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TV viewership down

Robot Monkey

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From the New York Times:


Mr. Loftus [Nielsen corporate spokesman] said Nielsen was examining several possibilities to explain the decline, including some unexpectedly high use of video games and DVD players by the young men now absent from television ...


Funny, but outside of football, I can't remember the last TV show I watched. I caught the Daily Show a couple weeks ago, but that's all I can remember.



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Hmmm... my TV viewing has been down for a long time. Only a few regular shows here and there. And now even less that we're finally getting season DVD box sets. For instance, I don't watch 24 on TV, but have looked forward to each set. No commercials is a wonderful thing. One of the reasons I like the HBO shows.

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The only show i watch with regularity is Survivor. Otherwise, the TV isn't on very often. I don't even have cable or sat!


I don't feed TV through my projector. I once did, but it just seemed all wrong, like TV shows are meant to be small...the worst was watching the news...news anchors on an 80" screen are NOT a good thing. :shock:

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I watch a lot of TV, but not ONE single new show this year caught my attention as a must watch



I will never miss:






Buffy (Sob!, still miss that one)

Third Watch (but lately it's gotten to soapy)


I'm marginally interested in Tru Calling, and will tune in the first episode in the hopes that "Faith" can carry on for Buffy, but I doubt she will.



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If it wasn't for Comedy Central I probably wouldn't watch many non-sports shows, but I really enjoy the Daily Show, Reno 911, South Park, and Insomniac. Now if I could get Colin Quinn off the TV I'd be a happy man.


Oh, and I also watch several HD programs, like CSI, King of Queens, Monday Night Football, etc.


Whoops, plus I watch Simpsons and Seinfeld reruns when I get home from work. And stuff on HBO once in a while.


Gee, I guess I watch a lot of TV after all! :?

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Now if I could get Colin Quinn off the TV I'd be a happy man


Speaking of Colin Quinn I caught the beginning of the GQ man of the year awards(whatever they are supposed to be) and he completely bombed. Every joke fell flat, it was one of the worst 'stand up' performances Ive ever seen, it was so bad I started to feel sorry for him.

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I never used to watch TV other than baseball and Letterman. Since TiVo a couple of years ago, I watch alot of tv. Past and present shows since my TiVo:



Six Feet Under



Jake 2.0



Dark Angel


Mind Of The Married Man


WWE Raw & Smackdown

Cold Case

The Handler

The Real World


Haven't seen Sopranos, Sex and the City, Shield or Oz on TV cause I'm catching these on DVD.


So yeah, I watch alot of tv. Now!

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-I also have hope of liking Tru Calling,.... and Wow, I just found out that the very hot Eliza Dushku is from Boston, sweet!


-Aside from watching the NFL every Sunday my TV viwing is very erratic. I have come to realize there just isn't much that interests me on TV enough to keep me coming back from week to week. What TV I do watch would mostly consist of non-fiction shows, Sports, News, Reality Shows, Do-it your self shows/home improve/autos etc. If I watch something fiction is is usually a Movie. I do also enjoy the Simpsons just about anytime.


-I have a DirectTV Tivo coming next week, so I imagine my viewing habits might alter as I can tailor my tastes to my schedule.

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Originally posted by JTello@Oct 23 2003, 06:59 AM

-I also have hope of liking Tru Calling,....

Me too, although I've not heard much positive about it.


Eliza makes it a must-see for as long as Fox gives it, though...


Great Joel's think alike, too. I caught an ad for "Tru" last night during the WS and was thinking I should update my Avatar with the lovely Ms. Dushku. You beat me to it... :)

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-Oh, please Joel go right ahead and update your avatar, there can't be too many Eliza avatars! In fact everyone should create an Eliza Avatar,... to bring the community closer together of course,... yeah that sounds good! ;)


-It'll be a contest, who can come up with the best Eliza Pic! (Keep it clean boys ;) )

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