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Cube sound options

Guest Bryan

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Originally posted by Daniel Brecher@Oct 27 2003, 11:59 AM

Just stereo outputs sadly.

<showing ignorance>


Does that mean the cable that came with the Cube? How antequated!

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That is what I am currently doing - component video plus the red & white crappy sound. I was hoping for some kind of digital sound upgrade.



Note: I love my Cube, just wish the sound would fill my room a little better. Not a Cube rant at all.

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Yes, please share your cable mods!


Right now Im using the component cable and the pack-in cable for audio. My receiver does not support Pro-Logic II, but the Pro-Logic I get from it is very good. I think the best sound I've got from the Cube so far has been from Eternal Darkness.

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The Gamecube audio mod (actually, modding the cable) info is in this thread, if I remember correctly:




If it's not there, it is somewhere in that forum.


My understanding is that the 'digital' output connector on the Gamecube is actually some form of DVI. The cable is 'smart'...not your typical passive video cable.


If the digital audio was there all along, they should have included it on the component cable...even if it meant another $5-$10 in total price.


FYI, I'm still using the analog audio output.

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