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DLC (and its timeframes)

Beer Monkey

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They probably shouldn't wait as long to begin DLC.


I think DLC for most games has been handled really poorly to be honest. It's a good idea, but one that needs to be carefully managed time wise.


Right now, games with dlc always seem to get their new content released after the buzz about the game has died down & right after everyone's traded it in for the new Best Game Ever. By that point it's too late - it needs to be done before the next BGE or it's too late.

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I think the announcement about upcoming dlc needs to be made soon after release, if not the actual content itself. If gamers knew that certain upgrades were coming in xx weeks / months they may be more inclined to keep a game on their playlist.

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I suspect there are more levels on the Crimson Skies disc, either unlocked via single-player mode or 'downloadable'. Five is very small.


Regardless, I'm on the same page as Brian (but was less eloquent in describing how I feel)...executed and scheduled properly, DLC should be able extend the hype/buzz surrounding a good game, and actually increase the 'shelf life' of the title.


So far, DLC has been a blown opportunity. I wonder if MS realizes that.

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