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  1. I don't know if you guys have checked out justinguitar but it covers a lot of the stuff like chord changes pretty well and how to practice them. I bought my first guitar 25 years ago and never really gave it too much effort. In the last year though I've spent more time on it than I ever have in the past and even started taking lessons. From what I've seen it just seems like its about time, practice practice practice. I'm currently trying to figure out triads and better strumming.
  2. Are you guys buying this for ps4 or xbox one? I played fifa 14 a very little bit and then picked up fifa 15 on black friday last year. Finally opened it beginning of august and haven't stopped playing it since. Although I did revert back to fifa 14 because I had that on ps4 and I had moved the xbox into the other room. I will likely be buying fifa 16 on ps4 as well if anyone wants to play some games. I also have been playing madden.
  3. Having just finished the third book, hearing that they might split the third book into two seasons is awesome. The first book is great, the second book is good but the third book is just flat out awesome. The second season has been good so far but I'm really just looking forward to next year and getting onto the book 3 content.
  4. Well that was easy, they're sending me a physical CD with a copy that i can import into iTunes, they said it will be here in 2-3 weeks.
  5. I submitted a ticket, whats the worst that can happen.. nothing. So we'll see.
  6. Wow, Wish I had read that before. I think I got half way through the process before quitting. Crap. Actually, I'm wondering now if I actually submitted the code, I didn't finish signing up for ultraviolet and flixster.
  7. They've done a great job of making the lightsaber alternative classes very appealing. The only light side class I'm not interested in is the Jedi Consular. Which is a good problem to have going into a MMO. I haven't played very high with any class, I think lvl 8 is the highest I got with any of them, but I think I'd enjoy the game just as much if it was an offline KOTOR sequel as being a MMO. I'm curious if this will change later on.
  8. I impulse purchased Green lantern on blu-ray/ultraviolet digital copy without realizing what it was. I've bought blu-ray/digital copy combo's in the past that work great for my apple tv setup. I was pissed when I put it in and it started asking me to sign up for new accounts and talks of streaming. I checked my pre-order for Deathly Hallows 2 and it showed Ultraviolet so I cancelled it. I really don't care about the blu-ray's anymore they just take up space, I'm fine with just having the digital copies and having them available whenever I want to watch them. So I just ordered it on iTunes instead. If I had known what the ultraviolet crap was before I bought green lantern I would have just purchased it from iTunes as well. This piled onto my other complaint about the old digital copies and their expiration dates. I finally got around to putting in my Dark Knight digital copy disk from the blu-ray that I bought the first week it came out and it had expired. I don't understand why a single use code needs to expire, outside of the studios being greedy assholes. Sorry for the rant.
  9. Radiant Silvergun reminds me a lot of Blazing Lazers on TG16, which isn't a bad thing in my book.
  10. Yeah, thats what I was trying to say, that they just give the gear away like candy, it was different when you had to earn it.
  11. I don't mind the changes they made to gold. What I do mind is them making all the classes interchangeable and removing the skill element to a large degree from the game. Making it so gear could overcome most everything if you didn't have the ability to do so in the first place.
  12. That is the only thing I ever miss about wow is the people. It's like a bad job in that respect
  13. I've seen the playseats and they look awesome, but I haven't used them, they look like they take up too much space for me. I was actually contemplating the wheel stand that Fanatec has along with their CSR wheel http://www.fanatec.de/html/index.php?id=220〈=en , I like how it folds down with the wheel still attached.
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