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  1. Disappointed in pricing. $199 would have been a sure buy, $250 not so sure now. $250 for basically a rehashed gamecube with new box and controller? No way. Thats extreme double-dipping. Disappointed in only 1 controller, its being advertised as a group gaming console and they only put one controller in? Don't care about the launch date. The nintendo site on the Wii says 802.11 wireless or a wired lan via a usb lan adaptor. Aka, if you want wired lan you need to pay more money for something that costs pennies to add to devices these days. Unless some new piece of info comes out that absolutely grabs me I'll wait till discounts or price drops.
  2. Unless they are going to sell a motion sensing suit, there is no way you would be able to control much where you stand, if that were the case you could charge the mound and turn the baseball game into a sword fighting game. Then you'd be double screwed.
  3. Good grief indeed that you didn't get it. People are all excited about possibility of a light saber game. I'm saying I don't see how it will be fun without being able to have some sort of feedback that contact took place. Maybe a rumble will be enough for some but now that we are entering the area of actually going through the motions and having it translate into onscreen movement of a sword (or bat or racket), I still am not convinced it will be any but gimmicky. Sure they'll try to make it rumble and it will let out a swoosh sound or something but still when you swing you will be swinging through, not stopping as if you hit something. Obviously its impossible without actually hitting something, no shit, but still I don't see how it will be anymore more than you moving your hand controlling an onscreen straight colored line. I could see this working fine for a baseball/tennis game. You swing the controller, you get a rumble and a crack sound upon impact with the digital ball, it could detect whether you actually followed threw with the swing or if you just stopped. If you follow through it would react as if you actually hit a ball, the rumble could be of a specific force that you actually felt like you hit the ball. Thats easy to do, but a sword swinging and interacting with another sword on the screen I just don't see how they will get the feel down since you OBVIOUSLY cannot stop the swing unless you want to pretend you hit something and stop it yourself. So lets say you don't stop, you continue the sword swing, how does the game interpret your moves? Because now the sword is on the other side of the guy but he clearly blocked you, so now what? You bring your arms back again to block him but according to the game sensors your arms would technically be BEHIND the guy, not in front of him. All of your motion would place your physical arms down and beyond the target making it next to impossible to either to another slashing sword like swing or block because your hands are pointing your virtual sword down at the ground because you swung. The ONLY way a sword game would work would be if either the player stops the swing around the same time as the game shows the results or the game ignores all input after a block to allow the user to reposition himself for the next imput. Baseball, football, tennis are easy, they aren't continuous imput games. You swing, throw etc and then thats it. the ball needs to be reset for the next input, but with a sword game its a continuous input that never gets reset until one side stops fighting.
  4. How are you going to be able to do lightsaber (or any type of sword on sword fighting) without any type of feedback that you hit something. You swing, connect with another sword, but there is no way to build in resistance to your swing to stop the follow-thru. That is where the fun is in sword fighting, the clang and feel of hitting something. The feedback just won't be there and I don't see how it ever will be. With a light gun its easy, you shoot and see the result, but with something that NEEDS contact feedback it just won't work right.
  5. Its not adapting to the number of buttons that's a problem it's the speed of using an analog stick as opposed to a flick of the wrist with a mouse.
  6. Its because the control is horrible on consoles. Same reason FPS's don't work really well on consoles either.
  7. Its REALLY hard to find. Just about all the stores online have it out of stock and my local best buy etc stores don't have it. I ended up ordering it from best buy online though. I was hoping to pick it up used but no one seems to have the really good ds games used.
  8. I too got my router to work with the ds lite the day after I posted about having problems. My problem was my router crashed and got in some funky state that when I tried to flash to the latest linksys firmware it locked up. Ughh...after I finally got it set back up and rebooted everything worked fine.
  9. I too picked up my lite sunday from circuit city. They had about 2 dozen in stock and no one around. I had a coupon from papajohns for $10 off and $5 off games. So i got the ds for 10 off and 3 games for 5 off each. I'm having problems setting up the wifi though. I've got a linksys wrt54g running wep. I changed it to be mixed type wireless. It found my router ssid ok, but when putting in the network password it would right away say it was wrong. Although it is correct, I have a laptop setup working fine. So as an experiment I disabled security and the ds connected just fine. Obviously I don't want to leave my network open. Anyone have any suggestions? I also tried just switching it to B only and it didn't connect. I think I know what I'm doing, when it asks for the pass key its not asking for the word that was used to create the wep key is it? Its actually asking for the hex values in the first line of the key itself? (lame if true).
  10. I finished it the other day, I thought it was very good but way to short. No way was that 6 hours. 3 maybe, possibly 4 but not 6.
  11. I tried it for about 30 minutes yesterday and it is a blast, but I had a lot of problems initially. The sound stuttering bug was back (first popped up in the first release of HL2 then they fixed it). I also crashed hard within the first few minutes. There was supposedly a new driver for creative labs audigy 2 that I didn't know about. After upgrading seems to be a lot more stable. Don't you love when all of your games work fine until a new one comes out that just doesn't work at all because of some driver glitch?
  12. Just went up to a target near me in Austin and they didn't have any. No lite and no normal which makes me think they had lite and sold out. Oh well.
  13. I'm planning on getting a DS-lite. I skipped the first one, but the smaller brighter one looks great. Plus I want to play the new mario.
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