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  1. Wonderful first episode. There’s a grew deal to establish and the show does it well. Especially considering there’s damn near 20 years of time to bridge here. It ties in nicely with the JJ-verse considering what happened to Romulus and the callbacks to next gen characters and events are well done without being overly obvious. Just seeing the LCARS display was liking wrapping myself in a comfy blanket. Super hyped for the rest of the season! For the love of god tell me we’re going to see Worf again.
  2. To be fair, I’m sure if we saw more concept art for Rise prior to release it likely would look equally exciting. What does stand out to me is that Trevorrow’s vision does seem to be a more direct sequel to TLJ at least in so far as following through on the possibility of Luke interacting with/haunting Kylo, building on force ghosts having more of a physical presence, Kylo actually being the big evil and if you look at the leaked script - proper follow through on Luke and the remnants of the resistance being the spark of hope the galaxy needed to build a true Rebellion. I don’t think much of Trevorrow as a director so there’s little guarantee we would have gotten a markedly better film but I have to admit, I do like the story beats more as they line up with how I was hoping things would play out. Also, I would have really enjoyed revisiting a First Order controlled/oppressed Coruscant. R2 dying would have also brought the serious feels, too.
  3. A bunch of concept art from the actual Trevorrow movie that wasn’t,... https://imgur.com/a/lX9JG8F
  4. Figured as much. Make sense as a carrot in case the end goal of driving sales doesn't happen.
  5. On the Obsidian comment - yeah that’s a nice politically correct statement to make when the folks who sign your checks are running the service.;) Ask the independent Obsidian that years ago struggled to make a game like Pillars of Eternity (or its sequel which hasn’t done as well) with a kickstarter campaign and your going to get a demonstrably different answer. The reason Game Pass is worth putting your game onto is to hopefully drive the consumer to play the game and like it enough to buy the game. If that wasn’t happening, it wouldn’t have near the content it does. I’d be curious to see if there’s any money exchange when Microsoft adds a game to it as well. As for Sony - yeah that’s not gonna happen anytime soon and you know why. That doesn’t mean that PS Now can’t evolve into a worthwhile service either. I spend far more time playing indie and third party games on Game Pass than I do MS first party games.
  6. Yeah, I think we're on the same page/saying the same thing in a lot of ways. When I say "try before you buy", personally that means I can play a game and see if its something I want to own and then purchase. In my case, its primarily a physical purchase because I have never questioned my relationship with physical media and my collection in particular. If anything the last two years of retro gaming have only solidified my commitment to physical ownership. I simply do not buy games digitally unless they are dirt cheap or don't have any other means of playing them. That being said, Gears 5 is a great example. I also played it on Game Pass and frankly would not have bought it if it was not on there until it had a significant price reduction. It's not a series that has a ton of appeal for me anymore but I enjoy the games fine regardless. With Game Pass though, I downloaded it and played through it and I may indeed add it to the collection eventually but not for the current price its at. I don't need to own every game I play. Just the ones that I know I'll want to play again eventually. Another example I've mentioned is Blazing Chrome. A game I absolutely love and one that I ordered from Limited Run Games on the PS4 via their snazzy Collector's Edition. Game Pass enabled me to download and play the game without having to spend additional monies to buy it digitally. Other games like Outer Worlds, I bought at full price. I love Obsidian and their games and I don't mind supporting them with a full price purchase. At the same time, Game Pass saves me from having to get up and put the disc in. So I haven't even opened my physical copy as of yet but it has a place in my collection. Short and sweet: Game Pass is a fantastic service. Hopefully Sony can do something similar with PS Now in the coming years and I'll happily sub to that as well.
  7. This game is part of Sony's "Playstation Talents" initiative to help up and coming creators in territories that are not known for or well supported. This one of from Spain and is a call back to the fixed camera angle RE games of old. It's not a great trailer and looks pretty janky but its likely to be budget priced and if so, I won't mind giving it a whirl.
  8. Game Pass is a try before you buy service for me. Specifically try before you buy physical but if your digital and giving money to the devs/pubs, I’m not gonna quibble.:)
  9. We may hate them but Konami makes good money on those branded slot/pachinko machines. They may license out some IP’s but sell them off outright? You’ll forgive me for heavily doubting that rumor. Also, a western developed Silent Hill is just not something I’m interested in anymore. If they could get Ito, Toyama and Yamaoka back with a quality Japanese team then they’ll certainly have my attention but for now KojiPro was our last hope.:(
  10. Glad to see Plague Tale there. The game deserves a even bigger audience and I hope it leads to folks actually buying the game. Not that it didn’t already sell well as it’s getting a sequel but even more success for a great game is never a bad thing.
  11. The leaks on this stuff is crazy. I don’t remember the start of this current gen being anywhere near this bad. I legit have no clue where the fuck I’m gonna put that thing in my current setup.
  12. God the hours just melt away in this game. I started playing last night for what seemed like an hour or two at 6pm and ended up looking up to find it was nearly 1am. I'm knee deep into exploring Velen and I'm getting the Bloody Baron quest going.
  13. New footage: I was ECSTATIC to hear the little "beep beep" sound was maintained when your health is low.
  14. I swore I’d stop at Witcher 2 and then finish up Snatcher. Then, finally pick up The Outer Worlds or Death Stranding but instead I’m playing Witcher 3.... I just killed the Royal Griffin and moved into Velen after cleaning out White Orchard. A solid 8 hour play session today and it reminded me why this is the best open world game on the market. LOVE it.
  15. Number 6 in the books. A big one I’ve played before some 25+ years ago but never finished (Snatcher!). A rather substantial omission now corrected....
  16. Number 5 done! Blazing Chrome with the bonus end credits music that is /amazing/ in its pure retro/80’s-ness....
  17. PSX HDMI mod coming from the same folks that brought you the DCHDMI....
  18. Depends. The retro community is great for the most part on there. The problem is some of the follows blast stuff out from people and you end up seeing a ton of shit you have no interest in by default so you end up having to manage a whole lot of what you see. Even following someone as innocuous as John from DF ends up getting you a ton of trash and "hot takes" about stuff. I agree though, its more trouble than its worth more often than not but then I think social media is the bane of our society so I don't use it often enough for much to bother me on it. I'm usually posting stupid funny stuff I come across. The thing to remember is that 90+% of twitter traffic is driven by less than 5% of their userbase. It's a minority of a minority yet we tend to give it such outsized influence. That's a whole other conversation though.:)
  19. I couldn't agree more. Dreams on PC is a damned no-brainer especially if they enhance the tools for a keyboard/mouse interface. I would even argue that it may find a bigger audience in the PC space that is already used to building mods, etc.
  20. Again, stupid console wars shit. Sony branching out to PC is good thing and makes sense for them. Especially on exclusive titles that have been on the shelves for extended periods of time but then you see exactly why they are so protective about their IP when that's the reaction from the community.
  21. I don't know if its really that interesting and I think John isn't too far off the mark in what he's saying. I think whatever mandates that *are* there will dissipate within that 1-2 year time period that Microsoft mentioned. The "no one left behind" strategy is all well and good but at some point, if we want to see game design evolve to take advantage of a 12 trillion teraflop machine, then invariably folks are going to get left behind. If 3 years into the next generation developers are still looking to create games that cater to the lowest common denominator spec still being an Xbox One S, then that is not a good thing in my view. Folks online seem to misinterpret that as shitting on godly Microsoft for saving people money while evil Sony cuts them off from their fancy new new generation titles. Meh, fuck console wars stuff. I want to see the power in these new machines exploited. Invariably there is a learning curve in every new generation of hardware and games released on day one rarely ever take advantage of the power available to these new devices. So Microsoft's view of having their first party games available across all of their line the first two years makes total sense but that isn't going to last a whole generation. it simply can't without making something like the Series X nothing more than a beefed up PC and we already have incredible PC hardware out there that's regularly limited by what's possible on console titles at the design level.
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