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  1. Thanks for all the info, heading out to buy the Kinect today and Dance Central 2. Anything interesting for it for an adult? Not that I won't be tearing up the dance floor...
  2. OK I think I'll give it a shot this Xmas. Now off to research games, any outright turkeys to avoid?
  3. Thanks for all the response. Sounds like it might actually not collect dust 2 days later. Researching the Kinect some more seems like I barely have the space to make it functional. From the front of my TV to the couch is 7'6". which sounds just okay for 1 player and iffy for 2. Hmm, any of you have it set up in a smaller room?
  4. Hi all, I've fallen out of video game playing for the most part and haven't kept up with what's hot or a dud. Considering getting a Kinect for my daughter for Xmas. Is this throwing money to the wind or a viable,fun accessory that will see more than xmas day use? Or would a DS be a better investment? Hope you are all doing well!
  5. Question regarding the import of songs from RB1 To RB2. I am finally picking up RB2 this coming weekend and am curious if I can just rent/borrow RB1 and import the songs, or if there is a one time transfer per disc limit?
  6. Not quite what you asked for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u1ekw3LB0I&feature=related
  7. Gotcha, I've been debating getting a server going as I am sick of adding drives in my personal computer. I was curious if perhaps you had used the new windows home server software.
  8. Keith what OS are you running and how hard was it to set up properly?
  9. Absolutely agree, I want to tell my driver to sit the fuck up. Also as far as I can tell there is no way to know what gear you are in, except the Ferrari has a small digital display on the tach. Not very handy when flying into a corner and frantically trying to downshift, brake and figure out which gear you ended up in. Fun none the less though and will probably be picking it up soon, just need to decide if it's a rental or purchase.It does need a co-pilot with rockets though and wearing a pink track suit
  10. Ok I've been away from this game for awhile and picked it back up tonight. Had to install an update and had a little clean up to do before heading to Fort Frolic. My game is now hitching like a mother and I never had a hiccup before. Is this a known issue? Is it the level , possible shitty patch, or do i have a bum disc that's just now starting to show its faults. Or glory be I might be going to Costco for the 5th fucking return.
  11. Well since no one is making with the food porn I'll get it started. Steaks with Montreal steak spice, mushrooms and onions, twice fried fries, and steamed broccoli. Hmm, no idea why my photos or my url isn't showing up?
  12. It's free and works like a charm and if you are a gmail user it ties into it's services easily. http://picasa.google.com/
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