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Need Some Quick GameCube Help


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OK guys, here the situation:


I've just hooked my Gamecube (first time owning one). I do not have a game for it yet but I purchased a memory card (251) a few days ago in anticipation.


I hooked everything up good and turned on the system's power. I popped in the new memory card into Slot A and went to the Memory Card screen. It's telling me that no memory card is inserted.


Is it saying this only because the card has no data on it, or is it D.O.A.? Strangely, the card DOES have a bit of a rattle to it. It's not a 'something is floating around inside' but more of a 'something is loose inside' rattle.


Any thoughts? If it's pooched I'm heading back to the store tonight and will exchange it.

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Well, this is going to sound stupid, but make sure the card is pushed all the way in. I know when I first got my Cube, I just kinda slid the card in there and had the same problem, which was easily fixed just by pushing it in more so that it was actually on the connector all the way instead of just resting inside the slot. So, slide it in, and then push that bugger until it feels like it's solidly in there. :green:

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Thanks guys (especially you, Robot Monkey :)) for your insight. As long as I know that it SHOULD display something (i.e. even an empty card) then I can check for sure when I get back home tonight. I'll make sure it's in there good and tight.


If anyone else has any ideas (or puns), please.....feel free.

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Jeremy, I do believe Jay and the others are quite correct. Make sure the card's in tight and it should recognize. No need for a card format or anything fancy. One thing you ought to do before taking the card back, however, is try the B slot just in case the problem isn't the memory card but the Cube itself :).


Cheerful thought, but better safe than sorry :P.


Edit: Jay's pun, now that I have read it, is assuredly NOT correct. ;)

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Originally posted by Ryan FB@Oct 21 2003, 02:46 PM

Well, this is going to sound stupid, but make sure the card is pushed all the way in.

You're right, that does sound stupid. But that was my exact problem!! :oops:


It is certainly tricky as I pushed it into place, but you have to give it a little extra push (I realize with the innuendo going on in this thread how that sounds).


I guess I'm used to the PS2's memory card feel.


Thanks guys! Still don't have a game though. :cry: I'm thinking Metroid Prime or Viewtiful Joe....whaddya think? Which one should I get?

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I'm thinking Metroid Prime or Viewtiful Joe


Both! :green:


Having not played VJ yet, sadly, I am forced to base my recommendations solely on having played MP. That said, I love MP! If you liked Metroid before, it's pretty much the same thing, totally awesome. I heartily recommend everybody try it.


Don't ignore those dirt cheap Eternal Darkness boxes though ;).

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