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Anti-Popup Software

Sam P

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I've used a program called Guard-IE in the past that I really liked, but I lost my key for it when I switched to my new computer.


Now I'm using Google Toolbar which doesn't have all the options, but it does a good job of blocking and allows me to do searches easier.

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Originally posted by Starhawk@Oct 21 2003, 07:25 PM

I think i may have to check out this Google toolbar. I use Google for searching most of the time anyways. I just dont know if i want another toolbar taking up space on my browser.

I hope I'm not being obvious but this might be very useful if you weren't aware of it.


Right click on your I.E. toolbar --> Customize.


This will give you the ability to remove anything you don't need at your fingertips. It certainly helped clean my browser up.

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Another recommendation for Google Toolbar, best little IE app I ever installed.

I could not agree more, Fantastic little add-on. I've blocked 2146 with this puppy since about sept 1st. I love that it keeps track.


In addition to the Google Toolbar I use a combination of other free software blockers. IMO no one program is completely effective. I also use Spybot and SpywareBlaster.


And if you have things that continue to popup you can utilize, HijackThis, but it's more advanced and should be used carefully.


Important, Be sure to Read All Instructions, it'll help avoid problems and ensure that everything is effective.

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