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Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 -- Exclusively on Wii


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The title features some 60 brand new mini-games designed completely and totally for the Wii remote, sometimes by itself and sometimes with the nunchuk attachment. The majority of these new minis have been built to enable simultaneous two-, three- or four-player competitions. A welcomed addition, especially since we complained that too many of the minis in the first game lacked simultaneous play.


Returning to Raving Rabbids 2 are the on-rails shooter/plunger levels from the game's predecessor. We have unfortunately not been able to play any of these new quasi-light-gun-style offerings as they weren't present in the recent sample demo Ubisoft previewed. In addition to these, the title will include more Dance Dance Revolution-like music minis where Rayman (presumably in disguise this time around) will out-dance the bunnies to brand new songs that are very likely to be just as campy as those in the first title. Remember the rabbids humming Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? Something along those lines lies in store for you as the title draws closer to launch.


I'm glad to hear the on-rail shooter levels are back and I'm also happy to hear that this one will have more simultaneous play games available than the first. One of the real downsides to the original was the lack of games you could play at the same time. It especially sucked if you were player number one because everyone else could learn from your mistakes and do a lot better.


But like the article suggests, Ubisoft doesn?t even need the Rayman franchise attached to this anymore. They could just call it Raving Rabbids 2 and be done with it for all I care.

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I sure am having fun with the first one on my 360. I hope to spend some time with the Wii soon!


It's funny, there are so many deficiencies with the first one (why doesn't it randomize the first player? Or let you set up a tournament with a set number of random games?), but the charm of it totally wins me over.

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