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XM Suspends Opie and Anthony..


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I had the same impression Howard Stern had on his show yesterday after I listened to the clip...


It was shocking just for the sake of being shocking and not put into a funny context. It was a sick and demeaning thing and these guys are plain ol' scum. Why they ever got back on radio after their church stunt is beyond me.

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Why they ever got back on radio after their church stunt is beyond me.
Without getting into the "do you like 'em or not?" debate, XM knew what they were getting into, and they use the offensiveness of the show as a selling point, for cryin' out loud. I mean, if you ran a record label and signed Slayer, would you flip out after listening to their first album for you and hearing some kind of Satanic reference?


This is a knee-jerk reaction in the wake of the whole Imus thing, and it's XM throwing Opie and Anthony to the wolves as a show of good faith to get the government on their side for the Sirius merger.

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As a regular listener of O&A I'm extremely disappointed to see them get suspended. It seems this issue wasn't about the incident itself last week but how they handled it this week continuously talking about it when XM wanted the story and attention to die. Suspensions usually lead to firings so I won't be surprised if that happens. They'll still be doing their FM show but with companies like CBS bowing down to special interest groups, their terrestrial show has gotten castrated in the past month.

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