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Nintendo Power Shutting Down?


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IGN has a rumor up that with the partial relocation of Nintendo to San Fran or New York comes the possibility that the long time internally run magazine will come to an end.


It's sad if true, partially becuase of nostalgia on my part (and Im sure others), but also because it's been a decent magazine over the last couple of years.


They should just publish either an online version or even a Wii channel.

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There was talk at one point about making the archives into a Wii channel, which would be kind of cool to flip through. I think I still have the first 100 or so issues somewhere.


Honestly, I'm surprised that it stuck around this long though. Gaming magazines before the internet were almost an essential information source, but there seem to be fewer and fewer reasons to buy them now.

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I remember getting that mag when I was a kid. I had a subscription for years and kept just about every one of them too. I had a whole bookcase full of magazines, I think the first one I had was of Megaman 2 or 3 on the cover. How time flies :(

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