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Question about 'Widescreen' games...


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When a games claims to have widescreen support, does that mean I have to go into the Xbox/PS2 setup menus and tell it that I'm using a widescreen tv? I don't know if these settings are used for DVD playback only, or for games as well.


I have a 27" 4:3 Samsung that does the squeeze (by using a 'widescreen' option in one of the user menus, no fancy service menu manipulation). I believe all scan lines are then used in the widescreen image.


There's probably different answers for the different games/consoles. But feel free to share what you know. Thanks very much. I'll experiment and report back when I get some widescreen games.

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I've got a 27" Sony WEGA that does the squeeze trick too, and with my Xbox I just went into display setup and told it I have a Widescreen TV. After that, if it's a widescreen game (like Panzer Dragoon Orta or Dead Or Alive 3/xBV, etc) I have to switch the WEGA into squeeze mode, otherwise everything is stretched too tall. If its not a widescreen game (which is most of them :D ) then I just leave it in normal 4:3, and it displays fine. I didn't know there was any similar option for the PS2, though I know that I can use the squeeze on F-Zero for the Cube when I tell it (in the game itself) that I've got a widescreen set.

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For both the PS2 and the 'Box, simply go into the console's menu to select 16:9 mode. Now all the supported games will be outputted in the correct AR, and you can just toggle the squeeze mode on your TV as Kain stated.


However, non supported games will be outputted stretched.

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