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  1. Picked this up for Steam through a website called Fanatical.com for $31 and change.
  2. EG coming back with new footage. https://comicbook.com/marvel/2019/06/19/avengers-endgame-theatrical-re-release-extra-footage-kevin-feige/
  3. It does. But if they are giving away all those kills in the trailer there must be a ton of people that die.
  4. I would check the power supply first thing. Aside from that hard to tell without any type of error message.
  5. They would want a heavy hitter to go up against the new consoles. Zelda is as heavy as it gets.
  6. Pleased to report that the aliasing on the top in Toy Story was not visible. Dynamic range for sound is good, even if the overall volume is slightly low.
  7. Thanks. A bunch of stuff is on sale. Also got Bumblebee for $13 and First Man was $15. Wife got the extra 5% off too with Target card.
  8. I'm guessing almost everything announced or being announced from here on out is going to be cross-gen across the board. Backwards compatibility will be a thing of the past, much like on PC.
  9. I'll probably watch the first few of these. But I'm not going past BF V.
  10. There is so much stuff I haven't picked up yet I can't even keep track of it all. Someone needs to have a sale or maybe I just need to do some scrubbing through Ebay.
  11. I figured that was the one you were talking about. It was just pointless. Sad? Sure, a little. But pointless really.
  12. I don't think they number the episodes anymore also. Mine was ordered Striking Vipers, Smithereen, then Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. I think the order is random, like that robot series they released not too long ago. Of course, with only 3 episodes there is only a few ways it can show up.
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