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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune(PS3)


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You don't put stuff you're working on at work in your portfolio without explicit permission. Duh. I've failed to get interviews because I didn't have any recent 'sample code' - everything I'd coded near that time was for work.


Absolutely. It's a blatant NDA violation, no doubt. In this case, though, I can't see how ND and Sony are getting any bad press. Everyone seems to think it looks pretty darn good.


To tell you the truth, with all the ninja and viral marketing going on these days, I have a hard time believing anything is an "accident" anymore.

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Apparently Sony is touting that this game takes up several DVDs worth of space, validating the need for Blu-ray even this early in the platforms lifetime. In other news, the Naughty Dog developers are including 19 GBs worth of uncompressed family home videos on the disc as easter eggs.




The only validation for Sony's claim, IMO, will be a very long campaign.

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The only validation for Sony's claim, IMO, will be a very long campaign.

I think the best way to prove this is if a long-winded high quality multiplatform game (like Oblivion or GTA) comes out on three DVDs for the 360, and 1 BD-ROM for the PS3. I'm very curious whether this will be the case. They have a lot of voicework and music in there (GTAIV) I bet.
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