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  1. Played the hell outta Destiny. Prob more than any game in my entire gaming history. Story absolutely sucked ass. The gameplay, and gunplay, and that "feel" that's so hard to explain to non gamers, they cranked right outta the park. I preordered D2. What can say except, I hope they've improved everything they fucked up with D1. Looking forward to the beta, big time.
  2. Just got 100% completion tonight. Been running on very hard the past week, and still not finding it difficult. I just use blast tripcaster, sometimes, but mostly use my hunters lodge blast sling. Hit everything with some triple notched impact arrows, and usually it takes care of everything. That special armor makes even very hard, average. Sometimes I'll get fancy and use the rope caster, and varying traps but, that's just to have fun. Now the probably long wait for dlc. Awesome game!!!
  3. I only have about half that number of tracks. It was what was on the soundtrack for the collectors edition of the game. Where do you get the full 24 tracks at?
  4. Not sounding good at this point. Is this still the same Bioware team that made the first 3 Mass Effects, or KOTOR, even? Personally, I never really found the gameplay to be all that special in any of the games but, it was the writing, and the stories, that kept me going. If most of those peeps moved on to other devs/games, this could be why this is sucking, so far. Perhaps the writers aren't anywhere up to the level of previous teams? If so, definitely going to be a pass. If the opening is this hated, it just doesn't really bode well, to me anyway, that the rest of the game will be great. On the radar, but definitely waiting for reviews, and absolutely zero chance of pre order.
  5. An expansion to the game is already in the works!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.vgchartz.com/article/267721/horizon-zero-dawn-sales-top-26-million-units-worldwide/?utm_source=zergnet.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zergnet_1547927 Read the last line from the managing director at Guerilla Games, himself. Can't wait...
  6. On the fence about this game. I played the first trilogy, and by the time I got to the last game, I was bored with it. Not sure about more of the same...
  7. They just put out a little hotfix type of patch, to address the fact that you previously could only use the land based vehicles ONLY on the planet your home base was on. Now, you supposedly can use the vehicles on any planet you land on. I keep wanting to go back to this game, especially now that it's shaping up to be quite a bit better than at release but, there's too many other better games to play. I think Elite Dangerous, if it ever comes out for PS4, will steal any and all thunder from NMS. For myself, if Elite ends up supporting PSVR, I'll never go back to NMS.
  8. Far better hunting skills than I. Congrats! Still have yet to face the Thunderjaw. Ive been near a few but, slipped by unseen.
  9. Wow! I still play The Division regularly. Wonder why I didn't get that massive patch? I even gave it a test drive to see if there were any improvements in beast/boost mode. Didn't really notice anything. Still, that patch size is crazy. Had you downloaded any of the dlc's previously?
  10. Even when you hit R1? Don't you have to actually scan them with the focus, then select R1 to tag them? Haven't had any real glitches so far.
  11. I do decently at fighting / hunting, but damn those hunting trials. I kinda suck at them. Gives me something to try and improve. The log killing thing has been a real bitch for me. Still haven't passed it but, I haven't tried again since several levels ago. Would like to rise up in the ranks of the Hunters Lodge.
  12. Excellent!!! I hope they've kept boost mode, aka beast mode, in the update.
  13. Finally made it to Meridian. When I passed over into Carja territory, it was night. While walking the road to Meridian, the sun rose, and the glow of the light, and the mist in the valley, was amazing looking. Aside from the awesome gameplay, I spend a stupid amount of time just gawking at the sights. Lots of use out of the picture mode! I know it's extremely early but, I want DLC!!!! .....at least I'm hoping for it. Lol
  14. Made it to level 22, and passed over into the Carja territory. Saved at the first fire in. Looking forward to exploring this new area. Enjoyed the drastic difference in flavor, down in the crucible. Can't wait to see Meridian!
  15. Damn it. I need to try this again. Haven't touched it since getting a bit nauseous each time I played. Still only at the attic part.
  16. Got back into this a little over a month ago. Day 1 player but bailed after finishing the main storyline, due to not much else to do. A lot of people did the same. Much better game, now that they've patched it several times, added in new modes of play, and recently doubled the size of the dark zone. Been enjoying it quite a bit. Still a pretty vibrant community behind it.
  17. I saved just before The Proving, last night. My inventory is getting pretty full since I'm collecting everything I can grab. I think you can kill animals and make larger pouches to increase inventory...??? Haven't dug too deep yet into the crafting part.
  18. It did for me. The visuals took a step up clarity. Not quite as muddy as they are on the vanilla PS4.
  19. I guess I'm the one to dissent. The Nemesis system is a really cool idea but, for whatever reason, it fell totally flat on me as nothing more than a gimmick. Finished the previous game with mostly button mashing, and little regard to the Nemesis effects. Just muscled my way through the whole thing. Been into LotR, long before it became the industry it is now. Read The Hobbit in 6th grade, then did the main trilogy in Jr High. Fell in love with it. I'm up for pretty much any well done 'Rings game, so I'll definitely be jumping into this but, I just wish that the Nemesis 'thing' made more of an impact on me. Hell...I can't even figure out exactly why it didn't. Think I remember even reading some of the posts on here where some of you guys were playing different orcs off of each other, and making it almost like a game of chess. Again; not really sure why that didn't happen for me.
  20. I'm SERIOUSLY hoping that they do Elite Dangerous for the PSVR. For me, that'll be the killer app for it. I still am really happy I got the system but, it spends most of it's time just sitting there since there really isn't anything that interests me at this point in time. Still haven't gotten around to trying to beat the first mini boss encounter in RE7. I've never played Psychonauts. Didn't realize there was a VR version of it. Cool to know.
  21. I'm playing on a lowly 1080p Sharp 71" monitor, and damn!!! I thought Uncharted 4 was gorgeous, but even at this very early stage in my play through, Uncharted 4 just got dethroned as the best looking PS4 game, imho. I'm playing this on the PS4 Pro, and it's just jaw dropping. Seriously. I didn't know that there was going to be 2 choices for those of us on 1080. I chose the one for higher performance, but with more graphical effects. Not too far into it, but really liking what I've experienced so far. I'm getting torn between this, and the latest large expansion/patch drop for The Division, which came out this morning.
  22. Thanks for the link. Was wondering how people got into that group. Just signed up. Would love to try out the boost mode!!!
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