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  1. It's not a movie you "like" in the sense that its fun to watch. I can understand why people dislike the movie. It's depressing and hard to watch given it has very little levity or any positive denouement by the time its credits are rolling. If anything, any moments of comedy are pretty uncomfortable. It's also pretty disturbing and deeply grounded to a rotting version of Gotham and its inhabitants. I think that's why comic book fans seem to dislike it most. Frankly, I think the movie is at its weakest when its trying to clumsily shoehorn in "Batman shit" if that makes sense. The argument would be well then why call it Joker? Why not? We've had a number of comic book interpretations of the character. Heath Ledger providing probably the definitive interpretation in "The Dark Knight" while balancing it in a real world crime drama. I think we have room in the world for an even more grounded and disturbing version of the character here in the Taxi Driver/King of Comedy mold. I ran through the same emotional gamut with Arthur throughout the film. You feel sorry for him, you want to hug him and then you're creeped out by him and finally you hate him and what society has made him by the end. I watched it again a few nights ago and its definitely a damned fine film.
  2. Yeah, you're right and I should have been more clear. Nintendo hasn't had a press conference presence for years, instead opting for their own Treehouse/Direct shows which is what most folks pay attention to in terms of E3 news. Having a booth presence is nice and all but when attendance is dwindling, its only a matter of time until that changes. Especially if Sony is on a path to ignoring the show. It's not really a surprise given Sony's penchant for putting on their own PSX shows (though usually closer to the end of the year). I'm curious if Sony goes back to that structure for their bigger press conference reveals with their Nintendo Direct like mini-shows throughout the year moving forward.
  3. Jason responding to a very reliable rumor making the waves that Sony will be skipping E3 again this year entirely in favor of their own event. With Nintendo not having attended an E3 for ages and the state of things - its looking like there is a greater de-emphasis on the show in general.
  4. Retro Fighters finally releasing their Dreamcast pad! The N64 Brawler they released is my go to controller for that system. I have a feeling I’ll be saying the same for this one...
  5. C9 is ~13ms for its gaming modes and ~6ms @120hz. LG’s statement in a vacuum is pretty nebulous without knowing if they are referring to 120hz performance on their new sets or what and in that regard it’s not too crazy to think that they can hit 4-5ms @120hz. The drop from 13hz for standard gaming modes is more impressive, sure but it’s been a focus for LG for the last few years to beat Samsung as the best gaming sets on the market.
  6. I mean the current LG sets are 11-13ms (in HDR mode to boot). It doesn’t sound too crazy to get input lag that low.
  7. Right. I am curious if even titles like Halo Infinite which will likely be the big draw release for their next gen consoles will also appear on the current X for example. I’m guessing yes but Microsoft has always been a little more reserved with Halo titles over the rest of their first party output. I mean a more simplified way to say this is we’re going to see more cross gen releases off the bat which I think everyone expects and not just from Microsoft either.
  8. Not to be pedantic but Phil Spencer has been relaying that strategy since the reveal of the S and then onward to the X. We’re seeing it play out with the Xbox brand right now even moreso with the supposed “low cost” alternative all digital S model with no drive that still rung in at a ridiculous $250 (it should have been $199 MAX). Along with the contract based payoff model for the hardware as well. The xCloud piece is new but then its also a big X factor alongside PS Now/Stadia due to the general resistance to streaming primarily due to the downsides that come along with it.(lag and PQ). Very little new info in all of those tweets, frankly. I’m mostly glad Microsoft wants to focus on making games. I’ve been wanting to see a renewed focus on that from them since the Kinect originally debuted. Hopefully the studio acquisitions they’ve made will bear fruit on the Series X. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have. Plan away to bring down all of the pricing barriers. I’m good with that but I worry that perception and pricing can very easily get out of control without the right messaging. It’s /hard/ to juggle multiple console SKU’s at the front end of a new generation without the market perceiving your most expensive product as the only one worth getting. It’s very hard to combat. Just ask Sony.
  9. Big Doom and Doom II patch for all platforms. 60fps Aspect Ratio control Add-On support including the two packs that make up Final Doom and Romero's recent "Sigil" release! ...and much much more. Bethesda has done some amazing work getting these to a place where they can be considered definitive console releases... https://bethesda.net/community/topic/369943/doom-doom-ii-patch-notes?language=en My only other wish would be for them to add the option to support the PSX color grading and soundtrack!
  10. Very good to see. As long as they don’t do some shitty bilinear smear filter along with it (doesn’t look like it). I have a hard time playing retro games without scanlines.:)
  11. The cards were always insanely juvenile even when it released and its definitely one of the most dated parts of the game along with its other implications. The Witcher series has never been shy about sex and certainly pushes objectification but by the third game it strikes a pretty strong balance, IMO. I actually like how the series overall deals with sex in the sense that its not some Mass Effect style "deal sealer". Shit just happens and you move on. By the third game the sorceress's are using Geralt every bit as much as he is using them (Keira Metz is a great example) and the choice you have to make between Yen and Triss is handled pretty well building on the history of the series and specifically Geralt's past with Yennefer. You also have the complexity of something like one of the early quests which shows an immense growth in maturity in tackling issues like domestic violence, abortion and other topics and not taking the "safe" route in how it resolves that quest line. There's more examples of that level of storytelling in the game which is why I happen to think its one of the most influential of the decade.
  12. *faints* It's fucking Revenge of Death Adder!! That is the proper sequel to Golden Axe that never got a damned home release. MINE MINE MINE. (Shinobi and Altered Beast are just icing on the cake)
  13. It’s how I’d look at anyone that expected some major reveal at CES.
  14. A note on the LG announcements - the C9 already supports HGiG game mode. I would imaging the B and E series do as well. Though it’s an option under dynamic contrast and not a full mode which may be what LG are referring to. On the TCL front...
  15. Vizio’s new P Series unveiled at CES with 790+ zones of FALD with Quantum Dot filter. Also adds an 85’ monitor with a 3k peak nit brightness. Also, they showed their first OLED model. The FALD set will support HDR, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision and HLG (no word on the OLED). Also full HDMI 2.1 spec with ALLM, VRR support with support for 120hz panels for both. Input lag below 15ms according to Vizio
  16. I’m never one to stymie a good technical TV discussion.;) We’ll blame Joey!
  17. I think Joey’s intention is to discuss TV shows in the thread, @AlbertA
  18. I owned and used my B6 for three years and binged hours of games and content and never had anything more than mild image retention at best. I ran the clear panel noise option once every 4-5 months and let the TV do it’s regular compensation cycle every time it powers off. The IR I did experience was less visible than what I used to get on my VT50 Panny Plasma. It disappeared much quicker, too. Im babying my current C9 primarily because it’s mostly new, it’s the first 200 hours of content and I have a pro calibration happening in April. I’ve dialed the settings in and just blasted through 30 hours of The Witcher 2 (a large bulk of that over 2 days) in SDR with HUD elements everywhere and nothing. I stopped and watched some full screen DV content in between just to give myself a break (Our Planet on Netflix). Regardless, not a hint of IR or burn-in. Use common sense and you have nothing to worry about, Calvin.
  19. Witcher 2 all done. I couldn’t put it down....again.:) It’s held up wonderfully even years later and despite juggernaut that was Witcher 3. More thoughts later. It’s late and I’m tired.
  20. Number three added. Finished up a replay of Witcher 2 on the X.
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