’t be said enough regardless of console.
  10. New expansion releases today for the PS4/PC. June for Xbox owners (i.e. me ...grrrrr)
  11. It’s lovely. It really is. I played through the first three levels ands it’s a respectful remaster that’s makes some smart changes like ridding the game of the fade in and out loads during the levels. It’s all seamless. The art changes work though perhaps are a bit garish in spots but it evokes the look of the original game really well. The new modern control scheme takes a little getting used to but you can always switch back to classic if you choose. The game feels really nice for the most part and I’m ecstatic as the early videos really left me concerned that they would ruin the feel of the game. Switching around the shoulder buttons feels pretty laggy though. Hopefully that gets addressed. The music, I’m happy to report is gloriously intact. Dive in, Daniel. What little niggles I have can be sorted with a patch. One major concern - its only 30fps which hopefully can be resolved when it hits PS4/Xbox. Edit: I should add that I’m playing mobile not docked.
  12. PA added almost 300 cases overnight. Almost at 1200 cases now and rising. We aren't likely to see peak here for a few more weeks which is going to suck. Thankfully our fatality rate is extremely low at only 11 right now.
  13. I've been doing take out from local places that are struggling including a Japanese place I absolutely love. My hope that is some of the lessons learned here on the business side is that delivery service can be an utterly integral and money making affair even for places that don't normally partake in such activities. The same goes for retail. Best Buy has maintained their business and stayed open in PA despite the general lockdown by asking for employee volunteers, increasing the pay for those who choose to work, practicing social distancing with those few employees (along with providing full paid sick leave if necessary) and offering curbside service to their customers. You can literally order online and come pick it up or call ahead and if they have it, the employee will do the full transaction with as little contact as possible stop the spread. Its ashame that it took this kind of calamity for some businesses to evolve out of their "norm" but there are lessons that can applied post pandemic which I think are worthwhile.
  14. I'm consistently stunned by the visuals in this game. It's legit at a whole other level and easily one of the best looking games released this generation. The HDR implementation is just absolutely killer. If you have the means to play this at 4K with HDR active, you will not be disappointed. The combination of its visuals with a butter smooth 60fps is a real sight to behold and there's enough overhead with this engine that I could see the game running at 120hz on a Series X or PS5 in the near future and I'm just salivating at the thought of such a thing. I just completed "Sentinel Prime" last night (mission 8 I believe) and feel like I'm nearing the end of the game. Such a low mission count sounds like its a brief experience but it really isn't. The levels in this game are absolutely HUGE. A single level can take you two+ hours alone. Factor in finding all of the secrets including hidden combat scenarios and the Slayer Gates and you're talking a good 20-25 hours experience. Speaking of the Slayer Gates - good fucking god. Sheer and unmitigated insanity. If you do not have the stomach for difficulty, I would highly recommend staying away from Ultra Violence on your first run through. The game itself presents plenty of challenge as it throws a larger number of enemies at you then 2016 ever did but the Slayer Gates are a sheer test of will, patience and skill. I spent an hour retrying one last night and it took me about 14 tries to finish it. You will be tense, you will be sweating, you will be frustrated but you'll love EVERY minute of it! Also, because the mechanics of this game are so different than 2016, you have to relearn a lot about how you play. There isn't endless ammo scattered around the environments anymore. You need to use the chainsaw to re-up your ammo supply. You always have one pip of gasoline that recharges but you need to be super mindful about your ammo count. This plays into the fact that enemies now have weak points to. That means that your main assault rifle and its scoped view can be used to knock a turret off of an Arachnotron making it easier to kill. Or you can use the chain gun to decimate a hell knight much easier than with other weapons. The one pervading issue with Doom 2016 is that once you got the Super Shotgun, you were done experimenting. It was the end all be all weapon. Doom Eternal fixes all of that. You will be swapping and using weapons constantly based on the enemy type that you are fighting and that's just /superb/. On the harder difficulties you have to use the tools available. That includes the chainsaw to generate ammo, it includes glory kills to generate health and it also includes the flame thrower which causes enemies to generate shield items. Not to mention the shoulder mounted frag and freeze grenades which can be pure life savers. I can see how this may turn some folks off as this is no longer just about mindlessly shooting demons. You have to think, you have to plan on your feet all while being chased and harassed by endless demon hordes so that you don't end up out of ammo or deathly low on health while getting enough of a shield buffer to deal with the more powerful enemies. It's a god damned masterpiece folks and I cannot give it enough praise. Seriously, if the Last of Us II weren't coming out in a few months I'd be hard pressed to see a game surpassing it for game of the year and that's not hyperbole, that's just how exquisitely designed this game truly is.
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