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  1. “Cool, Funny, Amazing.” This place just continues to be a riot. Oh sorry, I mean peaceful protest. Logging out...
  2. It is seriously good. Finished it as well. I wonder how long until more comes out since it specifically pointed out it would be “soon.”
  3. I just finished my rewatch of Smallville. It built a better DCEU than all the movies. Easily.
  4. Just a joke man, and it only came to mind because you, I think, are the only one that has brought it up. Cheers.
  5. That might be true, but nobody is expecting the Snyder cut to be great. Well except maybe Joey. But I think everyone expected WW84 to at least be decent based on the pedigree of the first the film. Expectations make for some mighty shoes to fill, but thems the breaks.
  6. I agree with the majority of sentiment here regarding WW84. But truth be told, it now fits pretty well with the rest of the mediocrity that has come out of the DC universe. The fanny pack was just gold though. My dad used to carry around, but not wear, a USA flag fanny pack. I can neither confirm nor deny that he may have used it to store his marijuana. Cuz freedom. edit: And I'd also like to add that the 80's nostalgia was super weak. If they didn't tell you it was the 80's you'd almost never know.
  7. I can 100% guarantee that no studio is working on these films anymore. They’ve been sitting/will continue to sit until they release. There is zero percent incentive for them to start work on them when they have no idea what the reactions will be.
  8. I sometimes think you’re like Hermione Granger and someone gave you a time turner because good God how to have so much time to game?
  9. I guess at some point they started adding USB ports to these because Outrun is getting another game, Rad Rally. https://arcade1up.com/pages/outrun-seated-arcade-cabinet-bonus-game-firmware-update
  10. Oh, I'm well aware nor that desperate. Hence why I said it was slimy. I only looked to see what was there. As it turns out, not much of anything worthwhile.
  11. I'm wondering when the fire sales are going to start on this. Because that's honestly what it is going to take for me to pick this up any time soon. And that's from a PC player where there are far fewer issues. I did happen to look on ebay to see if anyone was selling cheap codes. Oddly enough, I think there were zero codes available. What was available is people selling entire accounts with the game attached to it. Which you are then supposed to add as part of your steam family to play on your account. That seems awfully slimy.
  12. The LoTR extended bundle went on sale on Vudu for $30. I had a $2 code so that’s a done deal. That’s cheap enough to hold me over until the big box set comes out next year. And probably even enough to last me until there is a good sale on it.
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