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Spielberg and Peter Jackson present "Tintin"

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Here's the article from Variety:




Spielberg and Jackson have selected three stories from Remi's "The Adventures of Tintin" series, which encompassed 23 books published between 1929 and 1976. The series still attracts 2 million new fans a year.


Series, which has sold more than 200 million copies worldwide, chronicles adventures of a junior reporter who will follow stories to the ends of the earth, even though he often finds his own life in jeopardy. His able assistants include a white dog named Snowy, the lunatic Captain Haddock, the muddled genius Professor Calculus and the Thompson Twins.


Jackson said WETA will stay true to Remi's original designs in bringing the cast of Tintin to life, but that the characters won't look cartoonish.


"Instead," Jackson said, "we're making them look photorealistic; the fibers of their clothing, the pores of their skin and each individual hair. They look exactly like real people — but real Herge people!"


DreamWorks bought the film rights from Herge Studios in Brussels, Belgium. Company is led by prexy Fanny Rodwell, Remi's wife when he died in 1983.


"We couldn't think of a better way to honor Herge's legacy that this announcement within days of the 100th anniversary of his birth, May 22, 1907," Rodwell said.


Spielberg and Jackson are currently evaluating whether to release Tintin through DreamWorks Animation. Paramount distributes all DreamWorks Animation films.

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Saw it this evening (in glorious 2D). Really, really pleased with how it turned out. One of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a while (and the right antidote when some of my recent viewings at the cinema have been the likes of Melancholia and We Need to Talk About Kevin). Aside from one bit of overblown toilet humour and the rather rapid way in which things concluded - where two big action scenes are barely bridged by anything - it's a thoroughly adventurous romp that doesn't piss on the source material. A bit more heart needed? ... Perhaps, but it's carried by great performances from Bell and Serkis, good humour and Spielberg's knack for blocking and staging action scenes.

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