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  1. There are times when I wish I had the cellular feature on my S4. But for how much more it added, I can live without it in those few times.
  2. Can someone tell me what use-case there is for a camera like this? Can I put it on a telescope? Would that even be worth it if I can get this on auction for a steal? https://www.bidfta.com/itemDetails?idauctions=31002&idItems=2841629
  3. 44mm on my S4. I thought it might be too big after coming from the 38mm S1. But it really seems to be just right.
  4. Played through the first couple hours of this. It's got nice atmosphere and it doesn't take the game long to put you in the darkness, after seeming you'd be in day for a while when you show up to the forest. Bullet's, the dog, mechanics work well so far and he is key to surviving numerous issues for the main character. And of course, there are videos you pick up along the way, but some of them allow you to manipulate the environment in different ways which allow you to find more clues to progress. Not really any traditional combat but it seems to use your flashlight to combat the forces hunting you. I'll be sticking with it, although I just got hit with a bug where I was completely stuck and couldn't move, so I'll lose about 10 minutes of progress when I go back. Playing on PC and it looks pretty good as well, although the cutscenes are jarringly low rez.
  5. My series 4 will go two full days before needing a recharge. And it recharges in about an hour or so, maybe a little more.
  6. Retail was $700 in that link you put up.
  7. It doesn’t look like the graphics were updated, but maybe it has proper widescreen support. Regardless, I need a keyboard for this game. There are too many force powers and I need access to all of them at any time.
  8. As much as I would like to try this, I’ll be waiting until Epic has a sale. I’ll be getting it on pc to try out RT on my 2080.
  9. I think I've seen the movie on Amazon, but haven't actually watched it.
  10. Should be able to. I get daily alerts for hitting calories burned, exercise and standing goals.
  11. I love me some V. The original. The remake is very meh. I think it was considered a mini series, but I think that was based off a 2 hour TV movie that came out first.
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