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What DVDs will you be buying on 10/28?

Angel P

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Alien Hunter (2003)

Aparajito (1956)

Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary (2003)

Brooklyn South: The Complete Series (1997)

City Loop (2000)

City of Ghosts (2003)

Coupling: The Complete Second Season (2000)

Deviant Obsession (2002)

Down and Out with the Dolls (2001)

Finder's Fee (2001)

Flesh for the Beast (2003)

Flesh for the Beast (Unrated) (2003)

Genesis (1999)

God, Sex and Apple Pie (1998)

Hell's Highway: The True Story of Highway Safety Films (2003)

The Hired Hand (1971)

Homicide: Life on the Street: Season Three (6-DVD Set) (2001)

House of Fools (2003)

The House that Dripped Blood (1971)

The Hulk (Special Edition) (2003)

Jungle Emperor Leo (1997)

Le Cercle Rouge (Criterion Edition) (1970)

A Light in the Forest (2003)

Long Time Dead (2002)

The Looney Tunes Golden Collection (2003)

The Looney Tunes Premiere Collection (2003)

Looney Tunes: Reality Check (2003)

Looney Tunes: Stranger Than Fiction (2003)

Love the Hard Way (2003)

Man of Marble (1976)

Millennium Actress (2001)

Mohammed the Prophet (2001)

Mondo Cane (1963)

Mondo Cane 2 (1964)

My Life with Morrissey (2003)

Promised Land (1974)

Rage and Honor (1992)

Rage and Honor 2: Hostile Takeover (1993)

The Rising Place (2003)

Second String (2002)

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1942)

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (1943)

Sherlock Holmes in Washington (1943)

Solid Gold Cadillac (1956)

The Sopranos: The Complete Fourth Season (4-DVD Set) (2002)

SpongeBob Squarepants: The Complete First Season (3-DVD Set) (1999)

Spooky House (2003)

Syngenor (1990)

Tokyo Story (1953)

Turn of Faith (2001)

Vampires Anonymous (2000)

Whale Rider (2003)

Wolves of Wall Street (2002)

The World of Apu (1959)

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Yasujiro Ozu's Tokyo Story is a must-have film. Melville's Le Cercle Rouge is something I'll eventually pick up, but not just now.


For anyone considering getting the Columbia/TriStar editions of Satyajit Ray's Pather Panchali, Aparajito, and World of Apu, be warned that the transfers are very disappointing. If you are multi-region capable, instead get the Region 2 set by Artificial Eye.


Some noteworthy Region 2 DVDs released on 10/27:

Blind Chance (Krzysztof Kieslowski, Poland) Artificial Eye [R2-UK]

The Dekalog (Krzysztof Kieslowski, Poland) Warner [R2-Poland]

Makhmalbaf Box Set: Gabbeh, Salam Cinema, Le Silence (Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Iran) mk2 [R2-France]

The Scar (Krzysztof Kieslowski, Poland) Artificial Eye [R2-UK]

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I'd love to get all the Looney Tunes, but I expect they'll be on my Christmas list, as well...


Me too. It's VERY tempting, but I am trying to leave it until Christmas, along with Pirates of the Caribbean and the forthcoming new wave of Disney tins... The only purchases I plan to make between now and Christmas are the Two Towers gift set and the X-Men Collection, and a couple of Region 2 BBC releases.



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