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  1. I think you'd be right there, unfortunately he has that big ass window right next to the left side of the tv. He'd have to offset the center of a screen much larger than that 100".
  2. Yikes, that tearing on the SX is really bad. Hopefully it gets patched mostly out.
  3. @Robot Monkey You have it forever, but only if you get it this week. Epic gives something away every week. Still trying to get that market from Steam.
  4. I’m not certain if having a an external drive would make a difference as he doesn’t have one yet, but our power flicked off and on and the PS5 didn’t berate my son for not shutting down properly. You do lose your quick resume however.
  5. My son bought this so I'll probably take a stab at it some time soon.
  6. Maybe? It’s seems like anything is possible. But I think the main concern with that one was waiting until after taking the first update. And not just start straight out with the PS4 transfers the second it’s turned on the first time. My son at his wise old age of 11 has decided he wants to be a purist and play games on the systems they came out for. So none of those issues have appeared to us yet.
  7. Some of this seems excessively cautious, but here is a list of things that MAY lead to issues. https://www.tomsguide.com/news/major-ps5-issues-reported-by-users-what-to-do
  8. I've also had bad luck with Turtle Beach. I've had some wireless/wired HyperX Cloud's for over a year now and they've held up nicely with very good sound/mic quality.
  9. Our Amazon box was pretty much flawless. And had a good amount of the thick brown paper to keep it from moving too much in the box.
  10. WiFi seemed to work pretty good. I only really payed attention while the first update downloaded. And that only took about a minute or so. So definitely not as fast as wired but not too shabby. And there was a controller update that I’ll need to do on my personal controller.
  11. I’m watching my son play this right now. It is so not my thing.
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