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SOCOM going Tactical...


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Sony have announced a new PSP SOCOM game - SOCOM Tactical Strike. It's done by a different developer to the previous games, Slant Six, and it looks to be taking it in a different direction - more tactical in the line of Full Spectrum Warrior/Brothers In arms, with some elements from Republic Command in that it shows "ghosts" of where your teammates will move to when commanded etc. It even has a setup phase for the tacticians amongst us.





From IGN's hands-on preview:

As is the case with any SOCOM game, online multiplayer is of utmost importance and Tactical Strike shouldn't disappoint. Up to four players can compete online, each with their own squad of four men (making for 16 total soldiers). As for modes, we're promised that we'll see all of the classic SOCOM game types, including the likes of Extraction, Escort, Demolition, Suppression and more. On the front end of things, clan support will be available as will leaderboards and everything else you've come to expect.


One thing that really impressed us during the demo was the technical prowess of the game's engine. Easily one of the most visually impressive PSP games we've seen yet, Tactical Strike features tons and tons of foliage and lots of detail on practically every part of the environment. Soldiers are very well defined and move with natural motions. In short, it's one pretty, pretty game.

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