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  1. There are lots of articles coming out about the relationship between the two, Disney and Hulu, so that's good news in general for the service. I'd really like a combo pack with both, maybe to save some money. I just don't know the logistics for how they would do that with people buying 3 years of D+ upfront.
  2. Pro tip on the iOS app, when you are done looking at “whatever show, movie, etc” you don’t have to go up and hit the X to go back. You can just pull down.
  3. I like the western motif they are going for. Episode felt short, probably because HBO/Netflix/etc have us spoiled with 50-60 minute shows. And did anyone else find it very dark, or do I just need a new bulb in the projector? Home Alone looked normal brightness, but obviously not HDR. This was just hard to see.
  4. Watched the Mandalorian without any problems just now. I was having issues in the search area beforehand, it wouldn't connect to anything, but after quitting the app and restarting it everything loaded up again.
  5. We just watched Home Alone straight through with no issues, but it probably wasn’t 4K. And probably not one getting a lot of traffic tonight. edit: I have been informed we are having connection issues now.
  6. The wife and son were upset, and I was a bit baffled, over why the Prep and Landing shows weren't on here. I don't think they've ever been on any streaming service ever. On the Plex server they shall stay.
  7. Yes, I was deleting some digital files from the plex server based off whether it came up in the search. But LOTS of stuff comes up in searches and some just has a trailer. Fortunately didn't delete anything that wasn't on D+ yet.
  8. Downloaded and logged in on most of our devices. Haven’t played with it much but my son started Empire Strikes Back and it loaded up quick with zero issues.
  9. USB and original adapters too, nice. Normally you get one or the other.
  10. Likely both. I know the new Airpods have Active Noice Cancellation, which sounds like reversing the outside noise to cancel out.
  11. That’s not terribly priced, all things considered. And you get the small set, 366 piece, for free until Dec 6.
  12. I've been looking for deals for this on PC and didn't see much, until I downloaded the Rockstar Launcher that is. You can get a free upgrade to the Special Edition, from the Standard Edition, or a free upgrade to the Ultimate Edition, from the Special Edition. That means the Ultimate comes in at $80, but it's a $20 savings for either deal. I think I'm going to bite on that one. Oh, and it looks like you get a free game to go with it also. There is GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, Max Payne 3, LA Noire, and Bully to choose from. All 110 GB's are preloading.
  13. There was a reason I never expounded on my playthrough because it was just so blah. And I found the end tedious, especially after and you go round and round that path forever before getting to the house. And the tension of the house was mostly killed since you mostly just stare at the ground to get around obstacles. And, like you said, the house just goes on for a long time. Pretty good walking sim, but glad I didn't pay for it. Performance wise, saw no problems on PC.
  14. Releasing any remaster at this point without all it's DLC seems like a total waste of time to me. But yeah, no time for these myself, as much as I did enjoy them.
  15. My son is getting Sword. He’s 10 though so was probably swayed since it is more popular.
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