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Official LCVG Forza 2 tourney


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Driver list as of 07/09/07 determined after 2 weeks of racing:


Group A:



Peter O

Dan B (Manic DBB)



Group B:

Paul (FracturedZero)


fighting fish

Anthony G (Quicksand)



*foos and Merlot TBD



Race settings for Sunday July 15th:

Car class = B

Track = Suzuka Circuit West

Laps = 25

Group A start time = 5:30pm PDT

Race results:826028821_68d1e31b1d_o_d.jpg




Race settings for Sunday July 22nd:

Car classes = R3 and R4

Tracks = Mugello short (R4) and Sunset Peninsula Infield Short (R3)

Laps = 10laps each

Start time(s) = TBD










******Group A qualification rounds******


Week 1:

*Car class = D class (no Lotus Elans)

*Track = Tsukuba Circuit

*Lap count = 25


Week 2:

*Car class = A class

*Track = Road Atlanta

*Lap count = 25



Week 1 results (points listed next to each name):

Group A: Cyberwoo (6) / Peter O (4) / Covak (2) / Fighting Fish (1) / Magness (0) *Anthony G was a no show)


Week 2 results:

Group A: Cyberwoo (8) / Peter O (6) / Covak (4) / Fighting Fish (2) / Quicksand (1) / Magness (0)


Group A qualification point totals:

Cyberwoo (14) / Peter O (10) / Covak (6) / Fighting Fish (3) / Quicksand (1) / Magness (0)

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Group B Qualification Rounds



Week 2 Results:



Week 1 Results:





Group B Qualification Totals:


Manic DBB (12)

ColdForged (8)

Fractured Zero (4)

CaptDS9E (2)

Merlot (0) *Xbox 360 is broken

foos (0) *can not make the first 3 weeks of races

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Yes and no. We will do full version of Tsukuba and the race will be Sunday after this one. Races will then be 1 a week on every Sunday. I'll post more details once I figure out how to divide everyone into groups. It will then be each groups responsability to figure out the best time for everyone in that group. We should probably designate a group "leader" once the actual groups are established as well. This person would be responsable for editing this thread with weekly results. Myself I plan on taking a digital photo of the post race screen and posting it on here each week. That way if there is a mixup with scoring or whatever we have it on record. I know I know....this is all so geeky. :)

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Sounds great! Really looking forward to it. I'll have to practice some more, becuase right now I have a feeling I'd be the guy who is going to get yelled at for wrecking everybody on the first turn. :o


Edit: Maybe the two groups of racers could be divided up into a group that wants early evenings and a group that wants later evenings. I should be good with either one.

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Ok I added Gunner and Magness. Welcome! I will make sure and make the final list of names using gametags so people can get everyone on their XBL friends list asap. Also I will be breaking up the field into groups of 3 after I view everyones lap times, online rank, etc.

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You sunsabitches with your sub 1:02 times. I finally caved and started tuning up the Truena (?) -- after both my 914 and original GTI didn't pass muster at the 400 PI D build I found for them -- and got down to about 1:02.4, but I don't see where I can carve off another second.


I admit the tuning thing is pretty nifty, being able to do a few laps and pop right in and make some tuning changes on the fly and keep going. I'm still learning that process and the effects, though, even with the hints that Romier (I think?) put up.


Hopefully by next weekend I'll be able to be competitive. I don't want to look at other peoples' builds, it feels like cheating. Like some NASCAR racer peaking under the hood of his competitor. :) I'll probably cave at some point at least while I'm figuring things out. Same with ghosts. I'm trying to find my own line and a ghost seems underhanded. I know, what a fuckin' prude.

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Take the top 3 or 4 then what?


At that point we move on to a championship bracket. Take the top racers from each group and put them in the same group and they battle it out for the "championship". The players that dont make the cut continue on in a consolation bracket. The only question is how many races do we want to do before we tally up the points and move to the championship. I was thinking 4-6 races. I'd like to sneak in 2 races on raceday a couple times. This would mean devoting a solid hour to it though. *shrug* It doesn't matter to me one way or the other. I'm up for suggestions. I'll post what each position is worth in pts soon. I haven't bothered thinking about what will work best yet. I'll look what up what we used for Forza 1 when I get a chance.


BTW who wants to be team leader for group B? By team leader I mean someone who will be responsible for hosting the races for that group and posting results of the race(s) each week. I will take on that responsability for group A.

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I will arrange & host the race for Group B. I will update the second post in this thread with the results.


I have sent PMs to Group B letting you know that the race is currently planned for 9:00 PM Eastern Sunday. If this won't work for you, please let us know as soon as possible.


EDIT: Brandon H/Actinide, I haven't heard from you yet. Are you still joining the tournament?

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Sorry, for the late response but 9 is fine by me. I will have to miss the following two weeks though as last minute vacation plans have come up. If this complicates things let me know and I will be happy to step down. Otherwise see you tomorrow night.



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Cyberwoo, do we need pit stops for this race? I'm guessing no with only 25 laps. Also, are we racing with the tire wear on simulation?


Tire wear as well as damage will be on full simulation. As far as pit stops goes its going to be close. My guess is you will be able to get away without one but those last few laps could be tricky with sim tire wear causing some sliding around. I'd prefer we have at least 1 pit stop but that would mean we would have to bump the lap count up to 50 (from 25). Once again I'm baffled at why they choose to not let the gamer choose exactlly how many laps they want to run. In fact come to think of it the endurance race in single player was 45 laps but in multiplayer you can only choose from 25 or 50 laps (there is no in between just like in the first game). That really irritates me and makes me wonder why they do that. Anyway I think 50 laps would be a bit much for most of the people involved in this tourney.

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