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Anyone pick up Music Mixer?


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Has anybody tried streaming music or pictures with this product? Can you tell me if it requires your music and photo folders to be "shared" on the machine it is streaming from? I would like to get this product for the streaming abilities, but I would be using it with my work laptop and I'm afraid sys policies on the machine would prohibi me from setting folders to shared. That option does not come up when I right click on a folder. I do get a security option with which I can set permissions for users, but I don't know if that would work for networking.


Does anyone have any insights?

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I was thinking more of the streaming media functionality. The karaoke tracks get transferred to your hard drive because there is processing and mixing to be done. I assume (and I hope I'm right) that for just playing regular songs, you don't have to transfer them to the hard drive, rather, the Xbox acts as a pass thru for the music (ergo streaming).

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I played with it at work tonight. I really can't see how this is worth $50. Without a PC to connect to I didn't get to try out all it's features and I'm not a fan of Karaoke at all so perhaps I'm not the target audience.


Still, I noticed really slow load times and just some silly features. Being a big fan of visualizations I was excited to try out MusicMixer's offerings. While a few are OK the 3D club scene ones are just stupid. 3D ravers dancing in a 3d club -and you can choose their outfits! Fun (not!). I didn't care for the interface either. Selecting songs was slow and awkward.

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I went ahead and picked it up over lunch. I'll post impressions after work and I play around with it a bit...



Don't know if this is posted somewhere else but the karaoke songs included on the disk are:

Hanging by a moment

The Middle


New York, New York

I Got You (I Feel Good)

U Have to Call

Lady Marmalade


Steal My Sunshine

Papa Don't Preach

I Will Survive

Love Shack

Amazing Grace

Auld Lang Syne

For He's A Jolly Good Fellow



Wooo woooo finally I'll be able to sing Auld Lang Syne in the comfort of my own home!

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Get a snootfull and videotape your Auld Lang Syne karaoke effort and maybe we can use it as a flash movie for LCVG over the holidays! The owners would go for that, wouldn't they?

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* * * * * WARNING * * * * *


If you are looking to buy Music Mixer with intentions of copying over songs for use in other games or outside of MM here is something to consider -


Ok you load your songs into the PC import application selecting the list of files (you can't select a directory alone) and it then converts the files to who knows what and then it gives you 5 minutes to fire off the import from the xbox.


Now the songs transfer to the Xbox nice and quick But if you want to make them available to games etc you have to convert them again inside a menu optionand it is a SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW process - slower than just ripping to the HD it seems.


On the up side the visualizations are good and the karaoke works well.

And it did go through and name the tracks already on my drive correctly (well most). It is live enabled for just seeing who is online and just sitting online while listening to music so you can receive invites. I don't see anything about chat anywhere.


I'm still experimenting but wanted to let everyone know first impressions... So buyer beware!

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Originally posted by Orpheus@Oct 26 2003, 07:52 PM

Had it in my hands tonight, maybe next week. Poking around the xbox.com site I came across xboxkaraoke.com. Looks like ready to go karoke songs are $2 a pop, decent selection available. Might be worth picking up.

Wow! That's not bad! No more bar karaoke for me!!


Hey, DS9, I don't have Crimson Skies yet, that's why I'm kinda refusuing invites. I might rent it soon, in lieu of soon buying it (need to find out if I'll get motion sickness...)

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One thing I need to test out and it would be cool if it did it (but everything else that we thought would be cool is AWOL so I'm not holding my breath) is if it supported HD - having picture slideshows in HD would be worth the $.


As it is I wish I would have waited for someone else to be the guinea pig. Oh well I guess it was my turn.


And an unrelated side note - Tivo Series 2 boxes with the Home Media Option are very very good at streaming audio and pictures from a PC. The only thing it doesn't do (yet) is Live365 stations (and ppl are working on that).

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I picked this up last night. It seemed to work just fine. I went out and bought some karaoke songs off of xboxkaraoke.com because no karaoke machine would be complete without "Wanted Dead or Alive" on it. I loaded up the PC transfer tool. The songs "processed" just fine and I got to the import box with the 5 minute timer on my PC. But, when I went to my Xbox, it could not access the computer. I got a message like "PC connection lost". The starnge thing is that my Xbox live works just fine. The Xbox can see the internet, but it can't see my computer. Both are on a linksys router with the latest firmware. Tried deleteing the software from both my PC and my Xbox and reloading, but to no avail. I read up a bit on it last night from various forums, and I don't seem to be the only one haveing these problems. Anybody else here have these problems? Even better, anybody have any solutions?



Gamertag - RedEye 52

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Originally posted by Carlucci@Oct 28 2003, 04:27 PM

Is it true you MUST have Windows XP in order to take advantage of the pc/xbox connectivity? No other Windows OS is supported?

That's what MS's MusicMixer to PC connectivity page indicates.


That's another nail in the coffin -- the PC I use as the music server doesn't use XP.



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