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  1. I don't really have much to add, but I feel left out not posting something. I mean, shit, if Travis posted how can I not? So, hello gang! Also, to whoever it was that mentioned MrBrett, he's still around. I think he used some lame ass excuse that he forgot his password for his username to this board, but he'll be around when this releases
  2. [exit lurker mode]Hopefully I'm not overstepping my bounds, but I thought I'd chime in with an update since Cal is probably not online much right now. I talked to both Cal and Leslie on Monday. If I didn't know better I'd never know anything was wrong with her, she sounds just fine. Apparently her cat scratched her at some point last week and the wound healed over with all kinds of nasty left on the inside, progressively getting worse. She said she doesn't feel too hot, but overall not too bad, lots of meds are keeping her pain free (Morphine ftw!) I asked what her long term prognosis was and she said they're going to give her a pic-line (sp?) so she can go in for weekly antibiotics for the next several weeks, but if everything goes well she'll be outta the hospital on Friday. So, there you go.
  3. Guys, I've got one of the original Philips Pronto remote controls from way back when. This is the original model TS1000. I don't have the box or manual for it any more, but it's in excellent shape. The screen is perfectly pristine and the only issue is the channel +/- and volume +/- buttons stick just a tad probably from years of grime, but they still work fine. I'll include the serial cable for connection to the PC as well. I do not have the docking station/battery pack for it, I've always used 4 AA batteries to power it. Looking to get $75 shipped, if possible. I'll post some pics when I get home. Any questions, don't hesitate. EDIT: Thanks, Gary
  4. Kelly, I did that, but it looks like I can only select the locals that DirecTV is providing. Am I missing something in a setup screen, etc...?
  5. I kinda forgot about the remote recording feature and just now remembered to look into it. I found a couple gigantor threads about it, but couldn't find what I was after. Is there any way to record OTA channels via this method? IE if I needed to record Lost on 7-1?
  6. Do tell! Congrats Rudy.
  7. Gary P

    My backlit tv

    I've got one of the older ideal-lumes, I think I got it Xmas of '99, so it's going on 8 years here. It's not as bright as it used to be but it still does the job. Hopefully you just got a bum lamp.
  8. Had to do it Jordan, I called you on it last time too, so I couldn't pass it up:D
  9. Well, since I'm a Pioneer guy now, I most definitely recommend the 4280HD. It comes in just over your budget ($2045 shipped) and you don't have to fuck around with Black Friday:) Linkage I know a couple guys here are big fans of the Sony SXRD's and you can get a little more size for your dollar. I guess the A3000's are out now, so I'm sure one of our local onwers here can chime in on that. Edit: LOLz.
  10. Didn't you just give me guff the other day about not buying HD-DVD again? You can't hide it under the guise of replacing your suddenly 'crapping out' dvd player:)
  11. Parish, I gave WinFF a whirl the other day, twice actually. The site have a very basic tutorial for DVD conversion. I followed those steps, but it no workie . I end up with an mpg file that doesn't want to play in Media Player or the like, and I was expecting something with vob and ifo files instead. Am I missing a step or is this as far as WinFF goes and I have to finish up the rest with another app?
  12. Guys, I've got a wmv that I'd like to get into dvd format. I used an app called 'dvd forger' which I thought worked fine, but the audio is about 4-5 seconds behind the video. Do you have any recommendations? Or is there an easy way to re-encode the dvd I ended up with, but with the audio back in sync?
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