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  1. It's going to be tough getting through this work day. I'm seeing the 7pm EST show. I already have the limited edition stormtrooper 3D glasses ready to go. I can't believe I get to see Han,Chewie, Luke and Leia on the big screen again. I'm as excited as I was when 8 year old me got to see Jedi for he first time 32 years ago.
  2. Think i'm gonna pass on this one..I've got Dragon Age and GTAV next gen to look forward too next week!
  3. I got the chance to play the alpha last night for about 35 minutes..Great atmosphere, controls very similar to the souls games. They need to fix the frame rate, its pretty choppy at times but they have lots of time to do that. Overall great first impression of the game. Very much looking forward to it.
  4. I went to the Sony e3 experience and still have not received a code..oh well. I'll just have to stick with your impressions and wait until September I guess. However if anyone does receive a code today that they are not going to use feel free to PM me and I'd be ever so grateful.
  5. I'm downloading the PC version now..I really had a ton of fun with the beta so I expect more of the same. I'll get my $60 worth and then some for sure..that frame rate in the gif above is atrocious..
  6. The environments look amazing..Frostbite 3 really is going to make this a beautiful game. I can't wait to see some gameplay and story.
  7. I've been playing all weekend on pc and the burn cards are a great addition. I've gotten a couple now that let me start the match with different titans. I'm a COD fan so this definitely feels right. Might even push me to pick up an xb1
  8. Nice job Romier..I see i'm the only Canuck on your list..I'll have to give it some more effort this weekend and see how I do...On another note I really hope they let me change my PSN name sometime soon..I need to go back to SeriousCrayon
  9. I ordered from bestbuy back in June and they didn't even ship the unit out to me for today so I went to Walmart and picked one up no problem. They had a bunch in stock. I cancelled my bestbuy order since they can't ship when promised. so far its very quick and Killzone is pretty enjoyable..downloading ghosts, it said 5 hours for the download but it was done in about 1 hour.
  10. 8.1 is up on the store front today if you have 8 its a free upgrade. I'm installing it now.
  11. So here's a random event that happened to me early on with Michael.. $100,000 in stock to some company. So now I've got over $100,000 and haven't even met Trevor yet..It's random events like this that I love!!
  12. I'm in, looking forward to another year!
  13. unlocked my steam copy over lunch and played for a little bit..just a beauty of a game and it's very much Bioshock. I just got the skyhook and had to get back to work. I did notice that the game would pause for a split second every few minutes and not sure if its my setup or the older Nvidia drivers so I'll test it out in a couple of hours when I'm done work.
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