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July 07 Xbox Magazine


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Cover:Unreal III


Dirt 9.0

Call of Juarez 6.0

Halo 2 Map Pack BUY

Solitaire XBLA 6.0

Tron XBLA 7.9

Discs of Tron XBLA 8.0

Spidey 3 6.5

Pirates At Worlds End 5.5 (even though Phil and Romier have liked it)

Gyruss XBLA 5.5

GH II Map Packs BUY

Track and Field XBLA 3.0


Some Highlights from the Magazine

Unreal III will have 4 player drop in and out online co-op

Unreal III's graphics make GOW look like crap (the companies words)

The 360 is the lead platform for the team working on the 360/PC version


Article about Bomberman with lots of info. Will be $10 (800 points).

  • 8 player live support, 4 player local
  • HD Graphics
  • Contains every classic series Power-up
  • 8 Stages included at start
  • You can turn on and off every power-up type
  • Many Many Game modes
  • Tons of Character customization options
  • With more Live content packs planned
  • Live Vision Support- Takes a snapshot of the winners face at the end and puts it on the screen. Could be funny

Virtua Fighter 5 will have some graphic tweaks over the PS3

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