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TV Shows- What's coming back, and which got a pink slip


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This week is when the network stations announce which shows are staying and which are gone. Here's a list of a few of the ones we talk about on the forum. As well as some cable show's already renewed.



24 (2 more seasons)


Heroes + Heroes Origins 6 episode series


Stargate Atlantis

Battlestar Galactica

Friday Night Lights (Moved to Friday)


The Office




Veronica Mars :td

Studio 60


Stargate SG1 (but 2 tv movies are on the way)


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CBS cancels 'Jericho,' two others

'Class,' 'Home' axed; 'Your Mother' renewed

By JOSEF ADALIANCBS has apparently nuked "Jericho," dismissed "Class" and closed the book on "Close to Home."

Net wasn't commenting Tuesday, but several people familiar with the situation said none of the skeins has been given a series order for next season. "Close to Home" had been considered near dead for several months now, with "Class" on the longshot list, but there had been speculation that CBS would exercise some patience with "Jericho."


Eye skeins getting better news this week include "How I Met Your Mother," which has been picked up for a third season. Eye's most buzzworthy laffer might seem to be a no-brainer for renewal, but CBS execs make producers sweat it out until the last minute.


End for "Close to Home" comes after two seasons for the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced drama. Cancellation also means that, for the first time in many years, Bruckheimer will be losing a show from his still impressive slate of hits. It's also the second consecutive year Bruckheimer has failed to place a new show on the nets' skeds.


"The Class" is a heartbreaker for the small audience of the Warner Bros. TV-produced show, which seemed to find its creative voice toward the end of its shortened first season. It also produced stable ratings in the 8:30 p.m. slot, but the show's lofty auspices and huge pre-season hype had CBS execs hoping for more.


As previously reported, "The Unit," "Numbers" and "Ghost Whisperer" will be back next season, as will "NCIS" and all three "CSI" skeins.


Sole CBS frosh drama set to return is "Shark." Eye is also moving forward with another year of "Rules of Engagement."


Glad HIMYM is back. Love that. I also like Old Christine and I thought Rules of Engagement was kinda funny as well.

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What's the source on "Jericho" and "Veronica Mars"?


I haven't been able to find anything at all online regarding their cancellation.


The last thing I heard on Veronica was this.


What?? :( We haven't kept up with it as we didn't have the CW for the first half of the year (no local CW station until recently, so now we get it via DISH) but we really enjoyed Veronica Mars. Veronica Mars and Lost are the only shows I care about enough to watch.



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What's the source on "Jericho" and "Veronica Mars"?


TVGuide.com had the news. Jericho gone, and Veronica Mars was not on the fall schedule. It may come back in it's redone Veronica at the FBI form , but chances are slim at this point

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Glad to see 24, Heroes, Scrubs, and The Office are coming back.. but those were no-brainers (with the possible exception of Scrubs.)


I'm really stoked to see that Supernatural is still going... I love that show, but I'm the only one I know who watches it, and I seldom hear anything about it elsewhere...


Too about about Studio 60, but no surprise there...


It sounds like NBC's also keeping 30 Rock, which is one of my surprise hits for the season.


Also: I'm still waiting for an hour-long Zombie drama. That's going to be awesome. :D

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I was really glad to see 30 Rock sticking around, it's been great and it seemed to get a lot better as it went. The Cleveland episode was great!


I read that all three Law & Orders are coming back as well, which is good I guess. I don't watch as much as I used to, due to the revolving door that is the cast, but they're still watchable. CSI on the other hand, wow that's wearing thin, not that I was expecting it to get dropped but I can always dream.

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I wish a network would make a series out of either The Walking Dead (preferably in B&W with like the book, which would also help alleviate censors) which is, of course, the greatest Zombie comic book series ever made. Basically the creator (who also created the Marvel Zombie series) wanted to create a Zombie movie that never ended... and he succeeded. Because of the backlog so far it would take a long time (maybe never when you consider summer breaks) to catch up to where the story is now. Of course I'd prefer a Showtime or HBO series for OBVIOUS reasons. ;)


Another comic book series that would translate well is Y: The Last Man... which is a series about the mystery surrounding the simultaneous deaths of every man on earth (everyone with the "Y" chromosome, get it?) except for one 20-something and his pet monkey. Great stuff.


I mean, cmon, with all these comic book movies hitting big in the box office... you'd think they'd tap some of these great non-superhero books for TV series, especially considering the substantially lower price (I'm guessing).


But that's just me... if you are a major studio executive and need some help doing some programming, PM me. ;)

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I'm really stoked to see that Supernatural is still going... I love that show, but I'm the only one I know who watches it, and I seldom hear anything about it elsewhere...


Ron your not the only one. Supernatural is one of my favorite shows, right up there with the best of them. The pop culture jokes and references make the show fun all on it's own. I am surprised more people on the forum do not watch it. Worth a rent on DVD for those who have not seen the first season at least

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Y: The Last Man & The Walking Dead are simply begging to be turned into HBO Series. (Or maybe it's just that I'm begging for them.. :P)


They must be looking around for more shit to make, right? I mean... what do they have left when The Sopranos is gone? Big Love? Pfff...


Hey, according to this, Shark is coming back for another season. I love tuning into that one just to watch James Woods chew through the scenery.


CBS also seems to have a new drama about a Vampire who helps people in his role as a private investigator... I guess an Angel rip-off is better than nothing at all...

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