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Upcoming Tournaments and Game Nights


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Hello everyone. Its time to get the ball rolling on group play stuff once again. There is gonna be a lot of fun going on. Below are some of the things. More in depth details coming soon


1)Crimson Skies -came out this week and it is one hell of a game. Every Thursday Night from 9 PM EST and on will now be the official Crimson Skies Night. We will also be having many different types of Crimson Skies tournaments as well. 3 players, 4 player and maybe even 5 players teams if we can get enough people . Tourneys with all different game modes so no ones favorites are left out


2) Rainbow Six -is coming out this coming Tues. Wed there will be a release game night starting at 9:05 EST. If im not hosting (if for some reason i cant get the game on time) Im sure i can find a volunteer to host. As like Crimson there will be tourneys as well


3)Top Spin and Links -We will be having Leagues and tournaments for them. More details to follow


4)XIII - We will see what happens with this one. Everyone is pretty much waiting to see what kind of reviews it gets


5)Already Release Games -We will be having events for Ghost Recon, Wolfenstein and Yes even back to Mech Assault once and a while


Well thats a bit of a glimpse for now. Im sure ill see you online tonight for some Crimson Skies



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Will there be fabulous prizes?


Because I could probably get my wife to agree to my banishing her to our bedroom to watch TV on our POS 20" TV, while I hog the living room for gameplay at 8:00 p.m. CST, if there were fabulous prizes.


:lmfao: :lmfao:


Sigh. It's going to be a tough sell without fabulous prizes, but count me in!



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So Ive got this coming weekend off (both Saturday and Sunday). Are we having some Crimson Skies and Rainbow Six 3 fun? I *REALLY* want to get online with both of these titles soon (FREAKING WORK! What the hell do they think telling me I can stay home and play games. Where the hell have the priorities of the free world gone!!).


Come on, Romier, you and I both know we're just gonna quit


Yes but we are the absolute champions of trash talk :D.

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He also could have meant 64 kbps per player.


Though that would be linear, and client/server games typically have exponentially increasing loads. Could have been an average or peak, though.


Heck, any amount he gave shouldn't be static. A twelve-player game is likely to need up to nine times as much server bandwidth as a four-player game.

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I am running a Top Spin couples tournament. The thread discussing this is here:



I'm not sure of the protocol for conducting a tournament, as part of the LCVG community, but I have so far simply collected gamertags based on interest, and will be sending out XSN invitations shortly.

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As far as im concerned people can run any tournaments they want. No problem on my side. Just make sure you do not post in 10 different places about the tournament. Thats the only issue any of the mods would have.



Like ive said in the past. Ive done a lot of group play stuff and tournaments, but if any of you wants to run a tournament. Let me know. Ill make a thread and such for it. No problem



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