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  1. Nope. I showed pre-order available for a good 5 minutes after and folks had orders going through past that on the Mega-Preorder thread on Era. Even when it said sold out it was still available. You just had to keep trying.
  2. BB All Access site is here: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/xbox-one/xbox-all-access/pcmcat1579299055180.c?id=pcmcat1579299055180 For those interested. Still says coming soon.
  3. I could have grabbed one from Walmart as I literally refreshed the page at 10:59 and it was up and I had it in my cart but bah. I don't want to spend another $500 right now. I may go for an Amazon preorder just to have it and decide what to do later on it.
  4. Walmart is readily available. I was able to put into cart and checkout but I didn't order. EDIT: Target is working for me as well. Able to get to the point where I submit the order.
  5. I might try and see if I can snag a Series X via All Access. We’ll see how that works at 11.
  6. Yes that’s their annual profit (not for all of those years combined). Sony averages nearly 75-77 billion in revenue every year. Their gaming division alone brings in nearly 6 billion in revenue. Microsofts gaming division posted an operating income of 3.63 billion thus far in 2020 (as of Q3). I could throw that number out in a vacuum as well to make silly comparisons, too.;) (not that you did but I saw that post on Era and rolled my eyes a bit). Microsoft is obviously a much larger and more profitable company by nature of its business alone. Windows and Office guarantees
  7. I'd say the S is not a console that the enthusiast is going to knock over virtual store shelves for so it doesn't shock me that it's sitting out there. It's much more of a spontaneous purchase for a kid or something of the like to me. I'd argue much like I did in the Discord, with the PS5 Digital being a $100 more, I don't see an expansive market for the Series S amongst enthusiasts who are storming retailers to order these things pre-launch.
  8. Why so cheap? Well, it didn’t start out looking like that. The right trigger didn’t work, the right analog stick was gummy and sluggish movement wise and the audio was scratchy and garbled. I cracked the thing open and yeah, someone spilled a soda right on top of this thing.... After a complete tear down and three hours of cleaning the speakers, analog assembly and reconnecting the ribbon for the right trigger, I have a fully functional and completely working Vita 2000 in white.
  9. Realistically I would imagine that there are contracts in place that Microsoft would have to pay out if they don't honor anyway so again, I don't think they are keeping those games there out of pure altruism. If they felt the games were going to make more money than paying out the contract, they'd likely break them though I'd have to imagine a breach of contract lawsuit would follow and that is more trouble than its worth.
  10. I gotcha, has Ghostwire been confirmed as a VR title? I misread your statement as "it looks like an awful VR game" so that's my bad.;)
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