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$100 Off Toshiba HD-DVD Players


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Deal has been posted in a few other places so I thought I'd just pass it along... This offer (a promo for Father's Day) is good at any retail location (including Costco, Best Buy, Etc) and most online stores. This has already been confirmed for Amazon and Value Electronics as well. So for anyone considering HD-DVD this means the buy-in price for a settop player and 5 free movies is now as low as $189 shipped.



Details at http://www.toshibahddvd.com/

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No :) Amazon and VE are both already selling the Toshiba A2 for $299 and both sites already stated they will officially support the $100 off promotion. That should make the player $199, even lower if you use the amazon 10% off coupon as well (if you purchased any HD-DVD's last year). Great price and all this plus the 5 free titles...

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Robert from Value Electronics posted on AVS that the $299 price for the A2 was with current discounts and that the $100 off from Toshiba would apply to that price. Not sure on the specifics at Amazon (no official word till June/Father's Day) so sorry for any confusion...

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King of all Cosmos may have been right - it looks like alot of retailers are only going to offer the $100 off of MSRP. :( However, there are still a few stores offering better buys on the Toshiba HD-DVD players with this discount so there are still deals to be had... You'll just have to look a little harder to find them.



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