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  1. Well my guess is that the steak flavored condom market might be tilted toward men on both ends of that pole. So it might not be a wise investment if you think it might help incentivize your wife into certain favors. Now if they could make one tasting like Bad Juan’s or Sour Monkeys, a drink and beer respectively, then we might be talking. My wife loves both.
  2. Well, it can’t be any worse than the live show, amirite? Sure I’ll take Watch Dogs 2. I keep thinking about buying it.
  3. I was going to post that yesterday, but forgot. It's freaking hilarious.
  4. All the artwork looks good, but Napoleon and George Carlin look like different people. Especially Carlin.
  5. And now its a cesspool of alt-accounts, smurfs and de-rankers. Boy do I love reporting those people.
  6. Well I was turning around 20 million every 20 minutes with passenger runs not too long ago. So maybe it’s just always exploitable in some way.
  7. I read about that this weekend. All it does is reinforce my notion that social media has ruined the world.
  8. While that would be helpful, I don't see it happening. Friends was like $65-70. Based on the size they show, it will likely be the exact same price
  9. The Seinfeld set, much like the real life Seinfeld set, is pretty generic. At least with the Friends set it was at the coffee shop and felt really lively. The typewriter is nice, and very clever, but I have little interest. The Home Alone set could be a really great Christmas time decoration, hopefully it has lots of props, Kevin, Harry and Marv.
  10. I'll be interested to see it as well, but obviously not right in the middle of the day on a Thursday. I know the gamer cliche is someone who barely works and sleeps half the day, but I guess they don't want regular folk to be able to watch these as they happen. We all aren't tied down at home or even near a computer. I miss E3.
  11. Played pretty much all afternoon and this is a great follow up after playing TLoU2. The abilities are easy to work with and the gun play is pretty good as well. I’m about half way through the maintenance department right now. I love how the room titles pop up every time you go into a new area. I get a giggle every time since it takes up the whole screen. I’ve got the RTX effects at high and I’m not getting any stuttering, but I’d guess the Gsync is taking care of any of those issues. I don’t think it’s quite locked 60, but I would guess it’s close. I’ve got the DLSS rez set to my native 1440p with it rendered at like 980p. I couldn’t see much of any visual quality difference between native rez rendering and lower rez rendering, but it definitely runs better better with lower rendering. I would guess something like 10-15 frames/sec better. I do not want to imagine what it would be like trying to run this at 4K.
  12. The reflections and debris from destruction in this game are insane. And Nvidia’s DLSS is phenomenal.
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