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Another KOTOR Question


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Thanks, but you're sure, right? I've heard the following from another:


yes this will bite you in the ass towards the end of the game and your only jedi companion is some old geezer. having 1/3 of your team unavailable to help you help 90% of the time because they cant resist force powers SUCKS. youre walking around with a old fart and a health tank waiting to be drained by the first dark jedi to approach.


Not true, or not as dire a situation as he says?

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It was nice having a full party of jedi running around at the end, and it helped to have three people with heal or cure.


Still, by the end you'll be an overpowered monster, so it isn't the end of the world. Amass a fortune of advanced medpacks and life support packs. I might also suggest that you personally take destroy droid.


If things become impossible, consider going to the game setting and and ratcheting down the difficulty.



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If you're going dark, max out your level ups for all jedi on force casting powers like lightning, drain, kill and either destroy droid or force supress(can't remember the name exactly) which you will need towards the end of the game.


This way you can do a lot of your fighting at range and hold onto your health.


Also, it should go without saying that you try to do as many side quests as possible to gain more XP for your characters. If you find a location where there are lots of bad guys, keep going back to it to kill them. Never leave an area without killing ALL the enemies.


The old guy (forgot his name) can actually hold his own if you level him up with dark force powers since he is has a neutral alignment. But this also means that he doesn't get penalized for using heal like an extremely dark aligned character would, so I would make sure you give him force heal as well.


Between force drain and force heal, you should have no problem.

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