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  1. Yeah, my wife likes Thor for one reason and one reason only. And he has large muscles. Don’t think female Thor is going to make her happy. Quite the opposite actually.
  2. 500. Boom. My buddy was jealous because he was ahead of me most of the time. But I got there first and I think it was off a piece he gave me. He’s only at 499. Sucker.
  3. Well, you’re also like 3-4 hours in front of us. That’s going to make things difficult.
  4. I think they want to keep them versatile. And if you are including the riser anyway, costs aren't going to be any different, realistically, than just making them bigger to begin with. And manufacturing would also have to be updated to create larger pieces. The manufacturing is already a set deal for the units and risers.
  5. Wow, Jay looks kinda rough. And Kevin is going really Tony Stark.
  6. I've been thinking about getting another machine. The SW one is the most likely candidate.
  7. Yeah, I thought that might be an issue. I'll probably just have to live with using that system if I want to play LoZ:OoT. She might kill me if something happens to her Animal Crossing game.
  8. I’ve never heard a hint of noise from my chargers. However, my vehicle ones will cause radio interference from the lighter adapter, not the pad itself.
  9. I bet that’s the case too. Hopefully they address his absence in GotG 3. “Yeah, Thor had to go drop a few pounds to get back in shape. Quill, you could do with a bit of that.” At which point Peter gets all jealous and self-conscious.
  10. Since my wife stole my 3ds I got one of the bundles on Prime Day. So I got the Orange New 2ds XL, preloaded with MK7, and a copy of Starfox 64. It was $129 + tax for all of it. I had a $50 gift card from Father’s Day that brought it down to $90. And I would have used my $60 in reward points too, but I don’t think you can when a digital purchase, SF64, is involved. Quick question, can I download my copy of Zelda OoT that I have on the other system? Not the end of the world if I can’t, but it would be nice.
  11. I think for what the switch is and what it’s trying to do, more power wouldn’t do enough to bridge the gap with even current gen systems. Let alone next-gen. Adding a unit with more battery life is probably a smart move. Especially after news that a majority of people are using it portably. Although that would seem to make it compete heavier with the new Lite Switch. For the extra $100, I’d take the updated standard model, get more functionality out of it, and live without the cross pad. Which at this point seems to be the only function missing from the Fat Switch.
  12. Agreed. Clan level is now 8. We both hit WT5 last night. I'm at 454 and he's at 458. He plays a bit more than I do. So last night I log in at a 406, he hits me with a bunch of random gear, and almost instantly I get up to the mid-440's. And it's so funny because he uses rifles and a. rifles and I am primarily LMG. He always gets LMG's, and he always give them to me. We hit a couple of random skirmishes and I got up to the high 440's so we took on the stronghold and knocked it out. We had to google what exactly we were supposed to destroy on the rocket launchers because it wasn't obvious. So now we just need to max out our gear and crafting tables and start working on our gear sets. Got some green gear last night, which surprised us both as we hadn't seen anything green at all yet. Neither of us equipped it yet. I have not gone into the Dark Zone at all so far.
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