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Haunted Mansion Game

Guest Bryan

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I purchased Haunted Mansion yesterday and played for an hour last night. The game is not HDTV enabled and puts out a 480i image, so those with progressive displays may need to change settings a little bit.


I am a huge fan of the Disney World Haunted Mansion (last trip was in 1999) and still listen to my 28 year old Haunted Mansion picture book and album every Halloween with the boys.


Zeke is the game's hero and goes to the mansion to apply for a caretaker position. He finds out that the ad was a ruse to get him inside the house and was placed by the benevolent spirits in the mansion (led by Madam Leota). They are being tormented by an evil baddie named Atticus Thorn and need Zeke's help to bring the light back to their darkened abode.


The game's environment is fantastic. The cobwebs, darkened hallways and spirits all look like they were crammed in the disc straight from the Magic Kingdom. The evil spirits have a floating action that reminds me of the banks and turns in Crimson skies. Every time they attack Zeke, his fright meter takes a hit. When it is gone, he is scared to death, literally.


Zeke carries a magical lantern given to him by the best looking Madam Leota ever. The lantern is powered by six different crystals that Zeke obtains as he advances throughout the mansion. Activating the lantern in the presence of shriveled souls collects them (eerily similar to a certain mustachioed plumber's brother and his ghost vacuum) and gives Zeke access to another part of the mansion. Your game can be saved at any point by locating and activating a Grandfather clock (there is one in the main foyer of the mansion that you pass as you progress). There are puzzles to be solved in every room and some require platform jumping skills - especially the conservatory.


I collected 170 shriveled souls last night and really had fun doing it. This is a very easy to pick up and play game that fans, youngsters and those young-at-heart should love. As I was playing last night my dog pushed the hall door open and really startled me!

I knew I was enjoying the game at that point. :oops: :lmfao:

I look forward to progressing some more tonight.


I need to rid the mansion of evil by Halloween!

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Thanks for the review - my copy should be in my mailbox today (fingers crossed).


I was at WDW a few weeks ago and we went to "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party" They had the HM lit nicely and surrounded by fog - it was great. Also the fact they were playing music from it all around the park was a treat....




"If you would like to join our jamboree,

There's a simple rule thats compulsory -

Mortals pay a token fee,

Rest In Peace, the haunting's free.

So hurry back we would like your company."



Edit: Oh almost forgot since it seems like everyone here is a HM fan - everyone does have Disney Magical Quest Racing for Dreamcast right? They did the HM up right in that one.

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Isn't this year the first year the Orlando park is doing the Haunted Mansion Christmas? I've missed riding it at the Anaheim park by only a matter of a week before opening twice in the past two years. :(



Oh almost forgot since it seems like everyone here is a HM fan - everyone does have Disney Magical Quest Racing for Dreamcast right? They did the HM up right in that one.


I didn't own that game, no. :( I may seek it out. Should be very cheap.



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I may be wrong but I think next year is when they are starting HM Christmas.


Go buy Magical Quest Racing now - the attention to detail in the ride levels is bordering on fanatical. In the HM track for example you start outside go under the canopy through the wait room into the stretching room (and the portraits stretch more each lap). The ballroom even has the dancing ghosts (in single player mode). The soundtrack is the original GGG.


The Pirates level is pretty amazing too complete with appropriate soundbytes when you pass certain scenes ("We Wants the Redhead!")

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Ok my happy Gamefly envelope came yesterday (these days I always test out games before taking the plunge - except typically XBox Live games I'll buy...) and this one was happier than most - apparently I was the first person to have this copy out and it had the free movie ticket in the envelope - WOOO WOOO and nice going Gamefly.


Ok I played through the first 3 or 4 levels and so far so good. From first impressions I would agree with several reviews I've seen and say it is a solid 8.0 - It isn't the type of game that you run around and tell everyone that they MUST BUY THIS GAME. Everything seems to be well done though and it looks great.


Most of the levels and interesting bits I've seen in previews/screenshots are in the first 4 levels of the game so the rest will be a surprise (which is nice).


Ok so far there are some little touches here and there directly from the mansion itself. The ghosts in the beginning cutscene were directly from the end of the graveyard scene on the right (Opera singer, knight, etc). In the game itself there are recognizable props around like the bat stantions, gargoyle candlestick holders etc. So far the music is AWOL but they may be saving it for a particular level (graveyard perhaps?). During loading scenes they show the changing lightning portraits and they change as it loads - nice touch.


My two problems with it at this point are the camera (and what game is that not a problem) and it really does suffer from collecting-itis. You have to collect spirits, tarot cards, death certificate pieces, jewels, voodoo dolls, etc. We need a term for this and I think I'll go start a general thread because something needs to be done :) Like how X-Play has their "No Escort Mission" logo...


It is a solid fun game and I will probably pick it up to own once it comes down in price a little.

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