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Silent Hill 3 PC Demo

Romier S

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wow I guess I wasn't the only one. Except I played for about 1/2 hour. I opened a door that went into another room where a 2 headed dog kept attacking me. I kept hitting it with my knife and finally killed it. I wandered around and then a big beast thing came after me. Me and my knife didn't stand a chance. And neither did the game.



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Me and my knife didn't stand a chance.


Thats why you go into your menu and select the gun. ;) Mind you the gun is not an available option in the real game but they provide it for you in the demo so you dont get your ass handed to you.


In the real game, your supposed to die in this section. Its the opening of the game and it is a {SPOILER!!!} dream sequence that Heather wakes up from. Eventually no matter what you do, you will die.


The demo is a horrible representation of the game though. Its only about 10 minutes worth and those 10 minutes are really not spent in the right place for a demo. It also gives very little time to really see what the game is all about. I am however a bit suprised at how quickly some of are dismissing it all together due to difficulty alone.

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I think i got so confused as to what was going on I just lost interest, after killing 2 dogs, and something else, I couldnt figure it out....but now you make it so much clearer....


Oh I dont really blame you Nick. As I said above this is a horrible demo all in all. the PS2 Jampack demo available previous to that versions release date allowed you to play through the first 30 or so and was a far better representation of the storyline/gameplay. They chopped off a large portion of available play time here which is a mistake but hey, Im not Konami so ;).

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