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  1. Never let anyone walk into the light alone. One time, the companion did a heart shape in the snow before we walked into the light... Corny, but was a moment I remember.
  2. I mined and searched for new ships, for about a week: literally, on the same planet. Was mentally not very fun. lol BUT...I got my 48 slot ship, and over 70 million units. I like the large, aggressive looking ships, which is what I currently have. There is a different wing design, that looks back swept, kind of like a gargoyle, that's the only other thing that would make me jump to yet another ship. My very first week playing, while still in the dinky little ship we start with, I just happened to come across the ultimate ship for me, in a space station. It was a 46 slot, with the wings I like, and damn near every upgrade you could imagine, all laid out to get the bonus's. Was only 95 million!!! lol. It's kind of been in the back of my mind so, I've been mining still, just in case I run across my ultimate again. More than likely that won't happen. My best bet is too keep looking at wrecked ships. At least that way I'm guaranteed that they'll be either 47 or 48 slots. Still love gazing out over the spacescapes, on some of the better planets, and taking in the moment. The excellent ambient music helps a lot. I REALLY hope they make this a killer app for the SonyVR.
  3. I guess I'm fortunate that I have a dedicated ht/man cave room, that's pretty damn dark, even during the day. One less thing to worry about with the seemingly constantly changing standards. Once upon a time, I only had to worry about upgrading a pc.
  4. I'm holding out for next year. I hope the rumors about a major design change for the 10th anniversary of the next iPhone, are true. Been with Apple, and the iPhone, since about a week after the orig launched. Currently using an iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 7 is a total snooze-fest for me. Nothing worth writing home about. Starting to eye the competition. Next version of iPhone is make or break for me. Innovation seems to be gone.
  5. OLED or bust, for me. If it's on a lcd, I'm passing. Gotta wait a couple years, I think, before the OLED's come down into middle class price range. My current Sharp lcd, that we bought about 2 years ago, gives a nice 1080p picture but, it's 71", I think. Can't go smaller when it comes to tv's. Either same size, or a bit larger. There's a 75" OLED 4k from LG, that I was looking at. Yeah...not spending almost 9k for the 4k. Maybe in a couple years. Maybe if we wouldn't have spent 70K for the Hellcat...
  6. I hope the creature goes free at the end. Don't need to cry like a baby if it dies....
  7. Old school here, I guess. I like my physical copies of games, and movies. We have quite the rack in our home theater room. Only caveat is music. For some reason, damn near my whole collection is nothing but files on hard drives.
  8. Already pre ordered. Doubt I'll be getting a 4k display anytime soon.
  9. I have that already. Thought ND was insinuating that there'd be an even better version for the Pro.
  10. Not quite as excited about this as I thought I'd be but, a remastered Last of Us? Aka: one of my fave games of all time? I'm in. Was there anything more said about the Sony VR?
  11. Looks like I better hold off on buying that rather expen$ive Scuf Controller. That elite ps4 one looks sweet, and does everything I wanted from the Scuf.
  12. I'd like to know why so much was cut from the game, so close to release. The videos from just a few months before release showed a bunch of stuff, like massive battles between rival factions, that are totally gone from it. Why? Was it all smoke n mirrors? None of it was actually there but, totally scripted for the video? Any chance that none of those things worked quite right so, it was cut to be added back in later? Why the total silence from HG, and Murray? In hiding? Maybe Randy Pitchford lent him his place? Is he in a bar drinking with Molyneux? Curious to see how it all ends up.
  13. Was just recently playing this the other day, after a few months off. Totally even forgot about the Underground DLC that finally was released for the ps4 version. I had some decent fun playing through some of the game again. The first few sorties into the new underground area even netted me some over 200 gear. I'm still only around 180-ish on my level. Doubt I'll get much further than that since there's absolutely no one on my friends list playing this. I did about 95% of the game solo, even the dark zone, so I can't see that changing for the underground. Graphics still are quite amazing. I've never seen a snow storm at night, in any game, look this nice. I'm still surprised though, for such a totally dead game, as most of the internet calls it, that I still see tons of people running around in safe houses, and pretty much all of them are way higher than I am in level. Maybe it's just the last, few, hardcore players? If the game sold millions, even 10% left playing would still amount to several hundred thousand. Still, isn't Ubi supposedly bringing in actual gamers, to meet with the devs to help 'fix' whatever is wrong with it? Even if this game made back all of it's development costs, I'd venture to guess that's it's been a big disappointment for Ubi, since I'm guessing that they were betting on it being a huge hit, with years of revenue ahead of it? Not sure how much worry there is at the dev level, to the game dying out....
  14. I'm currently on a desolate, barren planet, with no fauna, and extremely little flora, that has it's own sort of beauty. There are no storms, and the temp is fine. Very easy to hang out on since I don't have to worry about much of anything, other than having to fuel up my life support system, from time to time. There are big mounds of Emeril scattered about the surface. So, I decided that this would be the planet that I'd finally ditch my beloved ship on, that I purchase several days ago for about 15,000,000. It has/had brutally strong shields, and a very nasty photon cannon that can tear about pirates at a ridiculously quick pace. It just didn't have enough space at 33 total slots. So...I planned on just leaving it behind as I search for crashed ships, to bump up to at least 40 slots. Figured this planet is so chilled out that it would be a great place to do so. Just fly around in each new/crashed ship, only repair the launch thrusters, and keep doing so until i hit the amount of slots I wanted. Everything I had read was that each crashed ship you would find typical has 1 more slot than the one you're currently it. Unfortunately, that hasn't proved to be true. Every single crashed ship I've found has one 1 LESS slot than the one I'm currently in. This sucks. There's no way I want to rebuild all the advanced equipment I had on my old ship, which is already long gone over the horizon behind some hill that resembles all the others, and I can't leave unless I do rebuild everything. Guess I'm going to be flying around here for a long time trying to find better crashed ships. Guess this game has grown on me a bit since, I'm also the type of person that likes the feeling of isolation. Just wish that there would not have been space stations in every single system, and buildings every 5 min on the surfaces of planets. Does ruin the feeling of being completely alone, to some degree. The ambient soundtrack is fantastic, and really helps set the mood. RustyJaw - that's way further than I've EVER walked from my ship! LOL More guts than I but, I absolutely get what you're saying about the feeling of panic at being so far away.
  15. Yesterday I was mining Emiril: one of those towering ones that go way down into the planet. As I was digging down, I noticed I dug completely through the game world, and had a weird, out of the map visual, of the planets, and open space, and the planet I was on hovering up above me, in broken pieces. Today, I was doing another deep dig...didn't pay attention and accidentally backed up and fell right out of the game world. Died. Nice. Still get blasted way out into space just by simply hitting r2 to take off. "Fun" wearing off...think I'll finish Witcher 3 until Destlny DLC.
  16. Aren't they trying to cater to the single player category this time around? Supposedly an "epic" campaign? Maybe they made changes to the multi in an effort to make it easier for a more casual crowd? Don't know. Never played the first due to lack of a campaign, and wasn't it Xbone only then? No Xbone here. Only semi interested in this one. If it truly does have some great campaign, I might give it a try.
  17. Nice ship Romier. Mine is VERY similar to yours, except my front end has an opening for the engine intake. Definitely leans more toward a fighter style of ship. Found mine wrecked in a forest. Still looking for something with more space.
  18. I heard that you can "break down" your previous ship when swapping out to one you've found......how the heck do you do this?!?!? I've just been leaving my old ones abandoned. Guess you can use the mats from the one you break down? Someone was saying that you can add in inventory slots into your current ship somehow, by breaking down the old ship. ...help. lol
  19. LMAO!!! That's great!!! Damn...there's some witty people out there. I played Braben's Frontier, back in the day on my Amiga. Thought about getting Elite Dangerous but, I'm still holding out. It's really awesome that they're adding in Horizons, since flying down to the planet surface is pretty damn cool, and one of my fave things in NMS. But...I'm still hopeful for Star Citizen. Don't know if Roberts will actually ever finish it. The amount of feature creep is astronomical but, he asked the fans what they wanted, and they're constantly putting it in.
  20. Just got hit by a weird glitch that catapulted me several miles from my ship,after I stepped outside of it after landing. The game crashed to the ps4 desktop, maybe 15 min previous to that, just from simply trying to land. Not the most solid game I've ever played.
  21. Follow along with the story a bit, and you'll get the Atlas Pass...from what I've read. Been playing for a decent bit since just after midnight when it released. My feeling pretty much ape Romiers. I'm liking it but, I don't know how long it will hold my attention. Finally upgraded to a ship with a cargo hold of 24, and I have my survival suit pretty leveled up with almost as many slots for stuff. I hate pirates...and I'm pretty good at flying/shooting. Hopefully there are some sort of defensive measures you can add into a ship later on down the road. I know that I could buy/find a ship that's more suited for fighting but, I'm into trading at this point. Maybe after I set myself up with a ton of cash, I'll turn to a life a piracy in my retirement. lol I have a VERY annoying bug: semi-frequently, when I hit r2 to simply take off from the ground, I'll literally blast off into space...like into low orbit space...then the planet will disappear. The game crashed once already not long after that happened. It tells me that I need to charge my photon cannon with oxide elements, and the cannon is highlighted in red, along with all of its upgrades, on my ships menu, but the cannon seems to fire normally, and I don't even get the little menu to pop up when I hover over the cannon icon to allow any sort of charging of it...???? I kind of like/respect that the game seems to follow an old school kind of mentality, in that you're not led by your damn hand every single step of the way, however; little things like my photon cannon question, would be nice to have an answer for. Guess I'll have to wait for the reddit and online community, to make some useful guides. I really REALLY hope that Hello Games are working on some Sony VR support. This game screams it. Would just be so damn awesome to be able to fly around, and be able to look out of my ship just using my head.
  22. Not sure which way I want to go on this one: pc or ps4. Doesn't look very graphically intensive so. maybe my pc will be just fine. Still, I'd love to see this on Sony VR...
  23. I'd love to try it. Last time I ever tried a vr unit, was back in the early 90's, playing some dumb pterodactyl shooting game. Totally sucked since you had to damn near be cross eyed to view the screen a few inches in front of your face. How have they gotten around that problem? Do you sort of "look through" these new vr units, and focus on an imaginary spot out in front of the screen? Know what I mean?
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