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  1. My daughter's iPhone XR has finally died and needs replacement. Its going to be a while until she can save enough for that. We have Sprint and the sim card inside says Sprint. Are we simply able to find an older iPhone 8 or something along those lines, stick the sim card in it, and away we go? Or how does this work? I think I can find an older phone out there.... how do I get it to work on our plan? TIA!
  2. Was wondering how this was going to shake out. Well, they probably got a bunch of folks that will go out and buy the "rumored" games now...
  3. I'll poo-poo this. I paid retail on release day 5/25/18 for Detroit Become Human. Then, as a PS+ subscriber, I got Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain for free in May and July, respectively. This month is a bust.
  4. May 2019: Overcooked and What Remains of Edith Finch. Playstation+ freebies. Total value of free games this month is like $36. I recall a time when the month's freebies were well over $100 worth. What a crock of shit.
  5. Bumping this to the top. I might buy 2-3 games a year in my old age. This coming right around my birthday makes it a good candidate. Interesting that no reviews will be released until 4/25...
  6. I got MGS 4 in the PS3 80Gig bundle the day it was released. Came with a Walmart giftcard and some other stuff. I didn't have a lot of exposure to the franchise, but soon learned after the first 20 min. cut scene that it wasn't for me LOL. I still value that PS3 for it's backwards compatibility to the PS1 and PS2
  7. January PS+: Steep. | PS4. Portal Knights. | PS4. Zone of the Enders HD Collection. | PS3. Amplitude. | PS3. Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion. | PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4) Super Mutant Alien Assault. | PS Vita.
  8. I played through the original on PS in 1996 and loved it. This, and Tomb Raider were my "first loves" in the 3rd person shooter genre. I've tried playing a few of the subsequent RE games, but never really stuck with the series. I thought I was a big RE fan, but you sir, take the cake. Bravo.
  9. I live in SE Wisconsin. Last week, I went to Best Buy. They said "good luck - I heard they stopped making them again". Then I went to Target. They said "keep checking back". We got in two this morning, and they both sold right away". Then I went to GameStop. All three of these stores are in the same shopping center FYI. GameStop had many. He asked if I wanted four or five. He said "all the GameStops have a ton of them". Then he tried to ring me up for full price on a "previously used unit". I stopped him and told him I wanted a new one, sealed in the box, and walked out with one. Another nice surprise was the fact that they said the Wii Classic controller would work just fine as a second controller. Nice!
  10. First, Beyond: Two Souls, and now Heavy Rain. Sweet. So what's the recommendation on playing Zero Time Dilemma without having ever having played the previous two games in the series? Would be almost $50 to get those two on the DS and Vita, respectively.
  11. Black Ops III is free for a limited time for PS+ subscribers. Got my copy just for the campaign mode LOL. What a nice surprise from Sony!
  12. First I've ever heard of this genre. I bought it on launch at BB with a gift card. Also renewed by PS+. I'm enjoying the game, only 1-2 hours into it. Perhaps I'll get lucky and see Heavy Rain come out free for PS+ members.
  13. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is not "FREE", apparently. The store has it at 50% off. I scooped up the rest, though! Nevermind. My membership appears to have lapsed
  14. Got about 90 min. in over the last couple of days. Server is now down. 55GB boat anchor now, I guess. Very pretty game. Didn't take long to feel out the physics. For my money though, I'll take Dirt, as I like the tracks and conditions better. I just followed a link on FB and lucked into the demo. The demo was pretty deep though. I was surprised at how many cars, tracks, and modes were playable. Explains the file size I guess. Took a few hours to DL, and I get about 50-60MBpS or so with my copper line.
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