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  1. That's right about where I'm at. Feel bad that I haven't paid much attention to this game, since quitting sometime at the end of last summer. Just haven't been motivated to play it. I think I'm even pretty close to the same level you're at. Not sure if I'm ever going to finish it, especially since I have both expansions sitting there as well. Maybe return to it someday in the future....
  2. Just got in the house. Gotta admit, I'm a bit nauseated from the VR already. Maybe not touching it since the first week available has lowered my "VR legs"? Maybe I need to adjust the settings for the camera movement. Been using smooth instead of the angles. Creepy as hell though!
  3. That hell game is Agony. Looks incredible. Doubt my pc can do it proper service. Take a look at Scorn, as well. Bizarre Giger-esq nightmare thing.
  4. I've noticed a few times where the little mini PS4 box doesn't shut off. That's after the main unit has been off for quite a long time.
  5. Boy, this thing as gone though a ton of changes since first announced. Wasn't it a cool looking bounty hunter game, several years ago? Totally agree on the System Shockiness of how it's turning out, which is never a bad thing. Can't wait for the completely remastered version of System Shock that's currently being worked on. Keeping an eye out on Prey since seeing this demo. I just hope that they add some headbob, or something else to lessen that super smooth camera effect. Don't know why but, it takes me out of the gameplay a bit when you're made to feel like a disembodied camera with arms.
  6. Definitely a buy for me. Glad to hear that there's going to be a good amount of image improvements for those of us still at 1080p, but playing on a Pro.
  7. HELL YES!!!! Wanted that since the orig on the orig Playstation.... Imagine that cockpit view plus the PSVR??!?!? Damn.....
  8. Just finished this last night. Was hoping that there was some sort of new game plus but, there wasn't so...I started a new game with the daughter. I hope like hell I didn't erase that previous games data!!!! Figures...this is so "me".
  9. Sitting and thinking of the story; my personal opinion on why it's called The Last Guardian, and who that is exactly.
  10. Destiny - sort of. Dishonored 2 The Last Guardian Inside
  11. I really wish they'd make a complete VR Star Wars game where you fly an x-wing, or Millennium Falcon. I had a game, way back in the day on the PC, where you did exactly that. Can't remember what it was called. Or hell, even a tie fighter would be great. I'm more Sith than Jedi, anyhow.
  12. Getting closer to the end, I think. Everything was going pretty incredible until I had to drop food barrels for him. Holy fucking frustration Batman... Drop barrel, accidentally pushes away, throw barrel, bounces off his head, try to hold barrel with feet/body, gets pushed away...all different angles, again and again and again, ad nauseum. About 20 min worth of this. I ad to quit. And for whatever reason, as soon as I picked the game back up, he ate the barrels no problem. Head scratcher. Anyhow, just finished it. I'm emotionally spent. Lol. As with many games, don't quit until after the ending credits play out, and the game flat out states; The End. Never felt such a bond with a video game companion, ever. They sure hit that outta the park! I wonder if we'll ever get another similar game from this dev team....
  13. Further in and I'm hating the camera and controls more. I do agree that, for me, Trico is not an issue. He generally does everything I ask, and he seems to have a decent idea of what to do when I don't. Very very lifelike creature! I've heard so many people say that the last portion of the game is just awesome. I can't wait to see it!!! Personally, at this point, I put Colussus and Ico above this game. I have to finish this to get a better idea if it will stay as my least favorite of the three.
  14. I think the camera really is pretty damn frustrating. Played both Ico and Colossus, and don't remember being this unhappy with the camera. Also don't like how the kid either tip toes very slowly, or does a full on run. Would like a bit of a middle ground walk. Nit picking, for sure but, it bugs me. I'm still pretty early into it. Just had my very first run in with those warriors, that are shown in many pre release trailers so, not spoiler territory. Looking forward into playing this much more! Awesome sound design. Totally nails the atmosphere, once again.
  15. It starts to wear on me as well, after awhile. Still get some nausea here n there. But the immersion factor is just tremendous. It's seriously night and day from traditional gaming, that I can't consider it a gimmick. I think it's here to stay, as well. PSVR just needs its "killer app" to really get things going. That could be Elite Dangerous, if they end up supporting PSVR.
  16. And if there were any reasons left to invest in playing No Mans Sky, they just disappeared for me. Hell yes!!!! Only thing that would be even better is if one of the ways they're going to make use of the Pro, is to support VR.
  17. I haven't finished the demo yet. Was actually stressing me out a bit, so I quit. Lol First time that's ever happened. VR is a whole new experience for horror. Zero exaggeration.
  18. I read a review where the reviewer said that the last 90 min or so, made the entire game worth it. Curious to see what happens!
  19. I've played many horror games over the years. Some decently made me apprehensive, most others...meh. Fun...but just not scary due to the face that I'm sitting on my couch, and everything is happening in a 2d space on a screen several feet away from me. Takes some of the immediacy away from the game. VR....damn....what a whole different experience!! Nothing like being dumped right into that creepy ass house...
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