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  1. That assumes a lot about the quality of the final game, no? “Oh it’s just a shitty VR-like game so no big” is an oddly specific hill to climb on.
  2. Pretty much. If I make it three months before buying an Series X, I'll be shocked. I'll buy a Nintendo Switch Pro whenever they want to release that, too.
  3. If memory serves, Wario had noted that in-store allocation on the PS5 was in the 20 unites per store average with the digital units coming in far less in the 5-6 range. So I'm really curious to see the allocation amounts of the Series X and then how many Series S they are going to be putting out there. I'm guessing we're going to see a similar 70/30 to 80/20 split between the two that saw on the PS5/PS5DE.
  4. The easiest solution - buy them all. Removes any pesky access issues.;) I couldn't care less about corporate tribalism either. None of these companies gives a shit about us outside of the money they can extract from our wallets nor should they really. They aren't built to be altruistic, afterall. That's not to say they can't be forced to be better by our buying habits and competition.
  5. I think you're more likely to see Elder Scrolls 6 on Game Pass day one for 6 months before it hits Playstation 5. Timed exclusivity for the bigger releases makes sense. You get the Game Pass messaging, you get the exclusivity to maximize sales on your platform and you get the eventual money from Playstation 5 owners down the line.
  6. I will say that I would be ok with any of these companies buying Konami...cause well fuck Konami and the complete lack of give a fuck they have for their IP's.
  7. Fuck Sony for negotiating for Starfield exclusivity, too. In so far as my general feelings about this announcement, I'll reiterate what I said in the Avengers thread... I think there are definite positives here from a value proposition in terms of these games appearing on Game Pass day one (I would buy physical copies anyways so that value is lost to me, anyways but good for those that take advantage) and it absolutely makes sense for Microsoft as a Game Pass play. Otherwise, I'm not cheering on the possibility of several big franchises getting locked down to
  8. I'm the exact opposite. I play one game a time. I cannot hop from game to game on a dime as I feel like I'm short changing them by not giving them my undivided attention. Especially with story driven games. If I leave one for an extended period and can't remember where I left off? I'm pretty much starting it over from scratch so I tend to focus on them exclusively. No game gets started until I'm done with the current one, etc.
  9. I'm not looking to lessen the importance of Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team at From who have produced some of my absolute favorite experiences this generation but there are also plenty of studios out there that have taken on the Souls-like genre and succeeded in making their own worthwhile games. I would have confidence that a studio like Bluepoint could take the lessons learned from remaking the game that started the sub-genre from top to bottom and produce something worthwhile if From were not interested or available. Certainly, I would prefer to have Miyazaki at the helm (duh) but no, I'm no
  10. I'm not even sure how we're on this track of discussion but ok lol.
  11. There's a thread on Era begging Sony to buy Capcom and/or Konami in response. People actually begging for more of this.
  12. Yay just what we need. A console manufacturer becoming Disney. What could go wrong....
  13. I’ve no doubt some games will be made exclusive - if not 100%, then timed on Game Pass but yes, cutting out the revenue from multi-platform publishing would not be a smart business move when you spend 7.5 billion on a publisher. We’re not just talking a game developer or set of studios here. MS gets a cut of every sale for the games they sell now. Which is why I made the point to wait before making assumptions.
  14. I also wouldn’t make the assumption that Bethesda is now 100% exclusive now. We need to hear a lot more about the fallout of this including how autonomous Bethesda will be. Adjusted the thread title accordingly.
  15. Good to see it confirmed. I have a 4TB drive and plan to do just that when I get a Series X. I’m hoping the PS5 works the same as I have a 4TB drive for my Pro as well.
  16. Ellie has the explosive arrows. That shit levels the playing field greatly.:) Also, trap mines are a god send. Otherwise...
  17. Good interview with Richard about the S. Plenty of general next gen commentary.
  18. The director is Hiroshi Takai who handled The Last Remnant and Final Fantasy XIV. Nomura is seemingly not involved. https://square-enix-games.com/en_US/news/final-fantasy-xvi
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