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LCVG Game Trade, Borrow, Sell Database


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So YOU'RE finished with "Crackdown" and I'M finished with "Red Steel." I'D like to play "Crackdown" and YOU'D like to play "Red Steel." Wouldn't it be great if there were a database that would help us find each other? Something like GAMEFLY where you make a GAMEQ and you're told if the game is available for trade (or borrowing) in the community.


Would something like this be useful? I think it could be. But I won't go into more details until people respond with their opinions and suggestions.


Edit: In case people visiting here didn't see my other database, I am learning PHP/mySQL and am looking for projects. That is my angle.

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Keith, since I also have the PS3 version I would be more than glad to loan you Madden 07 for the 360, and then see if youre man enough to say that you were wrong. You bash it but I have a feeling that youve never played it. Anfernee still has his copy and its a blast online.

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I don't bash madden. I just loved NFL2K5. Back at Madden 2000 I bashed Madden I suppose as I just didn't like the control. But I have no basis really to not like Madden right now. Other than the networking problems I've had with EA games. I actually would be open to trying Madden.


As for the database, so far it doesn't seem like there are a lot of people here interested in it. I won't make it if there aren't enough people interested in using it.

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