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Official LCVG Forza 2 tourney

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So are we doing the race today, and if so, who can make it & what time is it?


It's late to be asking, but nobody has said anything in the last week, so I have no idea what's up.

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Ya thats my fault for not posting anything...sorry. I just haven't been devoting much time to gaming lately and thus I kind of forgot to update everyone on the status of this tourney. The bottom line for me is the weather has been too nice. I've been devoting alot of time to golf and other various outdoor activities. Anyway I think it would be best to put this tourney on hold until after summer. Maybe by then more people will be willing and able to showup on a consistant basis. I'm finding that the only time I'm gaming in the summer months is really late at night once most people have gone to bed and usually by then I'm so tired I'm usually playing simple games like GOW or XBLA titles that require little concentration. :) Anywho I'll revisit the idea of a tourney probably in September. Again sorry for the late notice guys.

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