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Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on X-box


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Today for the first time in years my brother and I played a video game together. It can only mean one thing. No the universe is not coming to an end. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have finally returned to a console near you. In our case the X-box


Does it live up to past Turtle games or does is deserve to be shredded in to oblivion?


We can say one thing for the game, the graphics are stunning. In the new trend of cell shading in games, Turtles has perfected it. All the characters look just like you?re watching the cartoon. From the Turtles, to the foot ninjas and even giant Nano look spectacular. The levels themselves are great looking as well as you romp through the streets of New York. From the sewers to the areas bridges, all are tremendous looking. The new 3D world for the turtles is the way a game like this was meant to be presented. Running up and down stairways, in and on top of trains, around objects, and so forth makes for an entire new dimension to the Turtle action games. To top if off, the game also has cut scenes directly from the cartoon, this is just icing on the cake. A great job by the graphics guy?s from Konami on this one. The only thing not included which would be nice for those with HDTV is support for it. There is none at all.


As for the sound it?s nothing special as with past turtle games. Lots of music from the show. There are a lot of turtle tag lines, and they do get repetitive after a while, but if you are into the show you won?t really mind. Sadly no in Game Dolby Digital


The controls for this game are very easy to learn as it is a hack and slash game. You have three types of hit moves and hitting those in succession give you combinations and other special moves. You also can throw many types of Shuriken (ninja stars) which do come in handy from time to time. Like I said easy stuff to learn and jump right in. Excellent game for young kids to pick up, and play quickly.


Now the game itself. I really like this game a lot. I am a big fan of the past Turtle games and this one in that area does not disappoint. It?s a very fun game to play; with a lot of levels which will give you play time worth your money. There is a bunch of game modes included. Story mode which is the main game and is great for multiplayer game sessions, Vs mode where you can do 1 on 1 fights with your friends , a Challenge mode where you fight boss after boss after boss, and a database area. In all of these modes there are ways to unlock special outfits, challenges and other surprises. Loads of stuff to unlock. This gives you many reasons to play multiple times.


However the game does have its share of faults. Konami made some bad decisions in multi player mode. The one everyone wants to know is ?Why is there no four player mode?? There are four Turtles, and every other Turtle arcade type game has allowed four people to play. It?s just wrong in so many ways. Ok maybe I could forgive them for that a bit. All is not lost as there is a 2 player mode. So we start to play and look up to see how many lives we get. Six lives per level (5 to 6 stages per level). Yes six lives sound?s good doesn?t it? No that is six lives to share between both players. If you have a player new to the game that dies often he can eat up all the lives before you even die one time. Why couldn?t they just give 3 a piece? Is it that hard? Hell it wouldn?t be so bad if they actually had 1 up?s in the game. You can not even find lives in the levels. None. You are stuck with 6 no matter what. At least they decided to include power ups. So you think that?s the end of it. No it?s not over yet. To start off the game you do not have a jump move. None at all. However there are training parts during the game to add moves and up your Turtles stats. That?s if you?re the first player. If you?re the second player, your shit out of luck. No jump move, no stat increase, no nothing for you. It?s like being the younger child in the family. These things do not happen in single player mode so there is really nothing to talk about on that side. Its a few tiny mistakes that make a good game from being great.


Is this game worth $40? If you?re a big fan of the show and must have it, then I say yes. If you?re a casual fan or just like these type of games wait till it drops in price to the $20-$25 range. It would be a good free game in this week's Toys R Us Deal. Hell the kids will love it no matter what.

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Now that I've played it for more than 5 mins, I realized, I have no idea how to save. I tried the deafult, got to a point and quit to the main menu and chose SAVE. Nope, didn't work. I tried selecting autosave and after the first area, quit and tried loading it again and nope, it didn't save.


The manual says it auto saves after each area, but I don't feel like playing a large stage each time before I save. Am I missing something?

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