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X-box Magazine-December issue Preview


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Well i got next months x-box magazine so here is whats on tap this month.


This is a very good issue. Lots of previews , reviews and info for stuff coming up. A issue to pick up for sure. Hell it even has a $5 mail in gift voucher for counterstrike



Review Scores

Rainbow Six -9.2

Raw 2 - 6.8

Swat :Global Strike Team- 7.7

Crimson Skies- 9.2

Haunted Mansion 8.3

Cabela's Deer Hunt- 8.1

Top Spin - 9.0

Rogue Ops - 8.5

SSX3- 9.1

TMNT 5.0 -Read my reviews pinned at the top of the forum

Fifa 2004 - 9.2

Links 2004 -9.1

NBA Jam - 6.1

Ampeed 2 -8.7

NBA Live 2004-9.1

ESPN NBA Basketball - 9.0

Gladisu -8.5

Batman :Rise of Sin Tzu- 6.1

Wallace and Gromit - 7.5

Kill. Switch - 7.8

Voodoo Vince - 8.8

XGRA- 7.8

Dronez - 5.2




Demo Disc



Rainbow Six


Armed and Dangerous


Grabbed by the Goulies

Madden NFL 2004



Metal Arms



Video Showcase


Area 51

Deaus Ex:Invisible War

Hunter the Reckoning-redeemer

Metal Arms

Robin Hood

Spy Hunter 2

Terminator 3

True Crime:Streets of LA




Making of T3

Ted Leo/Pharmatics-Sega GT Online

True Crime Instructional Video


Download Center

Ghost Recon: Island Thunder -Beach and Refinary


X2 DVD Sneek Peek




If you have any questions about the reviews and such feel free to e-mail or PM me



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I got my copy yesterday and played through some of the demos. The craziest one has to be "Armed and Dangerous". I played through that one at least a half-dozen times and giggled like an idiot the entire time. It also features has the most insane weapon I've ever seen in a videogame called the "Topsy-Turvy Bomb". Funny stuff! :lol:


Grabbed by the Ghoulies was fun as well. It is so nice to see that timeless Rare look on the Xbox! My only two quibbles with the game were the camera control and the fighting scheme. The camera is rotated with the two triggers, and you fight by pushing the right thumbstick towards the creature you want to attack. That's pretty much the opposite of every other game like this I've ever played, where the camera is on the right thumbstick and the triggers are used to fight. It worked for this game (although I was constantly rotating the camera in the wrong direction), but I can't say I'm crazy about it. But the game looked fantastic, and I really like the "comic book" style.


Those were the two highlights for me. SSX3 was okay, but I never liked the controls in that series. Metal Arms I had played back in October (and loved), and my man Bryan_ZZ hooked me up with the Rainbow Six demo already so I didn't play that one either. ESPN NCAA had no sound on my demo disc so it was tough to really get into that one.


Another great demo disc this month! I haven't been thrilled with either the magazine or the disc in the past, but the last few months have been great.

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Originally posted by bickle@Nov 7 2003, 07:01 PM

I saw that last month's issue in the newstands came with the demo disc in a thin pak DVD case. Are all newsstand issues coming like that now? If so, that's a bum deal for subscribers.



I think that's right. My subscription ran out and I haven't gotten around to renewing yet, so the last few issues I've picked up from the newstands have all had the slimpack DVD cases. Supposedly you can order a years worth from the magazines website, but it's like $20...

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