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  1. I’ve wanted Suspiria on UHD but $40 for the disc is just too much.
  2. “Our Planet” on Netflix in 4K, Dolby Vision is a damned incredible sight to behold. My goodness.
  3. The 310 is a ghost. I’ve been looking at multiple sources for it and have only seen one on offer in two years and that one was in Philly for stupid money. I have seen the set in person and it’s lovely but frankly it doesn’t touch a proper PVM/BVM in terms of crispness/sharpness just by nature of the limited lines of horizontal resolution (which usually maxes out at 400-450). I “settled” for the FV300 which is the model right below the 310 and is practically identical except for the lack of the high voltage regulator for my “big” CRT and it produces a wonderful picture.. The regulator is why the 310 is so sought after as it eliminates bloom, color bleed and picture distortion which gives the set a more PVM/BVM look. However, the FV300 cost me $20 bucks while the FV310 will cost much much more and if you’re going to put real money towards a CRT spend it on a quality 800 line PVM/BVM. A 20M4U will run between $500-$700 while the top of the line Sony 20F1U 900 line BVM or the 20L5 PVM can run into the $900-$1200 range but they are also Multi-Format and can handle 480p, 720p and 1080i. The 14L5 is more common and can be had for $450. It’s a great little set! I have two 14’ units and I *love* them but as I said, I want a good 20’ to settle down with. I honestly don’t know if I’d keep the FV300 at that point as 20’ is perfect size wise (smaller screen = better image, IMO) from my seating distance.
  4. My first game of 2020 complete!
  5. Maybe outside of the scope of discussing next gen consoles but I remember there being a ton of consternation about the mid-gen refresh consoles we got this generation but I’ve been thinking on that for the last week and looking at the quality of games we’ve seen in the last two years and I legitimately struggle to think where we would be if we had not gotten the Pro and the X. We’re still getting very competent releases more often than not on base consoles but the truly amazing stuff we’ve seen has been thanks to the additional power of the Pro/X. I personally have no issues with a mid-gen refresh strategy (and lauded both Sony and MS for pursuing the strategy) moving forward but I would also hope that it would extend the life of the console generation another year or two given how powerful these systems are anymore. While I’m super excited to see what comes next, I wouldn’t be losing my mind if we had to wait until 2021 for new consoles. Obviously that’s not happening but it’s more of a meta statement about the future. ...and @Starhawk - that’s a good post and pretty much where I was heading with the “this may all be bullshit” comment. The thirst for info is a little to real right now.:)
  6. PS4 without question. Base Xbox lags pretty rough on most multi-plats at this point. Lower resolution, more framerate issues, etc. Higher tier consoles it flips, the X is usually in pole position outside of some rare instances.
  7. I love how disruptive TCL is with their performance/price ratio. 75inch for $3k and it’s mini-LED.
  8. Yep the intro movie is pretty much the Adda/Foltest/Striga episode.:) Adda plays a big role in the first game, too. Remember the games are basically sequels to the books.
  9. MvC cab would be great. I still want X-Men the Arcade game and I’d faint if they got the Sega license.
  10. Halfway through Chapter 2 after a good two days of solid play time and I’m definitely feeling the love all over again. Following the Iorveth path (the better path!) and I’m reminded how much I love the world, the politicking and the general flow of the quests. Totally loved Flotsam and exploring the forests again. It’s pretty great replaying it with the context of the show filling in some gaps for the books and the game on the X just looks lovely. I managed to correct some of my early mistakes when I first played the game this time around. The troll quest went much better and I got the Hunter armor really early on (it’s better than the Kayran armor you get much later in Act 1). I also got the jagged blade as well which makes things much easier in Act 2. @JoeyN I’ll give you the same advice I gave to Jeff. Try the first game and see if it works for you. It has not aged well and the combat system is a slog. If it’s not to your liking, watch a plot synopsis and move right into Witcher 2 which picks up a few weeks after and has very little to do with the first game story wise outside of the setup in the first games finale. You’ll recognize the king in the prologue for 2 after watching the show.:)
  11. Romier's Completed Games of 2020 Monthly Additions: 1/1/2020 - Elevator Action Returns (Sega Saturn) 1/1/2020 - Shinobi III Return of the Ninja Master (Sega Genesis) 1/4/2020 - The Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings (Xbox One X) 1/12/2020 - Bare Knuckle 3 (Japanese release of Streets of Rage 3) (Sega Genesis) 1/18/2020 - Blazing Chrome (Normal Mode) (Xbox One X) 1/18/2020 - Snatcher (Sega CD) 2/10/2020 - Metal Slug (PS4 Pro) 2/14/2020 - Metal Slug XX (PS4 Pro) Grand Total: 8 Newly Completed: Elevator Action Returns (Sega Saturn) Shinobi III Return of the Ninja Master (Sega Genesis) Bare Knuckle 3 (Japanese release of Streets of Rage 3) (Sega Genesis) Blazing Chrome (Normal Mode) (Xbox One X) Snatcher (Sega CD) 2/14/2020 - Metal Slug XX (PS4 Pro) Replayed Games: The Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings (Xbox One X) Metal Slug (PS4) Currently Playing/On Deck: Aladdin (Sega Genesis) Snatcher (Sega CD) Death Stranding (PS4 Pro) Outer Worlds (Xbox One X) Concrete Genie (PS4 Pro) River City Girls (PS4 Pro/Switch) Valfaris (PS4 Pro) Children of Morta (PS4 Pro) 2005 = 34 2006 = 23 2007 = 33 2008 = 21 2009 = 33 2010 = 36 2011 = 33 2012 = 27 2013 = 33 2014 = 38 2015 = 24 2016 = 23 2017 = 23 2018 = 38 2019 = 37
  12. I binged all of “You” Season 2 today. The show is just utterly silly trash and I love it! Seriously it just goes to totally bonkers places by the end but it’s compelling as hell and a damned treat to watch. The supporting cast around Joe is even better this season. Highly recommended if you dug Season 1.
  13. “You” Season 2 is up. I enjoyed the first season immensely. Definitely going to give this a watch.
  14. It will likely cost a small planet, too. It seems Microsoft is just skipping right to the mid-gen refresh at launch which is certainly forward thinking. It’s also why they are working on a cheaper “Lockhart” version. I truly question whether they are going to price the Series X out of the mass market and if they’ve “over learned” the lessons of the X and Pro. The One X and Pro proved that a subset of gamers are willing to pay a premium for more powerful machines but I do think there is a limit to how much of a premium gamers, specifically console gamers are willing to dole out when a vast majority of games are invariably going to be developed for multi-platform release. If Microsoft have their own $599 moment here, I fear the lesson will be the same as the one Sony learned with the PS3. Remember that the PS3 also had its own “cheaper” version at $499 and it still took them years to reduce cost and get the machine to a mass market friendly price. That along with a stellar library of exclusives. If Sony is indeed moving forward with a power/price balance and achieve a $399 price point while delivering a powerful machine with the specs covered things will get interesting. It should be noted that the specs discussed for the PS5 in that video are still insanely powerful and a remarkable leap from where we are today! Richard is keen to say it often but it bears repeating - a teraflop in today’s consoles is not apples to apples with a teraflop being discussed with these new consoles. It’s a specious comparison. Though I’m curious to see what Microsoft puts out there with “Lockhart” and maybe they’ll surprise on the price front for Series X. Sony shocked me in the past with the pricing for the Vita as an example. A $499 Series X will be quite the value indeed! Caveat: All of these leaks might be bullshit.;)
  15. The TV show got me in the mood to revisit the games and while the Witcher 3 is an enormous undertaking I may do in the near future for a replay, part 2 is just the right length. So I started up a new play through on the X today and am midway through Flotsam. I’m just loving this world all over again! Especially with the show giving some of the events spoken about some context. It also spotlights the downright sorcery that is X enhanced titles.... I’m not ashamed to say the the backwards compatibility on the Series X and the prospect of further enhanced 360/OG Xbox titles is probably the biggest reason I’ll spend money on one.
  16. Great finale! Even better, this brilliant human made a synth wave version of the Mandalorian theme .....
  17. I’m in the same waiting game. Having upgraded to the C9 OLED, I can’t justify a new receiver until we start to see some 2.1 receivers at affordable prices.
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