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  1. I'll bet it is really cool! I'm just not buying the full game to just play that mission. If they do a complete game in VR, where you're an x-wing pilot...HELL YEAH!!!!
  2. Haven't done a Turismo game in years. Have they included damage modeling yet? Can't remember what the last one I played was. Hmmm. Actually, I think the last console racer I did was Project Gotham 3.
  3. I can concur. After doing the in depth calibration through the main PS4 menu, everything with the VR unit was acting bizarre. Did a full reboot of the system, and everything was fine. I'm all over that Star Wars game!!! My mind is totally blown because just a day or two ago, I saw the trailer for the new movie, and thought it would be cool as hell if they did a VR game from inside an X Wing. And wouldn't you know it: here is exactly that!!!! Lol Nevermind. I see it's just a free dlc for the non VR full game. Well, so much for that.
  4. Collectors edition arrives Thursday. Gotta work but, hopefully I can get some time in. I read that there's no support for the Pro shown on the box. Is that true? Could've swore I read that this game was supposed to support the Pro.
  5. Thanks for the update on pinball. I'll have to check that out. I hardly touch my VR unit since there's still not much out there I want. Still happy to have it. Just waiting on the first must have game.
  6. Glad I checked my VERY old preorder on amazon. It was still for the PS3 version. Doh!! Anyhow, jumped and preordered the collectors edition. Hope it's as good as his last 2 games.
  7. I threw this game in last night for a revisit. Biggest thing is the base building, which I didn't get into at all. Apparently you can buy a freighter and build a base inside of it, so this means you have a base that travelers with you, I suppose. When I was asked by the captain of a freighter I just saved from pirates, if I'd like to buy his ship, the in game documentation said you can turn it into a base. Sounds cooler than having one planet based. Graphics seems a bit better. There were new sound effects. Explosions seemed meatier, and the friendly ship ai's helped with fighting off pirates. The freighter armadas still just sit there doing nothing, at this point. There were a bunch of new elements I farmed. Most seemed the rare exotic type. Couldn't mine titanium anymore. Was told I needed an advanced mining tool. Can't remember what I was I trying to pick up, but I couldn't without some sort of special gauntlets. Guess it's a start...for a finished game that's been out for months. Cough on the "finished" part.
  8. Honestly, if they came out and simply upgraded the game to take advantage of the PS4 Pro, and added in full PSVR support, I'd be all over this...again. Would be freaking awesome in VR.
  9. Got this on PS4 Pro. Been enjoying it a good bit. If you're an old "Thief" fan, as I am, it's pretty awesome hearing the voice of Stephen Russell, aka Garret, voicing Corvo. Definitely feeling a Thief vibe here! The Clockwork level, level 4, is a masterwork in level design. When you get to the mansion, and start exploring, you'll see why. Very impressive in how it all works. The couple of reviews I've read that try to give an idea of the length of the game, fell far short for me. Saw mostly 12-16 hours depending on how you play. I'm at about 20, and I just finished the Clockwork level. I search everything, and slowly make my way through, not skipping anything. If you don't look and explore everything, you'll miss pretty big pieces of a level, not to mention I like to steal everything not nailed down. Lol Need the cash in the game! There is definitely a serious amount of lore baked into this game. Pretty much everyone, and everything, is given a lot of thought in their place in the game world, and is presented to the player by way of mission briefings, and all the books, letters, etc, that you find as you slink your way through the world. My only gripe, and it in no way ruins the game, is that I really hate the fact that I'm just a floating camera with arms. I honestly like being able to cast a shadow, and look down and see my body. Destiny kind of ruined me with its outstanding character model, and then simply placing the camera viewpoint into your models head. Just a further attachment into the world. Although some of that unattached feeling is toned down by your sounds as you move around. You'll see what I mean. If I wasn't out of town for the holiday, I'd be back at the game. Gotta wait until Sunday to dive back in.
  10. Is there any way to change the controls in that demo? I tried it earlier but, damn...the whole thing controls backwards from what I usually do. Couldn't find any control options. Stopped playing after a couple minutes.
  11. I'll have to throw in TLoU, when I get a chance. Didn't know it had a Pro enhancement.
  12. I kept getting the entire transfer process to fail. Extraordinarily frustrating!! My old ps4 would stop connecting to the wifi, then it would shut off when asked to press button for 1 second, then it would tell me that the lan cable wasn't connected, then on the rare occasion it would pass all of that, I'd get a fail error message when it would initially try to xfer the info. Always with me this goofy shit happens. Didn't work until I connected both consoles to my router with ethernet cables. Giving my old PS4 to a buddy of mine that can't afford much.
  13. Same here. My hdtv is 1080p only. I don't care much at this point. Looking forward to the Pro. Should be arriving tomorrow!
  14. I was so excited to FINALLY play a driving game in VR!!! Been doing racing games since the paddle wheel controllers on the Atari 2600, and was so seriously looking forward to the day where I could actually be IN the car, and only have to turn my head left/right, to see out the windows. Man...did this demo ruin all that.... Not only is the nausea real, the graphics, other than the interior of the car, really suck ass due to the low resolution. I did one race, and done. Hoping that the next VR enabled Gran Turismo, coupled with a PS4 Pro, finally gives that experience I've been waiting for, since I was a kid.
  15. I had weird tracking problems after doing the more in depth calibration from the settings menu in the PS4. Everything acting kind of wonky so, I simply rebooted the PS4, and everything has been fine since, and that was back on launch day. Really wish that Sony would realize that not everyone has their PS4 sitting right next to their tv. Like others here, I have an actual home theater setup, and my components are behind me, and the tv way out in front. The cable that goes from the PS4 to the camera, is woefully short. Even after buying the extension cable, it's still hard for me to put the camera in a primo place. It currently has to sit on the end of my coffee table, about 4 feet out in front of me. Not the best but, it's been working ok so far. Preordered Robinson: The Journey. Hoping that it's good! Got the PS4 Pro coming as well, and I hope to see some PSVR improvement as well. Not sure what but, hopefully it is a superior experience to it being hooked up the vanilla PS4.
  16. I've finished the game twice now. Damn!!!!! Yep, I can truly say I wasn't prepared for that final act. WTF!?!?!? LOL. That was.....disturbing... Killer vibe throughout the whole experience. Just friggin awesome. If I could only find a soundtrack for it. Guess they haven't released it yet. Took them about a year after Limbo, for that to get an official release. Still looking for secrets I've missed.
  17. The prison under Toluca Lake, is still one of the most harrowing places I've ever visited in a videogame. Every time I'd descend even lower into it, I'd have this feeling of complete dread.
  18. Just started playing this a couple days ago. Completely forgot this was even being made, and would've totally missed out if it wasn't for you guys. Thanks!!!! Killer game so far! Loved Limbo so, figured this would be a keeper too. Not sure how far into it I am but, I've been getting serious Half Life 2 vibes. Not really sure what the story is so far but, definitely liking the odd, dystopian vibe I'm getting.
  19. Sold on it as well here. I'll have to try the Rez demo. Second the thoughts that's there's just nothing like actually being in the environment for that sense of scale. As for watching cinema on it, I haven't tried that yet but, I did play a little bit of Destiny on it, just to see how it is with a non VR game. The massive virtual screen is cool but, it's way too pixelated for me. The VR just doesn't have the rezz in this unit. I'm guessing it would be similar for movies. Hopefully, the nausea goes away, in time, as you get used to playing in VR. I'm still feeling it slightly, and it's been just over 2 hours since I shut it off.
  20. Ok....who's nauseous at this point????? Was fine until I did that demo where you're in the scarab-like tank, jumping on asteroids. Eww boy....they should've made your arms in the game, slightly green, if you know what I mean. Lol Other than that, I was thrilled that this has nothing like that old VR from the early 90's, where you're damn near cross eyed, trying to look at the screen. Very very comfortable unit, this is. Eyes can relax and look out into the virtual space. Graphically, not overly impressed but, it's does a good job for not being a higher end unit like the Vive or Oculus. I think the PSVR2, matched to a PS5, will be pretty killer. I hope this catches on so that future can become reality. The shark encounter was great!
  21. My home theater room is almost pitch black with the lights off, and it's dark here at the moment, anyhow. So, I just got home from work, (midnights SUCK), went to sit in my chair, and just about sat on my surprise: Wife somehow managed to get me the PSVR launch bundle. Had no idea! Gotta hand it to her. Very nice surprise. She even threw in the Turtle Beach Stealth 350vr headset.
  22. I have the soundtracks to both Ico, and SotC. Still listen to them from time to time. Amazing how just the music can bring back all the wonderful memories of playing those 2 games. Wouldn't it be an amazing surprise if both were packaged with The Last Guardian, completely remastered to take advantage of PS4? LOL...hey, I can dream can't I?
  23. I have the Ps4 Pro on pre order, but couldn't get in on the PsVR. Hopefully sometime in the near-ish future.
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